Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 18 - 24, 2007

Vol. 8, No. 21
Lori Lucas


In Other News

Hall Monitor

Death and Taxes

Start Seeing Bikes

After Cyclist's Death, Activists and City Aim for Safety

Countdown to January

Preparing for Oregon's Two New Gay Rights Laws

Death in the Public Interest

Media Wants You to See Chasse Files

Gone with Wind

City Starts from Scratch on Green Energy

Duck and Cover

City Responds to an Unnatural Disaster

Overlooking Overlook

Complaint Filed over Interstate Meeting

Crowded Courthouse

Four Anti-Cop Claims in One Day


Once More with Feeling

Fall of Snow

The Pen, the Prose

Cadence Weapon is Canadian Hiphop

Our Town Could be Your Life

Meow Meow Presents

Up & Coming

True or False

Never Trust Liars

Kiss the Bottle

The Whiskey Talk of Lucero

Take This Job and Shove It

Spencer Krug's Indie Dream

Movies & TV

Northern Exposure

30 Days of Night: Why I Will Never, Ever Go to Alaska, Ever

This Week on Television

I'm Staying Home

Film Shorts

Offensive Driving

Plowing Down Kids on Reservation Road

Maybe a Dingo Ate It

Ben Affleck and the Case of the Missing Baby!

Your Children Are Racists

Thanks, Ten Commandments!

Torture, AIDS, and Benicio

Succinct Reviews for the Discerning Cinephile

Food and Drink

Happy hours

When the Craving Strikes

Fiending for Sushi at Bara

Fireplace Fix

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Visual Art

Karin Weiner

Clear Cut

Matthew Picton

New Work


The Year of Living Biblically

A.J. Jacobs

Bridge of Sighs

by Richard Russo

Theater & Performance

Double Feature


Our Town

This Fall, Portland Welcomes the World to Fashion Week

Gardens, Grass, and Separated Glass

Back to the Earth in Portland

Portland Fashion Week Schedule

PDX Head to Toe

Where to Find the Best in Portland Fashion Design

Savage Love

Thirsty For Pee

New Column!

One Day at a Time

I, Anonymous

Employee of the Week

I Love Television


You're in Trouble!