Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 6 - 12, 2007

Vol. 8, No. 15 Ippei Gyobu


Hall Monitor

Finally Making sense

Mayor Tom Potter Will Not Run for Re-Election

In Other News

Premature Evacuation

Sit-Lie Comes Early for Rent-a-Cops

90 Percent Perspiration

Learning from SF's Sweat-Free Mistakes

Donkey Fight!

Gloves Come off in Senate Race

Remembering Chasse

Protests Mark One-Year Anniversary


Up & Coming

Once More with Feeling


Our Town Could be Your Life

The Old Town Wristband

Real Genius

The High Water Mark of Praise for Okkervil River

From Auckland with Love

The Brunettes Bring Kiwi Pop Back

The Conflict of Clipse

More Than Coke and Birds

Let's Talk About Sex

Let's Talk About Rilo Kiley

Don't Touch That Dial

Grayskul's Grim Frequency


Beyoncé's B'Day and Booty

Movies & TV


3:10 to Yuma Is a Western. Ah-Yup.

Film Shorts

Geek Out

Turning Japanese

This Week on Television

Bang Bang

Michael Davis' Pretty Damn Great Shoot 'Em Up

Sneak into The Brothers Solomon

If You Pay, You're a Sucker!

Still Kickin'

Punk's Not Dead (and Not Quite Alive, Either)

Cinema Pedaliso

No Lycra Required at Bike Film Fest

Food and Drink

Happy Hours

Good Morning, Foster

Better Breakfasting at Bar Carlo

Visual Art

Bruce Davidson

Lecture at the Portland Art Museum

T:BA Day by Day

The Mercury's Daily Picks for This Year's Time-Based Art Festival


The Braindead Megaphone

by George Saunders

Theater & Performance

Thom Pain (based on nothing)

Our Shoes are Red/The Performance Lab at PSU's Lincoln Hall

A Doll's House

Theatre Vertigo at Theater! Theatre!

Employee of the Week

Peter Stephen Parson

Corn Cop & Haunter

I, Anonymous

Sold Out

Cashing in on Fall Shoes

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

Straight As an Arrow

I Love Television


Your Doomed Marriage