Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 4 - 10, 2011

Vol. 12, No. 11
Hillary White


So Long, Sam

What's Next for Portland after Mayor Adams Just Says No to Reelection?

A Fishy Plan

Light Rail Bridge Construction Depends, Literally, on the Ears of Salmon

Sluts for Change!

Portland Slutwalk: Serious Protest, Serious Assless Chaps

Hall Monitor

It's Okay, Anger Is Good.


Back to the Wild

Pickathon: Far Beyond Folk

Beats, Rhymes, and Peacocks

Fire in the Canyon Fest's Hiphop Hideout

All Smmr, No Bmmr

Rock and Roll and Beer and No Vowels

The Possibility-Driven Life

The Unlikely Success of Dntel

Still Alive Undead

Thirty Years of Love and Slayer

Up & Coming

Highlights in music the week of August 4-10

Movies & TV

Welcome to the Monkey House

It Took Every Fiber of My Being To Not Title This Review "Apepocalypse Now"

Down to Earth

Another Earth's Sad Human Drama

I'm Staying Home

Cinema du Monkey

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

I'm Staying Home

Cinema du Monkey

Film Shorts

Food and Drink

Where Women Glow and Men Plunder

Pacific Pie Company's Australian Meat Pies


Daddy Dearest

Tim Pears' Heartbreaking Tale of Fatherhood Gone Wrong

To the Garbage Plains! To the Psychorats!

The Incal: Classic Collection. You Want Some Mœbius? You Got Some Mœbius.

Horse Doctor

A Good Man, Sick Animals, and Maybe Aliens in The Call

The Zombies of Midnight Movie

Stow Your Brain for Tobe Hooper's Fun Horror Novel

I, Anonymous

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Animals Can Hurt!


Mission Street Food

Good God, They Put Porkins in the Star Wars XXX Movie

Tonight: First Thursday

Second Annual Brunch on the Bridge

Richard Marx Sings the Poop Away

Wu's Out! Who's In?

House Spirits Meets Pok Pok Som

A Den for "Psychopath[s]" and "Sick, Low Life, Scumbags"

Internet Driving You "Crazy"? Call... THE INTERNET POLICE!

Tonight on Conan: Ron Funches

Curbside Composting Plan: YOU Write the Oregonian/WW Lead Paragraph!

SL Letter of the Day: What's a Month Worth?

Top that Labored Metaphor!

It's Happening Tonight!

Bill Sizemore's Mug Shot

This Gay Man Likes Pussy

Vancouver's "Men Only Fiesta" Runs into Legal Trouble

CRIMESVILLE: The Case of the "What is Going ON Here??"

Today in Bookstores

"But You Can't Take a Kindle in the Bath"

Another Day in Portland, Another Hot City Council Debate Over Compost

Don't Forget About The Zine Symposium And End Up A Sucker Like Me!

Pickathon HippieWarning!

Portal 2 + The National + Music Video Contest = Sad Sock Puppet?

Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment of the Week!

Mike Haggar: Half Mayor, Half Amazing

Ritalin Is Bad For You

Stumptown Shocker: Timbers Destroy The Galaxy

Today in Portland: Goat Meadow

Catwoman Is Gonna Steal Batman's Motorcycle :(

Good Morning, News!

Traditional Marriage Is Saved!

DB Cooper, in Comics and Prose

President Obama Says We're Still AAA, You Guys

Look What I Have That You Don't

Cool Story, Bro

Typhoon Played Letterman Last Night, and It Looked Like This

Festival Dinin'

Local Planned Parenthood Clinics May Unionize

HOLY SHIT: This Dog Will Be in Portland Tomorrow

Learn Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About the Stock Market from One Single New York Post Cover

Allo Darlin' Ain't Nothing to Fuck Wit

They See Me Rollin' D6s, They Hatin'

Sketch Comedy in Portland and The Return of SWEAT

Game Of Thrones: The Game (... Of Thrones?)

Members of SEAL Team 6 Killed in Helicopter Crash in Afghanisatn

Ahora Mismo

Vancouver Voice Is Going Out of Business

Germans Launch "Trojan T-Shirts" at Neo-Nazis

Oh My God, Becky You Would Look So Hot in This Black Metal Tank Top

Discomfort Zone: I Went to a Lingerie Party

Thursday's "Think Out Loud": Pendleton High Fashion (and Me)

"Make It Stop" Nominated in New VMA Category

Portland's Taxi Drought

Of Course There is a Portland Metal Bowling League

It's Happening Tonight!

