Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 22 - 28, 2006

Vol. 7, No. 4 Derek Yu


Conversion Therapy

Tenants Fight an Uphill Battle Over Condo Conversion

In Other News

FoXXXworth Falls

Mayor Demotes Police Chief, Blames Media

Hall Monitor

Ask, tell

Cracking the Campaign Code

More Questions than Answers

In Over Their Heads?

Neighbors Blast Landmarks Commission


Once More with Feeling

The Pine Hill Haints

Beach-Town Dour

Black Heart's Mystic New Record

Up & Coming

Spookily Noble

Remembering Angela and Orion

Live Music and DJ Listings

The Scene Report

Local Music News

This is Psychedelia

Lose Yourself in Portland's Plants

Movies & TV

Geek Out

Nintendo DS Lite

TV Listings

The Elegant Junkie

Maggie Cheung: So Fresh, So Clean

A Better World

Serenity Does it for Charity

Hot Hardcore Crossword Action

Wordplay Will Get Your Inner Geek Off

Film Shorts

A Busted Remote

So Where's the Button for "Funny"?

Vengeance, Served Ice Cold

Lady Vengeance: Park Chanwook's Final Revenge

Food and Drink

Mad Props

Late-Night Veggie Grub in St. Johns?!?

Food Events

Bourdain Noir

Kitchen Confidential Author Anthony Bourdain Likes What's on Portland's Menu

Visual Art

We Published the Frog

Found Magazine's Davy Rothbart in Portland

Visual Arts


Art vs. Advertising Debate

Employee of the Week

Heather Tatum from Dots

Sold Out

Al Cabino's Operation McFly

One Day at a Time

Savage Love

Tit for Tat


I Love Television

I &hearts TV

To Hell and Back