Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 1 - 7, 2006

Vol. 7, No. 1
Madeline Carroll


Hall Monitor


In Other News

Signing Away the State

How Out-of-State Groups are Trying to Screw Oregon

A Little More Conversation?

Cops Outnumber Citizens at Racial Profiling Hearing

Lock and Load

Fed Up

The Big Picture

Neighbors Should Think Beyond Their Own Backyard


Obscurity Now!

Locals Open Underground Record Store

Live Music and DJ Listings

Volcanoes, Space Pirates...

Walk the Plank with Alien Metal Mutants

...worms = Punk

Getting to the Horrible and Gorgeous Core

Up & Coming

Once More with Feeling

In Praise of YouTube

Not of This World

The Constantines' Everyman Reality

The Scene Report

Local Music News

Sticky Fingers

Shoplifting Matures with Body Stories

Movies & TV

Geek Out

Of E.T. and the X-Men

Film Shorts

Getting Dumped

Vaughn vs. Aniston in The Break-Up

This Week on Television

Of Björk and Vaseline

Getting Weird with Drawing Restraint 9

Angst in a Van

The Puffy Chair: Our Generation's Road-Trip Movie

Food and Drink

Ditch the Frat Boys

Pearl Mexican Joint Needs Cojones

Food Events

Visual Art

Visual Arts

Guy Martelet

Video Library


Theater & Performance


By the Bog of Cats

I, Anonymous

Sold Out

This Week in Shopping

One Day at a Time

Savage Love

I Love Television

I &hearts TV

Game ON!