Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 11 - 17, 2011

Vol. 12, No. 12
Suji Allen // CSA Illustration


Questioning the Questioners

Feds Investigate Portland Police—But Miss Crucial Input

What Causes Bike Crashes?

Oregon's Seen a Spike in Recent Crashes—What Went Wrong?

Hall Monitor

Trash Talk

Pro-Choice Workers

Planned Parenthood Get Organized

In Other News


Prince of Tides

Beirut Rides the Inbound Currents with The Rip Tide

Tree of Life

The Pine Hill Haints Rise Again

Winning Ways

Where the Wild Ones Are

Award Tour

Beats, Rhymes, and Phife Dawg

Up & Coming

Highlights in music the week of August 11-17

Movies & TV

Digging Up The Future

Miranda July's Latest Is About More than Talking Cats

Geek Out

Girl Problems

More Is Less

Time Bombs and Tacky Riffing in 30 Minutes or Less

Bad Lieutenant

The Guard's Irish Spin on the Cop Comedy

Dictator Porn

The Devil's Double Is Basically Entourage in Iraq

Half the Horror

Can a Half-Fan Like Glee: The 3D Concert Movie?

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Spoiler Alert!

Final Destination 5: Kids Die, Nobody Cares

Food and Drink

Dem Bones

There's Nothing Dry About Skin and Bones


Behind the Glass

Peep Shows Revealed in The Last of the Live Nude Girls

The Whole Cheesesteak of Tomorrow

Sci-Fi Reality in The Astounding, the Amazing, and the Unknown


What's Your Story??

On-the-Street Interviews with Portlanders Just Like (Or Nothing Like) You

I, Anonymous


The Exhaustive North Williams Gentrification Map

Rick Perry, Porn Magnate?

NPR's Top 100 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novels

Portland Fashion's Night Out 2011

Should a Midwife Be Able to Wear a Slave Collar at Work?

Catherine: The Mercury Review Now Exists

Review: Old World Blues Is Portal Meets The Venture Bros. At The End Of The World

SL Letter of the Day: Life Flub Time Machine

A Video Argument in Favor of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Reunion

Multi-use Trash Cans Hit NE Alberta

Ignoring Ron Paul

Mötley Crüe: Unforgivable

The Alberta Street Fair

Re: Spike Jonze, "Otis," and Fatlip

Today's Voodoo Doughnut Traffic Report

For Reasons that are Completely Inexplicable, Glee Concert Movie TANKS

Voodoo Doughnut Traffic Report

It's Happening Tonight!

It's Happening Tonight!

What IS the Perfect Monkey-to-Human Ratio?!

Win Tickets to See Police Story! On a Roof!

Anti-Gay Indiana State Rep...


Welcome to the Discomfort Zone, Wm. Steven Humphrey!

Planned Parenthood Workers Vote for Union

Name This Band: Bad Photoshop Edition

Plate & Pitchfork, A Recap

Today in "There is No God"

SL Letter of the Day: Another Satisfied Customer

Kate Beaton Interview

The Definitive Outsiders Poll

How Offensive Is This Lingerie Line for Girls Aged 4-12?

Weekend Readings Round Up

Why Rick Perry Is a More Formidable Opponent Than Michele Bachmann

Modified Style Meets Luce

The Conan Trailer That Should Have Been

Hamburgers for Sisters

David Yates and Steve Kloves Take On Stephen King's The Stand

Santorum Spews: Gay Marriage Tanked the Economy

The Full Moon Ruins Everything

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Blu-ray Review (Sort of): Stargate Atlantis

Today in Reporter Anger Management Fails

Portland's Playoff Hopes Dim As Crucial Week Starts Off On Wrong Foot

Does That Mean She Is a Witch?

Council Votes to Bring Bike Sharing to Downtown PDX

This Is for All Those Sons of Bitches Who Made Some Changes

What's Your Story?: James K.

Portland Mother Gets Probation for DIY Circumcision

Rum Club

CBS: Portland Gangs Love (Pin)Balls

Good Morning News!

At Last, We Can All Listen to Doctor Who's Voicemail

THE BLOGTOWN ETHICIST: Sunglasses on the Back of His Head

Woman Involved in Vancouver Civil Rights Case May Be Fake

DA Drops Assault Charges Against Darcelle

Roller Derby Weekend: August Take-Down

Neil Gaiman at the Edinburgh Book Festival

THE BLOGTOWN ETHICIST: Money Trumps "Thank You"?

It's Happening Tonight!

Alan Richman And The Decline Of Good Service

OH in The Condé Nast Elevator

The Michele Bachmann Newsweek Cover Shoot: Behind the Scenes!

Discomfort Zone: I Tried to Help Graham Move

Now You Can Own Tim McGraw

Project Runway Wrap Up!

Richard Swift - "Lady Luck"

Buy Goodyear Tires: Your Wife's Shitty Driving Depends On It!

One of the More Annoying Emails I've Ever Received

THE BLOGTOWN ETHICIST II: Someone Left their Facebook Open

Oni Spotlight at Powell's

SL Letter of the Day: A Member of the Wedding

Good Morning News!

Obama's Poll Numbers Fall To New Low

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Regal Broadway Metroplex to Close in September

Tonight at Nationale: Elina Tuhkanen's Pilose Crux

You Must Choose One

Aloe Blacc - "Green Lights" (Video)

Labored Metaphor of the Day!

Good Morning, News!

Sara Bergman for NxNW


Today's I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!


"Run, (Robot) Forrest! RUN!!"

Colbert Super PAC Releases First Ad

Good Morning News!

Adam Carolla: "When did we start giving a shit about these people?"

What's Your Story?: Duane P.

Street Books Documentary

Michele Bachmann Confuses Life with Death

Up With Corporations!

Roller Derby Weekend

The PDX Collective Sale Returns

New Compost Plan Raises No Stink at Council

The 6th Annual Portland Pirate Festival

It's Happening Tonight!

THE BLOGTOWN ETHICIST: I Want to Steal a Canoe

City Pushes to Fund $4.5 Million Bike Sharing Program Downtown

Happy Birthday, Jimmy Webb!

It's Happening Tonight!

Rick Santorum Backs Gay Rights

Win Tickets to Five Element Ninjas!

Monster Watch: "Pay" TV Will Murder You in Your Sleep

Introducing... My Newest Sex Toy

Today's Trampoline/Spinal Injury of the Day

Fucking Go, Already

Republican Debate Roundup

"We use nothing but 100% real Michele Bachmann eyes."

Divine Rags: The Shop for "Fascinating" Women (And the Men Who Love Them... and the Dogs They Kiss)

Good Morning News!

New Portlandia Trailer and Lap Giraffes

Fatal Bike/SUV Hit and Run Victim Identified

Life Imitates (Ridiculous) Art!

Good Morning, News!

Frank Cassano's "Blogtown in Review"

The Suicide Notes - "Last Chance"

Sold Out

Tanner Goods

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

I, Anonymous Blog

Savage Love

No's and Pantyhose

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Don't Mess with Texas!