Print Edition for the week of
May. 12 - 18, 2011

Vol. 11, No. 51
Jeff Luker


Green Light

Spendy Oregon Sustainability Center Unveils New, Cheaper Design

Yes, We Can

What Collectors Think of the New Bottle Bill

A Place to Park Your Butt

Glimpsing the Future of the Portland Loo

How to Dress Like a Gang Member

Cops Coach Bar Owners to Spot Telltale Threads

Hall Monitor

A Telling Roster of Critics?

In Other News


Raven Black and Sugar Sweet

The Raveonettes Recharge and Revolt

To the Point

Point Juncture, WA Whittles Away with Handsome Orders

Lord Loves a Rambling Man

Jared Mees Has Something to Say and He's Gonna Say It Now

Dig Your Own Grave

Grave Babies' Twisted Sense of Humor

Bring the Noise

The Many Moods of Ghost Animal

Up & Coming

Highlights in music the week of May 12-18

Movies & TV

Wedding Party

Bridesmaids: A Buddy Comedy for the Ladies

A Serious Man

Will Ferrell Gets All Drama-y in Everything Must Go

Leave It

The Beaver: The Worst Puppet Show Ever!

Notes from the Underground

Of Nuclear Waste and Far-Future Humans

Geek Out

Mind Meld

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty

Five Spice Ups Our Lack of Authentic Chinese


Crunchy Action, Fuzzy Aliens

John Scalzi Reboots a '60s Science-Fiction Classic

Looking for Mister Wonderful

Daniel Clowes' Prickly New Love Story

John Scalzi: The Mercury Interview

Regarding Fuzzy Nations, Old Men's Wars, and Why Spock Should Know Better

Highlights Reel

The Prose, Poetry, and Politics of Ursula K. Le Guin

In the Garden of Eden

Seth Fried's New Collection

Theater & Performance

Boomer Bait

Steven Dietz's Last of the Boys


Celluloid Cemetery

Will Digital Projection Kill Portland's Independent Movie Theaters?

I, Anonymous

Sticky Icky


Timbers Seek Road Red-Emption in Seattle (And Who's Carrying The Most Green?)

Introducing Lost Lander

Buy the Unabomber's Typewriter

Ambiguously Gay Duo—FOR REALZ!

Oregon Book Awards Adds Category for Graphic Literature

Red Fang - "Wires" (Video)

Another Goddamn Kid Who Will Certainly Recieve the Fame and Adulation I Will Never Enjoy

Son of Prominent Rightwing Bigot Finds Out About "It Gets Better" Project

DON'T FORGET: Free Office Furniture Giveaway!

SL Letter of the Day: Planning Top

A Mess of Santorum: Rick Says John McCain Doesn't Understand Torture

Dan Aykroyd Is Either Well Insured or Bad at Business

New Tums Commercial (NSFW)

The Game Continues to Be Afoot: New Sherlock!

Y'Know, This Time They Kind of Have a Point

Crimson Tied: Portland Gets The Point At Seattle

Chad VanGaalen's New, Mindblowing Video

Batman's Bad Day

Nerd Trap: Best Movie Poster Evah!

Trump Out

Tonight in Music

Avakian Jabs at GOP Senators Over Response to Report on Racist Landlords

Portland at Seattle — High-Pitched Live-Blog Action

Here's the Story of Portland's Budget: Bike Projects Aren't Stealing Money from Cars

We're Moving. We Have Leftover Alcohol. Let's Get Drunk!

HUMP! 2011 Call For Submissions, News About This Year's HUMP! Awards

Tonight at Powells: Daniel Clowes

Newt Gingrich Brutalized in Glitter Attack

Will Portland Lead the Way—On the JTTF?

Jon Stewart vs. Bill O'Reilly: On Whom Do You Wager?

"Geek Out! @ The Space Room:" Tonight, 9PM

What an Interesting Local News Story on Digital Projection in Portland's Movie Theaters!

