Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 29 - Oct. 5, 2011

Vol. 12, No. 19
Elle Moss


Cops Watching Cops

The Secret Reason Portland’s Rank-and-file Police Union Doesn't Like Our New 911 System: Discipline

Concrete Crackdown

Who's Being Cited under City's Sidewalk Ordinance?

CRC Steamroll

As Big Bridge Moves Forward, Critics Gear Up for Lawsuit

In the Shadows

Bicycle Manifest Destiny

Charging Ahead

Oregon Spends Big Bucks on a Tiny Club: Electric-Car Drivers

Hall Monitor

When It Just Feels Right

In Other News


Work and Progress

Talkdemonic's Road to Ruins

The Golden Record

Jesse Sykes' Sounds of Existence

Down in the Fire

A.A. Bondy's Lonesome Lullabies

Nice Genes

Liam Finn Embraces His Roots

Up & Coming

Highlights in music September 29-October 5

Movies & TV

White People Problems

This Is the Sort of Movie Machine Gun Preacher Is

Cancer 'n' Dick Jokes

50/50: Great! Cancer: Terrible.

Trickle Down

What's Your Number?: The Poor Man's Bridesmaids

Cabin in the Woods

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil Is a Bloody Great Send-up

RE: Dolly Parton, Vampires

Portland's Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Turns 15

Geek Out

Massive Attack

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Little Pig, Let Me In

Three Pigs' Deceptively Simple Sandwiches

Food News

Visual Art

Meme Machine

ROFLcon Convenes on the Lulz of the Internet's Past, Present, and Future

Theater & Performance

Child's Play

The Comic Destruction of God of Carnage

Oklahoma! Okay.

This Time, Everyone in Oklahoma! Is Black!

I, Anonymous


Max Brumm Mad About Being Left Out of Mayoral Fundraiser

Jonathan Coulton on the Sound of Young America

What Is This Robot Doing In The Closet!?

Radish Underground Is Turning Three

The Miracle Drug

The Blogtown Ethicist: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Good Morning News!

It's on TV Tonight: American Horror Story

Northeast Neighbors Protest CRC Land Use Today

Do You Want to Read This Note?

"That's so Mormon."

Training Portland Cops to "Walk Away": The Real Headline After Last Night's Downtown Standoff

Here's the Rest of that Note You Wanted to Read

Downtown Malt Liquor Ban Might Spread to Pearl, NW 23rd

Let's Play "Guess the Cat's Trauma!"

SL Letter of the Day: I Saw U

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks on the Roof

"You Can Tip Right There..."

This Week's Mercury Music Section

It's Happening Tonight!

The Latest Secret Weapon in America's "Battle of the Bulge"? Why, it's John Canzano!

I Won the Mercury Bike Challenge: An Acceptance Speech


Adidas Loves Portland Music

Good Morning, News!

Bon Voyage, Ezra!

Mayoral Race Max-es Out

Hillary Clinton's New Plastic Surgery Vows Revenge on the Obamas!

Cloudy October - "Play"

Good Morning, News!

Gay Mormon Bullied to Death—At Age 40

Kanye West Makes His High Fashion Debut in Paris

Tonight in Music

BREAKING: Randy Leonard Lets Secret Budget Woes Slip During Council Meeting

SL Letter of the Day: Bad Tattitude

My New Favorite Restaurant in Portland

Project Runway Wrap Up!

Mayor Adams Addresses "Appropriately Grim" Call for Budget Cuts

FilmDrunk's Movie-Themed Food Trucks: Action Movie Edition

Portland Farmers Market, Winter Edition

Oregon Arts Watch Announces "Behind the Curtain"

More Like The Fail-y

Fall Shoe Roundup

The 10 Craziest Bike Racks in Portland

What Do You Call a Man Who Experiences "Homosexual Arousal"?

iPhone 4S: It's the Software, Stupid

Hulu and Netflix Fighting Over Arrested Development

Portlandia's Special Portland-centric Guest Stars!

Good Morning News!

KRS-One to Rock the Ron Paul Revolution Tour

Three Timbers Land Runway Gigs

Stephanie D Couture at Lolo

It's a 4S!

Three Matches For Portland To Keep An Eye On Today

Have You Guys Seen the New Almodóvar Trailer?

Somebody's Got A Birthday Coming Up...

HUMP! Submission Deadline This Friday!

Some Things to Read While You Hold Your Breath for That Supposed Arrested Development Movie

PDX Police + One-Wheeled Electric Vehicle of the Future

Say Goodbye to the Start of the 2011-12 NBA Season

Your Daily Inspiration for Monday, October 3

TV "Hits": Then and Now!

So That Time You Spent Tripping at Renn Fayre WASN'T a Total Waste!

The Other Max Running For Mayor Says He'll Make it Official Today

Good Morning News!

Today In "Swiss People Do Things"

For the Love of God, Will Someone Please Adopt Mustache Cat?

Whoop-Whoop! It's the Juggalo Doughnut!

This Week's Back-to-School Issue

Tonight in Music

Occupy Wall Street Comes to Portland

Happy Hour After Work. Be There!

Damn You, Asian Reporter!

Ken Burns' Prohibition, Or Why You Should Be Watching TV at 2 AM

Good Morning, News!

Marcus Camby's Marijuana Possession Charges Dropped

The Simpsons Couch Gag—Ren and Stimpy Style!

Their House, In The Middle Of BC: Timbers Sweep Over Whitecaps, Buoy Postseason Hopes

Portugal. The Man - "So American" (Live on Conan)

Portugal. The Man - "So American" Video

Bachmann's in the Basement with Santorum

SL Letter of the Day: Time to Choose

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Oregon Knows Its Garbage

Whatever Happened to Nick Fish's Housing Levy?


A Fellow Blogger!

Toilet Crosspuzzling: CONDEMN OR ALLOW?

Occupy Portland: Cops Warn About Arrests, Promote Their Twitter Feed

It's Happening Tonight!

It's Happening Tonight

Upcoming: Devonation and the Portland Garment Factory

It's Happening Tonight!

Another Installment of Intern Thoughts: A Business Proposition

Hank Williams Jr. Compares Obama to Hitler

Here's Your Halloween Costume: Thor Girl

Remembering Bert Jansch: An Interview

The Blogtown Ethicist: The Office Coffeemaker

Occupy Portland: "50/50" Chance That Group Will Seek Police Permit, Organizer Says

Nietzsche Was a #1 Troll (and Other Lessons from Portland's ROFLCon Summit)

Should Portland's Queer Community Greet Anti-Gay Megachurch With an Olive Branch?

Apple Releases New Greeting Card App, iPhone

Today in Depressing: Meet the Pizza Vending Machine

City Pays $20,000 to Cyclist Injured by Sewer Cover

Theater Fight!: The Black Cowboys of Oklahoma

Right Wing Continues to Try to Tie Barack Obama to Black Panthers

What He Said

Downtown Portland's Malt Liquor Ban Taking Longer than Expected

Tonight in Music

It's Happening Tonight

Bachmann "Outtakes"

Council Okays New 4.3 Mile '50s Bikeway

People Want Populist Democrats

Campus Gun Ban Lifted

Slutwalk: NYC Edition

Good Morning, News!

Jet Turns Two!

Photo Timeline of Portland's Historic Buildings

The Decemberists' New EP

What Do You Think About the Trailer for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close?

Herman Cain, Choicer

Review: FIFA 12

Sold Out

Content '11

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love


I Love Television

I Love Television™

Bring Out the Gimp