Go Skate! Now! HURRY!

Have You Seen the Jerk from this Hit and Run?

Nobody Wants To Pray with Rick Perry

Doctor Who Art Show at Albina Press

Starring Snoopy as the Shark

Good Morning News!

Portland Parking Manager's Office Raided by Feds

Louis C.K. vs. Dane Cook vs. Forgiveness and Acceptance... WHO YA GOT?!?

"Feminist Bookstore" Fundraiser

The Portland Trail Blazers Should Do This

Portland Fashion Week Announces (Some) Designers

Watch Pickathon's Web Broadcast This Weekend

What Is it Like to Work With Wm.™ Steve Humphrey?

SL Letter of the Day: Power Running Low

Lonely? Maybe This Creepy Moving Pillow Can Help!

Republican Presidential Candidates Bravely Team Up to Battle Bullying Against Bigots

The Oasis at Pickathon

Smalldoggies Tonight At The Blue Monk

Update on Last Night's Bike/Car Crash: 23-Year-Old Died

What's Scarier than Michele Bachmann?

Portland vs. Los Angeles — High-Pitched Live Blog Action

SL Letter of the Day: Stripped Bare

Good Morning News!

Timbers Are "Boring," But Portland's Still Hip To Be Square With San Jose

It's Happening Tonight!

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside Played Letterman Last Night, and It Looked Like This

What's Your Story?: Michelle B.

Frank Cassano's "Blogtown in Review"

How to Make a Boring Rally a Little Less Boring

Good Morning, News!

Today's Stupidest Letter of the Day

Adam Sandler vs. A Wet Mass of Carboyhdrates (Adam Sandler)

Umm... Pardon Me, But I'd Like this Motherfucking Bat Off This Motherfucking Plane.

Flash Kitchen Goes To City Hall

Confidential to Megyn Kelly

It's Happening Tonight!

The A/V Stylings of Donald Chapin, M.D.

Tea Party in Spaaaaaace!

Today in Awkward Teenage Dancing

Timbers Army Shows Its Nintendo Power

So Long, November and/or December (Also, Can I Have $150?)

Awful Library Books

Tonight in Music: What We Didn't Tell You

They're Here... Poltergeist at the Fifth Avenue This Weekend

SL Letter of the Day: One More Vacation Sex Story

I Completely Forgot About Max Brumm

Tonight: First Friday at Milepost 5

Don't Follow These Instructions, Blogtown!

Portland Fashion Week Accepting Applicants for Emerging Designer Competition

Happy Birthday, Red Dawn (AKA Kill a Commie Day)

Project Runway Wrap Up!

I Have a Dream Re: The FP Trailer

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote(s) o' the Day!

Day of the Undead Squid (Or, That's Your Dinner)

Good Morning News!

Michele Bachmann Says She Wanted to Destroy the Global Economy Because Someone Has To

Flux: A Fashion Library

SL Letter of the Day: Name That Poon

It's Happening Tonight!

Super's Opening Credits: Where Cartoons BLEED

Amy Kuttab, Sean Christensen and I All Have Different Opinions on Amelie

Discomfort Zone: Suzette Fears Sports

Two People Suffer Life Threatening Injuries After Washington County Bike/Car Crash

I Shall Attempt to Write About This With a Certain High-Minded Betterness

Win Tickets to Eels!

Deschutes Brewery Street Fare to Feature Lots of Bands and Even More Beer

Al Gore Literally Calls Bullshit on Climate Change Deniers

Steve Said He'd Fire Me If I Didn't Blog About the New Superman Costume

Car "Grazes" Pedestrian, then Crashes into Bus Stop, Bike-Friendly Mattress Store

Take Your Shark Fins and Shove Them

Shoe Revolt

Pickathonography: Volume I

Adventures in Publicist FAIL

This Week's Mercury Film Section

Bridge? Yes. Brunch? Sort of.

Beacon Sound: New Record Shop on NE Prescott

New School Journalism Meets Old School

Whoa, Frank Darabont Got Fired from The Walking Dead?

Ron Funches Kills on Conan

Sold Out

The First Look

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

Vacation Stories


Oh My, Darlington! 

As Timbers Struggle, Fans Turn Eyes to Nagbe's Rise