Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 21 - 27, 2011

Vol. 11, No. 48


An Electrifying Verdict

Court Rulings, Community Concerns Tangle Taser Plans

Slow Roll

Portland's Bike Plan Isn't Moving Fast Enough

An Opaque Revolving Door

County Hires WW News Boss without Interview

Pregnant Cause

Catching Up on Oregon's Reproductive Rights Fights

Hall Monitor

She's In, She Isn't Selling Out

In Other News


Martyr Complexity

It's About Time You Pay Attention to EMA

OFF! Are on It

OFF! Pick Up Where Everyone Else Left Off

From Bedrooms to Outer Realms

The Cave Singers' Songs of Invitation

Up & Coming

Highlights in music the week of April 21-27

Movies & TV

You Have Died of Dysentery

Meek's Cutoff: Like The Oregon Trail! But Harder!

A Girl and Her Claw

Mutant Girls Squad: A Bloody Lesson in Self-Esteem

Now Those Are Some Fists!

Legend of the Fist: Spies! Nunchucks! Swashbuckling!

I'm Going Out

Westerns, Euro-Style

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Dinner and Drinks (Hold the Dinner)

Circa 33's Priorities Should Mirror Ours: Booze



The Wakefield Twins Return in Sweet Valley Confidential

Perfect Strangers

Indie Comic Creators Run Amok in Strange Tales II


The Bad Mother: Like the Lifetime Channel, But a Book

Theater & Performance

String Theory

On the Dramatic Potential of String Quartets

Getting Off with OBT

Song & Dance Offers Something for Everyone


A Festival of Funny

The Comedians You Cannot Miss at this Year's Bridgetown Comedy Festival

I, Anonymous


Atlas Eh... Shrug.

City Employees: Still Way Too Fat and Hypertensive

Intellect and Romance > Brute Force and Cynicism

Hipster Bingo

I, Anonymous: How to Fuck Over A Meth Dealer (Who is Already, by Definition, Kind of Fucked)

Public Service Announcement: Restaurant Websites

Genesis vs. Super Nintendo ... WHO YA GOT?!?

Bridgetown Comedy Fest: The Hunt for The Great White Andy Dick

Straight Men Like to Look at Dick, Women Watch Online Porn, Porn Featuring Trans Women (Don't Call Them Chicks With Dicks, Don't Call Them Shemales) Is For Straight Guys...

SL Letter of the Day: OLDBAG Has Some Advice for MILK

This Does Not Diminish My Excitement for Tonight's Advance Screening of Fast Five At All

Prepare for Judgment

Rats Vs. Children Billboard Defaced

Man, I Love These Pigeons.

Arnold's Back as the Terminator

Portal 2 + Mad Men = This Thing

Willy Vlautin Sweeps the Oregon Book Awards

Good Morning, News!

It's Happening Tonight!

The Easter Bunny Is Frightening as Hell

The Tea Party Isn't Racist—They Just Don't Think the Nigras Should Be Allowed to Vote.

Another Day, Another "Hackers Steal Customer Information" Story

Good Morning News!

Bridgetown Comedy Fest: Saturday's Highlights


I, Anonymous: Down in Front!

CRC Criticism: Now With a Video!

Bridgetown Comedy Fest: Thursday's Highlights

Who Are Those Guantanamo Detainees?

Breaking Ground on Affordable Housing

Straight From The Coach's Mouth: Portland Preps For Star-Studded Galaxy

The End Hits Burrito Bet [Or, Because I Was Unable to Eat Four Burritos, I Now Must Attend a Papa Roach (or Worse) Concert]

Bridgetown Begins Tonight + Save $10

Affordable Housing Declines Downtown

Reasons Why You Should or Should Not See The Man with the Golden Gun

Game Four of the Western Conference Playoffs: Abridged Edition

Heading to NE Couch: Big New Apartments

Musical Protest Over WikiLeaker's Treatment Disrupts Obama Fundraiser

Roller Derby Tonight: Portland vs. Seattle

Bridgetown Comedy Fest: Last Comic Standing Room Only

Don't Forget! Our Denis Theriault is on Jeopardy! TONIGHT!!

Two Bullied Teenage Girls Kill Themselves in Minnesota

Governor Kitzhaber Vows to Deliver Ugly Bridge on Schedule

Want to Stop the Sex Trafficking of Underage Girls? Legalize Prostitution.

Tonight in Music

Good Morning, News!

Super Soakers, Duct Tape, Lucky Number 7

Good Morning, News!

Call, Text, or Email Soon, Michael Scott!

