Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 8 - 14, 2011

Vol. 12, No. 16
Taka Sudo


Sizing up the Streetcar

Is the 10-Year-Old Development Tool on the Right Track?

Welcome to Mars

Conservative Church Mars Hill Moves to Heart of SE Portland

Hall Monitor

Sick with Shootings


The Dark Phoenix Saga

You Must Cram to Understand Jean Grae

The Mercury's Officially Unofficial Guide to MusicfestNW

Rudy Can't Fail

The Slackers' Steady Perseverance

Up & Coming

Highlights in music the week of September 8-14

Movies & TV

London Falling

Attack the Block Is the Movie You've Been Waiting for All Summer

Gloves Off

Warrior Packs a Big Punch

Hope You Like Purell

Contagion: Enjoy Your New Life as a Shut-In!

Ooh La Blah

Unnecessary Alter Egos in Gainsbourg

I'm Staying Home

One Right Big Beautiful Bastard

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink


The Best Thing Isn't the Sliced Bread

Visual Art

Revolution, McClure-Style Now

The Evolution of a Riot Grrrl in Nikki McClure: Cutting Her Own Path


A Room of One's Own

Scott Nadelson's Aftermath

Theater & Performance

Q&A: John Oliver

The Comedian Talks Stand-Up, Politics, and Our Inevitable Chinese Overlords

99 Percent Perspiration

Break Out in Cold, Sweat-y Laughter



The Ultimate Musicfest NW Schedule

A Cheapskate's Guide to MusicfestNW


Match the Venue to the Sponsor!

Heavy Mettle

The Much-Deserved Victory Lap for Archers of Loaf

A Life in Pain

The Searing Soul of Charles Bradley

The Giving Tree

The Roots and Branches of Givers

Back in Black

The Finality of Shabazz Palaces

Recovery Room

The Antlers Cheer Up

Drift Like Wood

Blind Pilot Overcomes with We Are the Tide

The Mercury's Officially Unofficial Guide to MusicfestNW

I, Anonymous


Comics News: The New 52! Top Shelf Sale! Northlanders!

Neighbors Plan Protest of New Vegan Strip Club

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day

Is Marcus Pretending She's Keanu Reeves?

Discomfort Zone: A Hipster Goes to the State Fair

Good Morning, News!

Yes, Jefferson Smith is Running for Mayor

The Gospel According to Larry

The Blogtown Ethicist: The "Bad"minton Game

Good Morning, News!

The Objective Was the Shoes: Al Cabino's Operation McFly Appears More Successful Than Hoped

Sparkplug Comics Publisher Dylan Williams Passes Away

Fruit Bats Play Loretta Lynn

NW Gas Consumption Unchanged Since 1999

30th & Killingsworth Block Party

Smalldoggies Marks A Year Of Readings

Fashion's Night Out!

Today In TBA: Taylor Mac, Rude Mechs, Bouncy Castles

Fathers Who Help Raise Their Kids See Steep Drops In Testosterone Levels

Jesus Christ I Leave the Offices for One Goddamn Hour and Fucking OF COURSE Sam Elliott Comes by for the One Hour In My Whole Goddamn Life I Am Not at This Stupid Desk

SL Letter of the Day: Delete As You Blow

Faith Healing Strikes Again

It's on TV Tonight: Sarah Michelle in Ringer

Streetcar's Free Fare Zone May Be Derailed

Stop Wasting Dollars and Check Out Our FREE Guide to Musicfest!

"Are you saying that society should just let him die?"

Swift Viewing Takes its First Victim

Wanted: Kick-Ass Design & Production Interns

Teabagger Debate Roundup

Timbers' Next Two Opponents Show Portland That Points Are Out There

THIS! Fest This Weekend

Timbers (Remember Them?) Still Pointed Toward Playoffs

Totally Unfunny Crisis Pregnancy Center Comic

Wayne's World Bike-In Movie

SL Letter of the Day: A Lovely Problem To Have

Games You Live With

Police Bureau Fires Road Raging Scott Westerman

Artefacting Mumbai: Are rich people telling us about poor people again?

