Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 15 - 21, 2006

Vol. 7, No. 3 Jen Corace


In Other News

Estate Sale

Father and Son Real Estate Spat Goes Public

Reining in Petitioners

Westlund Rails Against Out-of-State Firms

Hall Monitor

'I'm not Emilie Boyles'


Live Music and DJ Listings

Once More with Feeling

Last Priest

The Immoralist

Cex Wants to Liberate You

The Scene Report

Local Music News

Comfortably Free

Pink Mountain, Confident Amid Disorder

Up & Coming

Rumble and Boom

Under Mountains' Chaos Energy

Jolie in Wonderland

Jolie Holland's Melting-Pot Folklore

Movies & TV

Vote for Nacho

Nacho Libre: Napoleon Dynamite as a Luchador

TV Listings

An American Tale

Film, History, and Family in Following Sean

Four-Wheeled Fetish

Tokyo Drift: Faster and Furiouser!

Film Shorts

Justifiable Arson

Let's Burn Down The Lake House!

I'm Staying Home

Bisexuals are people too

Discovery and Revenge

Twelve and Holding: A Twisted Coming of Age

Food and Drink

Do the Mambo

Callaloo is a Caribbean Explosion

Food Events

Theater & Performance

The Centering



Where Are We?

The Mercury's Queer Issue

We Aren't There Yet

But We Can and Will Change the Face of Oregon

We're Done

Oregon Needs a Broader Coalition to Lead Us

We Got it Good

Up Here in Washington State, That Is

We Could Be Somewhere Worse

My Old Kentucky Homo... Errr, Home

The State of Queers in Portland

According to Sissyboy's Splendora, Precious, and Zebra

Where Are They Now?

One of Multnomah County's Formally Married Gay Couples—One Year Later

Where's Our Queer Identity?

Don't Shy Away from Being Your Queer Self

Who the Hell Cares Where We Are?

The Empire's New Clothes

Savage Love

Furry Females Weigh In

One Day at a Time

Sold Out

This Week in Shopping

I, Anonymous

I Love Television

I &hearts TV

Sweet Hasselhoff