Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 11 - 17, 2007

Vol. 8, No. 20 Brad Simon


Hall Monitor

Men on the Moon

In Other News

Project: Panic!!

Making Portland's Fake Dirty Bomb Attack Even Fakier!

The Interstate Solution

Will There Be an Interstate Rename Truce?

Trees or Tract Homes?

It's Timber Companies vs. Enviros in a Battle for Oregon's Future

Rewiring Portland?

Free Citywide WiFi May Be Kaput

My, What a Political Week!

Adams' Announcement Kicks off 2008

American Graffiti

Business Alliance vs. Art Supply Shop

Watching the Watchers

Homeless Advocates Call for PPI Oversight

"We're Not Sorry"

Raging Grannies Take Anti-War Protest to Court


Once More with Feeling

The Everybodyfields

Heaven Is a Feeling

A Moonlit Ride with Bat for Lashes

Our Town Could be Your Life


Up & Coming

The Human Condition

Film School's Sense of Place

Danse Musique

Justice for All (except Kanye)

Teen Wolf No More

The Evolution of Patrick Wolf

Movies & TV

India for Dummies

Wes Anderson Gets Off Track

Film Shorts

This Week on Television

Cinematic Blue Balls

Elizabeth: Not So Golden

Geek Out

The Return of Woo

Spoiler Alert

Pssst! Jesse James Dies!

Enter the Janitor

Morality 101 with Professor Michael Clayton

Of Marky Mark and Blondie

Cocaine, Finger Banging, and Mediocrity

Gay, Gay, Gay

Portland's Lesbian & Gay Film Fest Returns

Food and Drink

A Slice of Woodstock

Toast's Tiny Charm

Happy Hours

Visual Art

Marcy Adzich

Still Life with Wolves


New Photography Titles

Theater & Performance

endless ocean, endless sky



Employee of the Week

Cora Conzoner

Ladd's Inn

I, Anonymous

Sold Out

Fashion by Flashlight Returns

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

Savage Love

Give It Away

I Love Television


Not Retarded!