Print Edition for the week of
May. 18 - 24, 2006

Vol. 5, No. 51 Heather Amuny-Dey


Hall Monitor

Ordered Chaos

Off Duty

Neighbors Demand More Cops in SE

In Other News

Sit Down

Sit-Lie Ordinance to be Extended, Possibly Reworked

Tears, Cheers, and Beers

The Mercury Crashes the Campaign Parties


Once More with Feeling

Celebrity Band Roundup

Don't You Interpol Me, Boy

ILYBICD Sidesteps the Fad

Ant Slavery Jamz

Bark, Hide and Horn's National Geo Boogie

Up & Coming

It's Who You Know

Everything New, Everything Just Born

Meet The...

Better to See You With

New Shit, Different Day

Lyrics Born Paralyzes Your Cerebellum

Live Music and DJ Listings

Movies & TV

Love, Menace, and the New West

Down in the Valley's Ripe, Sinister Secrets

Film Shorts

I'm Going Out

Bow BeforeThe Da Vinci Code!

Double Happiness, My Ass

Mountain Patrol is Two Tons of Grim

Indiana Jones for Nerds

How About We Don't Solve The Da Vinci Code?

TV Listings

Short and Semi-Sweet

Taking Your Chances with the Forest Film Fest

Visual Art

Theater & Performance




Making the Grade

The Mercury Food Issue Checks In with Old Standbys

What's Up Doc?

Revisiting Some Vegetarian Classics

Keeping it Real

The Farm's a Great Restaurant. Now What?

Brunch Bonanza

Standing in Line: The Weekend Grind

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

Cracking the DaVirgin Code

One Day at a Time


Sold Out

This Week in Shopping

I, Anonymous

I Love Television

I &hearts TV

Murder, I Wrote