Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 28 - Dec. 12, 2022

Vol. 20, No. 30

I, Anonymous Blog

All I Hear Is Propaganda

Stop staring please

Reach out to me for satisfaction, yeah

Is it really that bad?

Fuck You, Old Chap!

CNN+ is dead. Long Live CNN+

Dear Drama Dad

You should have let me sleep

All Too Human

Let Them Guess Cake

Cryptocurrancy is the new gold

Transportation counter offer

It’s gonna be okay.

To: If I Were King of the Forest

Multiple Choice Pop Quiz

Free range art.

The Hard Way

Sizzle Pie Philosopher

A few crayons short

I am not capable of what you want

Racism begets Racism

Dear White Males


People for Pilfering Portland

Florida is afraid of children

Simple Solution to Gun Violence

To the cutie who I caught following me

there but for the grace of God go I

Morality is an after thought

they are all true

It's exploitive and wrong

Another Fine Example

Seriously?! City of Portland Parking Enforcement

welcome to the real world

Call me Beanpole

hey coworker!

Sammich time

Keep It Up

I don't know if this is relevant but

It's not funny

Enough with the bullshit

Cat Hater

Portland is Loved

Who do you think you are fooling?

Hey show talkers…Please Shut The Fuck Up!

Waking Up is hard to do

American Extremism

Jeeze, take a breath.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum, I hate you both

Baby Boomers and Gen X are failed generations

I wish I still cared but I don't

A new I-5 plan

"Big ugly city."

Thanks for that

Hey "People for Portland"

that clock's twenty minutes fast!

Bike meet Shed.

Love Thy Neighbor Hiker


No More Nice Nice

Counterpoint: Don’t fuck with Ukrainians

Better off

Old lady =1, young asshole =0

A Union of Cowards

The lights weren’t the problem

How do people function in such heaping bullshit?


Dating Apps SUCK

Thanks for all the fish

No Turn On Red Means You, Too

My stained shoes


Can Something Please Work Out Right!

We gotta start talking and listening

"Portlanders" can all FUCK. RIGHT. OFF.

Two Kinds Of People

I'd buy that for a dollar

My Sweet Anarcho Boyfriend

Stop Wasting Our Time

Hairy sitch

Empathy is the only way

I wear your underwear

It's disgusting

My body, my choice

there's no pill for assholes

No Grape Crush


An apology to all emotionally charged bicyclists

Traffic Rant!

Good Morning America

Fucking Elitist And I'm So Sorry

I did my time,

Sex Ban

Dating apps

Hey you



i am not the perfect lover that she thinks i am

Republican Bundists

Bass versus Ass

I park in front of your house

Cover your effing mouth

You were at the 60th Ave Max Station

Elon, I think you must have fallen asleep

Fuck your loud cars!

Back of the Envelope

Keep it moving!

Everybody plays the fool sometimes

This ain't no disco.

he thinks he’s a gatekeeper

our power requires your fear

Enough Excuses

I Am SO Fucking Old Now

I love you

This is it. Don't get scared now.

Stop Feeding the Crows!

The Rime of the Indoor Diner

Love one another


we are already at war

homeless "problem"

Room For Cream?

Postal Worker Blues

Tweaker Energy

“Gossiping Is Normal.”

Where are we?

Get Your Bikes Off Our Trails

'f'I were king of the forest...

Quick reminder...

The Shite Man

for trying, for crying

Compare and Contrast

But can you ever be just whelmed?

Illegal Deliveries & Drag Racing

A nightmare or a memory?

Don't tread on me while I tread on you.

congrats on the new roll

something to get off my chest...

According to Republicans


Now I know my life has given me more than memories

Gen X

Tats and Ass

Obama Who?

Where's the birth certificate?

You've Got Great Man Calves

Duly Noted

Yeah, you.

Who knew?

Seat covers for toilets

"Fine wine at the QFC, you were the stranger"

Wait so..

move on

we are losing hope

Verizon more like crap-izon

sorry not sorry