Print Edition for the week of
May. 26 - Jun. 1, 2011

Vol. 12, No. 1
Megan Whitmarsh


Kids in the Big House

Oregon Finally Changes Law That Puts Teens in Adult Jails

The Meter Is Running

Legal Bills in Campbell Shooting Hit $354,000

The Landlords Strike Back

Common Response to City Bias Audit: Not Me!

In the Shadows

What Is Narnia Doing in Our Science Museum?

Hall Monitor

A "Yes" Vote That Isn't, Really

In Other News


True Confessions

The Undertones' Middle-Aged Kicks

And Sometimes Y

The Chromosomal Music of Gayngs

Shock to the System

Animal Farm Create Their Own Culture

Slay Bowels

Sleigh Bells' Weight Is Measured in the Red

Up & Coming

Highlights in music the week of May 26-June 1

Movies & TV

Hair of the Dog

The Hangover Part II: This One Hurts, Too

Sign of the Horns

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Goes Greasy for Hesher

People Who Need People

We Are What We Are (and We're Cannibals)

Their Generation

My Perestroika: Childhood Tales of the Iron Curtain

Empty Threats

Yuen Woo-ping's True Legend: In Which Computers Ruin Everything

Geek Out

Videogame Noir

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Alder Is Ruining My Figure

And It's Worth Every Sweet, Buttery Calorie


What's Up, Boys?

Interviewing the Trailer Park Boys—In Character


Semiotic Sci-Fi

Signs, Signifiers, and Space Aliens in China Miéville's Embassytown

Faerie Tales

Enchanting Love and Loss in Chris Adrian's The Great Night

Theater & Performance

Theater for Elephants

Trailing Colors: an Artistic Response to the Rwandan Genocide


To 'Quatch or Not to 'Quatch

Navigating Sasquatch!—the Northwest's Fest-iest Festival

I Love Television

I Love Television™

It's a Brand-New Me!

I, Anonymous

Front Seat Franny


Portland vs. AFC Ajax — High-Pitched Live Blog Action

Look at this Photo Before the IMF Yanks It

The Christians Make a Non-Sex Comedy!

Santorum's Awkward Spurt

Portland Author Wins LAMDA Award

Shaquille O'Neal to Retire From Basketball

Police Arrest Suspect in Anti-Arab Assault

The Best News Ever About Terrence Malick

Justin Bieber's $25,000 "Stewie" Necklace

Trailer for David Fincher's Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: GRRRRR! LED ZEPPELIN!

The Big Float is Coming to the Willamette River!

Thirty Years Ago

Obligatory Annual Elliott Smith Post.

Good Morning, News!

Oregonian Commenters Remain Terrible

Miley Cyrus Tweets Out for Gay Marriage

MusicFest NW Announce 2011 Lineup!

The New I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Looks Like Sarah Palin Is Probably Running for President

Gil Scott-Heron, R.I.P.

Today in Racist-y Confectionaries

SL Letter of the Day: Phased Out

Bees Take Manhattan

Good Morning, News!

Hank Cassano's "Blogtown in Review"

Outside Aperture: The Best Portal Fan Film You'll See Today

Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment of the Week!

Tonight in Music

Two Very Different Kinds of Terror

Want To Bust A Union?

Sarah Palin Continues to Be a Lying Sack of Shit

Southeast Portland in the Year 3011!

Boke Bowl: May Edition

Inside (and Outside) the Star Theater

Say Hello to Eleven PDX

It's Happening Tonight!

Lindsay Lohan's Commercial for Herself Art Film

Did You Guys Read Tony's Review of Alder?

Good Morning, News!

Invasion of the Robot Jugglers

Buy Vancouver's Newspaper

SL Letter of the Day: Earth Boys Are Easy

You Need a Better Way of Entering Your Office

A Short Course in Hot Dog Self-Denfense

Good Morning, News!

"Savage Love" Correction: I Meant "Stephen Colbert," Not Stephen Colbert

Good Morning, News!

DC Comics to Reboot Everything. And Embrace Digital Distribution. Hard.

Gingrich Is Already a Failure

Eagles, Beer, Zydeco, and Glowing Bugs

Crawl into My Warm Snuggly Tummy, Said the Bear

The New I, Anonymous Blog: Quote of the Day!

Say It Ain't So!

Seattle Supporters Show Their True Colors

Activision Drops Greed Bomb On Call of Duty Fans

The Trailer Park Boys Interview

The New I, Anonymous Blog: Quote of the Day!

Doctor Who Be Packin', Yo.

"Between Two Ferns": Zach, Will Ferrell, and that Poor Frog

United Show Not All Is Perfect On Portland's Homefront

This Is What a Lipizzaner Stallion Looks Like.

Grand Rapids: Not Dead Yet

The New I, Anonymous Blog: Quote o' the Day!

Businesses Willing to Pay for Carfree Street

It's Happening Tonight!

Herman Cain Pulls a Train

The End of "Pedestrian, Bus is Turning"

Breaking Bad Season 4 Trailer! Woot!

Holy Shit! Neville Is Such a Badass!

The New I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Horse Herpes Force Cowgirls to Ride a Stick

Political Penis Tweets

Check Out the New I, Anonymous Blog!

Portland vs. DC United — High-Pitched Live Blog Action

SL Letter of the Day: Take It To the Grave

Good Morning News!

Paris Hilton Works So Hard, You Guys

Scarlett Johansson Stands With Planned Parenthood—And So Should You

Good Morning, News!

This is What Happens When Justin Bieber Administers a Foot Rub

The Muppets' Spoof of the Trailer for The Hangover Part II Is Funnier Than the Actual Trailer for The Hangover Part II

Adele Cancels Sold Out Portland Show

Is the Portland Building a Historic 29-Year-Old?

This Week's Mercury Music Section

"Rick Santorum's" Twitter Feed


It's Happening Tonight!

And Now, A Few Thoughts Regarding Scott Bakula

Sold Out

John Fluevog

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

The Choicer Challenge