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Trailer. Ummm... SQUEEEEE!!!

Today's Voodoo Doughnut Traffic Report

BREAKING: Stargate Lego Thing Sweeps Oregon State Fair's Lego Contest!

Re: Westeros & The Fine Young Cannibals

A Mid-Festival Chat with Guest Artistic Director Cathy Edwards

Higher Ground

The Four Unwritten Rules Muslims Live by After 9/11

Stewart Is Joking, Right? They Didn't Do That, Did They?

"Friends With Benefits" Don't Lead to Sex Trafficking

Opening Weekend at TBA: A Talking Tiger, Ten Tiny Dances, Drunk Guy vs. Art

That's a Pretty Cheap Price for an Inflatable Ben Wallace

"That's So Mormon"

Tonight in TBA: Fake Preaching, New Musics, and More

The Republican Debate... in 45 Seconds

Want to Win a TBA Pass?

It's Happening Tonight!

Watch This Thing: GameTrailers' Pop Fiction

This Week's Mercury Film Section

Photos from Strippers vs. Anti-Strip Club Protest

I Got A Press Release From The Portland Retro Gaming Expo!

Republicans Cheer Death at Presidential Debate

Hooters Vampire Attack Too Depressing to Think About

Good Morning News!

Here's Your Ass-Clenching Comedy of the Day

Frank Cassano's "Blogtown in Review"

Microsoft Unveils Windows 8: What Do You Think?

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Hollywood Theatre Scores Equipment from the Broadway Metroplex

Laura Gibson - "La Grande"

Funny/Sad Borders Photo of the Week

Eileen Brady Jumps into Mayor's Race

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Greg, the Tiny, Fashion-Loving Nazi Sympathizer

Oregonians Less Hungry: SNAP to Thank?

It's Happening Tonight!

Today in TBA: Spandex, Drag, and Cable Access

The Greatest Thing Sarah Palin Has Ever Done

Thanks for the Spock Poems!

Playing Catch Up: Food News

The Final Voodoo Doughnut Traffic Report of 2011

Win Tickets to Low and Bachelorette!

It's Happening Tonight!

SL Letter of the Day: Bait and Switch

Blu-ray Review: Blood Simple

Crock - "Eat Your Hat Out" (Video)

Why Sometimes It's Okay to Drive Recklessly

Jon Stewart on Mitt Romney's Job Creation Plan

Amazon to Launch Subscription E-Book Model?

Will Somebody Please Make The Goon Movie Already?

It's Happening Tonight!

Good Morning News!

Fred Armisen's Newest Project: Gabbalandia!

NYC Gets Bike Sharing, Too

KGW Vs. Fuck You Cocksucker: WHO YA GOT?!

Blu-ray Review: Scarface

SL Letter of the Day: Jump! Jump! Jump!

Today in PSAs: Don't Steal a Transformer

SL Letter of the Day: Can He Dump the Bitch(es), Make the Switch?

Guess Who Has Two Thumbs and Just Met Sam Elliott?

Good Morning News!

PDX Clown Update

Good Morning News!

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day

Tom Bissell on Dead Island, Gamification, and What the D20 Hath Wrought

Today in TBA: Sarah Dougher, a Fake Preacher, and New Musics (For Real This Time)

TBA:11 Starts Tonight!

Club 21's Grand Reopening

Watch the New Nurses Video! Listen to the New Nurses Album!

Contagion: Oh God Oh God Oh God

Project Runway Wrap Up!

Officially, Oregon Republicans Are No Longer Anti-Gay-Parents

Food Critic Shake Ups, Locally & Nationally

Let's Just Start Calling Train Wrecks "Republican Debates" From Now On

The Current Republican Party Is a Threat to Our Democracy

Sold Out

Fashion's Night Out

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!


Savage Love


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