Jesus vs. Thor: Another Legally Binding Blogtown Poll

Gah! Today's the Last Day to Register to Vote!

Portland Drummer Shot by Cincinnati Police

Dads: Spend Some Time with Your Kids This Weekend

More Reporter Reshuffles

Good Morning, News!

Spoiler Alert: Willamette Week's Best New Band of 2011

This Week's Mercury Music Section

W. Kamau Bell on the Bridgetown Comedy Fest

Saturday Night Fundraiser at Appendix Space

The Trump Brand Is Innovative and Dynamic

BREAKING: Mayor Releases New Version of JTTF Plan

Happy Birthday, Aaron Spelling!

Good Bets for Tonight: Keith Lowell Jensen and (Hopefully) Bill Cosby-Bukowski

"Who Tried to Murder Debbie Harry?": Another Blogtown Mystery

Gawker Keeps Losing Readers

Teabaggers Are About to Get Furious at DC Comics

Frank Cassano's "Blogtown in Review"

The Best Part of Last Night's Game of Thrones, Over and Over

Indifference, 13 Ways: Writers on the Royal Wedding

Blazers vs. Mavericks - Hot Live (Playoff) Blog Action

The Internet Would Not Kill Shakespeare, If Shakespeare Were Living Today

I, Anonymous: Reply All

Sexually Repressed Mermaids! Also Wolf-on-Baby Grossness.

Bridgetown Last Night and Theme Park Tonight

Now's the Time to Get Excited About that Bill and Ted Movie That's Never Going to Happen!

Dads: The Original Hipsters

The Ladies of Bridgetown

Blazers vs. Mavericks - Hot Live (Playoff) Blog Action

It's Not Just the Feds Worried by Mayor's JTTF Plan

HELP WANTED: A New Mercury Art Director Needed

What's This Whole State Bank Thing?

Bridgetown Comedy Fest: Sunday's Highlights

Barbie (and Ken's) "Fairy Secret"

Wonder Northwest: At Last, A Place to Live Out Your Cosplay Karaoke Dreams

Tonight at Bridgetown: Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen

SL Letter of the Day: Brothers-In-Law Shouldn't Do It

The Finest Baby Goat-Themed Electro Dance Music Video of the Week. (Month? Year?)

Alright, Who Threw Something at Mark Cuban?

Santorum: Assfucking For All! But No "Privileges" for Gay Couples!

IPRC's Media Action Project

Our Oregon Says O's Fact Checker Got Facts Wrong

Tonight at the Bridgetown Comedy Fest: Persona!

Timbers Army Loses Its "Queen"

SL Letter of the Day: Forgive and Regret

Trans Woman Brutally Attacked

From Pawnee With Love

Today's "Mercury Several Moments of Inspirations"

Learning to Metal Scream

RE: The Easter Bunny Is Frightening as Hell

Today in Pat Robertson's Air-Tight Logic

Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush Makes Dental Hygiene a Reality

Slow-Starting Portland Cut Down To Size By First-Place LA

It's Happening Tonight!

Calling Out Kanye's Charity

Today's Best Tweets About Obama's Released Birth Certificate

Thursday Recap: Andy Dick Considered, Emily Heller, Ron Funches, & More

Oregon Zoo Announces 2011 Lineup (of Concerts, Not Animals)

SL Letter of the Day: Former Wife, Current Pain Slut

End Hits Concert Challenge: Alter Bridge at Roseland

Stupid, Stupid Baby: Say "Fish" You Stupid Baby!!!

I, Anonymous: Lil' Bag o' Puke

Death Rides a Horse, or Lee Van Cleef Is a Badass

BREAKING: You Will Never Hear "My Humps" Again!

Depressed, Depressed Clown: "Happy" is Not So "Happy"

"Move Over Bacon—There's Something Leaner!"

Float Hand Eye Supply's Boat. Er... Float

Nice Headline, ESPN Dallas

Good Morning News!

Council Okays Cash for Mayor's New-Look Drug-Free Zones

Do They Have Wall-to-Wall in Heaven? Because the Empire Carpet Man is Dead!

Bridgetown Preview! Lance Bangs Presents: Come Laugh with Us

It's Happening Tonight!

Win Tickets to the Crystal Hotel Grand Opening Celebration with M.Ward!

Tonight at Powell's: Dan Savage & the It Gets Better Project

Good Match-Day, News! Portland Wishes For California Goals

Blaze of Our Lives

Sold Out

Riordan Roache

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

Shit Storm

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Hillbilly Heaven