God Bless America

A Brief History of Our Awesome New Office

SL Letter of the Day: Too Soon

Live Blogging the Blast (by Colt 45)

Star Trek Porn Features Picard's Flute, Is Better Than A Lot of Actual Star Trek Episodes

Free Office Furniture Giveaway!

It's Happening Tonight!

Roller Derby Weekend

Fine Jewelry for Cat Ladies

Stupid, Stupid Beagle: Catch the Ball, You Stupid Beagle!

It's Happening Tonight!

Timbers vs. Sounders Live Blog Tomorrow!

SL Letter of the Day: Anti-Social Lubrication

BREAKING: Nick Fish Identifies Properties That Failed Rental Bias Audit

This Weekend: Open Engagement 2011

Anything Else I Can Get You Motherfuckers?

Jim Shepard Reading Tonight

Behind the Opening Credits of Game of Thrones

High School Student Challenges Michele Bachmann to a Debate

Vote on the Best Title for a Star Trek Porn!

Good Morning, News!

PDX Pop Now! Announce 2011 Compilation

Donald Trump's Hair Care Secrets Revealed!

Portland Dining Month

New Machete Maidens Unleashed Trailer!

Election Update! What the Hell is the Sellwood Bridge Going to Do Now?

Moving Day

So What Did You Guys Think of Wonder Northwest?

WTF Comes to Public Radio

Florida Senate Votes to Ban Sex With Animals

Frank Cassano's "Blogtown in Review"

Advice Cop

A Peek at the Editorial Process

Nine Things We'll Miss from the Neighborhood

First Teaser for Spielberg and Jackson's Tintin and the Terror of the Uncanny Valley

Good Morning, News!

Budget Smackdown: Dan Saltzman and Sam Adams Get Punchy Over Sewer and Water Rates


Bike to Work Tips from a Drag Queen

LiveBlogging the Last Hour of the Election from the Hollywood McDonald's

"This Meeting Is a Beautiful Thing. But When's the Next One?"

Good Match-Day, News! I-5 Rivalry. Beta.

Ask the Trailer Park Boys

Obama 2012 Produces the Best Campaign Paraphernalia Ever

Win Tickets to Slayer (and Rob Zombie)!

Tonight at Powell's Cedar Hills: John Scalzi

Win Tickets to See the Portland Cello Project! Hear a Brand New Portland Cello Project Song with Laura Gibson!

Ticket Giveaway: Uncanny Valley

Best of the Anti-Immigrant Rants in Salem This Week

I Don't Like This

Give a Shit Club Meets Next Week!

Good Morning News!

It's Apparently a Thing: "Planking"

My New Phone

Portland's Precision Castparts Releases Toxic Cloud into Neighborhood, Makes Huge Profit

Meanest Name For A Strip Club?

Good Morning News!

Writin' and Sellin'

Traditional Marriage: "One Man, One Woman, For Life"

First Look at the Portland-Shot Grimm

New Derogatory Term for Gay People: Sweet Smellin' Jockstraps!

Nick Fish Responds to Hubbub Over Racist Landlords

The End is Nigh... Which Means "Saturday," Guys!

Operation SpaceCraft

Good Morning, News!


SL Letter of the Day: You Better Sit Down

Today in News That Has Absolutely Nothing to Do with You, Yet You Will Be Very Unhappy to Hear

Caption This Photo

Scratch That

Tonight in Music

Anna Wintour Comes out to Support Gay Marriage

This Week's Mercury Music Section

SL Letter of the Day: Euro Trashed

SE Clinton "Bike Flags"

Good Morning, News!

Biking is Becoming Less White

The PlayStation Network Is Back (Sorta, Kinda)

The New Charlie's Angels Preview!

Drug Drop Box vs. Ballot Drop Box

Mike Seaver TOTALLY Embarrasses Stephen Hawking

Christen The Hand-Eye Supply Float (and Floaters) Tonight!

Want to Know Who is Playing MusicFest NW 2011?

Translating Ben Stein

Tonight at Powell's: Ursula K Le Guin

Timbers vs. Sounders: Whose Hipster Fans Reign Supreme?

Sold Out

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

It Got Better

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Nipples No More