Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 30 - Jul. 6, 2011

Vol. 12, No. 6
Tripper Dungan


Technical Difficulties

Cops Find No Video of Ferguson Shooting—But Mystery Lingers

Racial Stop Gap

Traffic Stops for "Driving While Black" Are Still a Portland Problem

Sexual Politics

Public Parts

Hall Monitor

JTTF Pact Still Awaiting Teeth

In Other News


Tell 'Em What Your Name Is

Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears Live for the Spotlight

A Homegrown Feast

Soft Tags' Remarkable New Record

The Mystery Tape

Sublime Frequencies' Search for an Elusive African Band

Up & Coming

Highlights in music the week of June 30-July 6

Movies & TV

Interesting Times

Page One's Portrait of the Changing New York Times

The Troll Truth, and Nothing But

Baiting Trolls in Trollhunter

Auteur Theory

Of Michael Bay, Robots, and What Pussies Do

Royale with Cheese

Larry Crowne: Tom Hanks' Big-Screen Remake of Community

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

I'm Staying Home

The Buddha of Blowing Shit Up

Visual Art

Alluring Automobiles

PAM's Road-Ready Exhibit


Meet Portland's "Street Librarian"

Laura Moulton Provides Books to the Homeless

When Wives Go Batshit

Kate Christensen's The Astral

On and Off the Rails

Scott Sparling's Wire to Wire


One Nation Under Pod

Which Portland Pod Has the Best Collection of Food Carts?

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Me, Patriotism, and You

I, Anonymous


Behold Arkngthand, Norway's Hottest Game of Thrones Metal Band

Spencer Puts Starters On Notice—Could KFC Start On Portland's Pine?

BREAKING: Portland Lawmaker Mary Nolan Taking on Amanda Fritz

Q&A with Portland's Street Librarian

Tommy Chong Will Ruin Your Holiday

Hey, Prominent Oregonians! Come Get Your Money Already!

Scott Sparling Reading Tonight

Moonshine Kitchen & Lounge

Ghost Animal's Practice Space at Reed College

Reconsidering the Everyday

Goodbye to St Jack Brunch, Hello WAFU

Mutton Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good!

Wheeee! Transformers Math!

Let's Party in the Blogtown Room!

A Game of Thrones Refresher, Just in Time for A Dance with Dragons

Don Frost Wins 2011 Comedy Competition, No Pun Intendo & More

Sporting KC Exposes Portland's Crisis Of Confidence

Should've Seen This Coming: Mercury's Denis Theriault in the New York Post

Win Tickets to Trollhunter! Also, Troll Punning Ain't Easy

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Brunch Box's Mystery Veggie Meat

Now THIS is How You End a TV Show—by Running Over the Host

Hey, Geniuses: Mensa Is Coming to Town! Sharpen Those No. 2 Pencils! (And, No, I Don't Mean Pencils Made Out of Poop!)

This Week's Mercury Film Section

Redefining Marriage: Straight People Beat Us To It, Ross

Here Is Your PDX Pop Now! Schedule

Good Match-Day, News! Can Portland Put Its June Gloom In The Rearview?

The Buck Brannaman Interview: Extend-O Version

BREAKING: Lethal Rounds Mistakenly Loaded Into Beanbag Shotgun Used in Today's Police Shooting

It's Happening Tonight!

Lockout Coming: Say Goodbye to Basketball

Sexy Memories

NASA's Final Shuttle Mission: Amuricaaaa!

It's Happening Tonight!

Want to See Someone Eat 69 Hot Dogs in 10 Minutes?

Things That Are Fun To Say: "Benedict Cumberbatch." "Colin Firth." "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy."

Broadway Books Launches New Site

Santorum's Slippery Math

Good Morning, News!

Tonight in Music

Chief Reese, Mayor Adams Issue Apology Over Shotgun Ammo Mixup that Sent Man to Hospital

Name This Band: Blood on the Prance Floor Edition

Tonight: Last Thursday

Good Morning, Fourth of July News!

Good Morning News!

Glenn Beck's Last Show in a Minute and a Half

SL Letter of the Day: Boyfriend's Balls Spotted on CL

Please Watch Rory Scovel and John Dore on the Conan O'Brien Show Last Night

SL Letter of the Day: What Works For You

Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment of the Week!

Stupid, Stupid Pigeon in "Chase Your Tail Feather"

Best Celeb Tweets about the Casey Anthony Verdict

Street Roots Gets Snazzy New Uniforms

Good Morning, News!

Our Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

Good Morning, News!

Casey Anthony Acquitted! Entenmann's Guilty of Being Delicious!

Page One: Inside The New York Times Opens Tonight

New Seasons Perfects the Art of "It's Me, Not You"

Facebook Gets Video, Google Gets Pretty

Scenes From 2011's Fourth Police Shooting

Captain America's Still Captain America (Mostly)

Naked Lady Parties Explained

Frank Cassano's "Blogtown in Review"

It's Happening Tonight!

Your I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day

Redman Loves Fireworks

New Lonely Island Video! (The "White People with Guns" Edition)

Wordstock Fiction Contest

Good Morning, News!

Michael Bay: Environmentalist

Do Not Feed Donuts to Your Obese Children...

It's Happening Tonight!

The 2012 Portland Fashion & Style Awards

Get Up-AH! Sexy Miso Soup!

"Savage Love" Reader Throws Down a Choicer Challenge

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Tonight in Music

As American As Killing Ants With Airburst MIRV Nukes

NBA Players Want to Talk (and Rap) About Your Virginity

SL Letter of the Day: Mom's Argument

Bitch Celebrates 15 Years

Buck Brannaman Is Coming to Portland

SL Letter of the Day: Cock Blocked

Twenty Years Ago Today...

Police Officer Involved in SW Portland Shooting

Good Morning, News!

Sold Out

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

Pros and Flows


Sign of the Times

Can the "Kenny Fucking Cooper" of Yore Return?