Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 6 - 12, 2011

Vol. 12, No. 20
Jon Sperry


When Justice Isn't Fair

Teenager Kyeron Fair's Saga with Portland's Justice System Comes to a Confusing Close

How Not to Get Arrested

Showing up for Occupy Portland? Don't Talk to the Police.

Squeaky Wheel

Council Okays $1.5 Million Eastside Bike Route

In Other News

On the Rocks?

Downtown Booze Ban Won't Be Ready This Fall

Fighting for a Fair Fare

Can TriMet Afford Longer Transfers?

Hall Monitor

The Cops Learn to "Walk Away"


Sailing the Chainsaw Sea

Richmond Fontaine's Logging Opera

Heavy Forever

Danava Is Rock and Roll

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Chad VanGaalen Has It All

Up & Coming

Highlights in music the week of October 6-12

Movies & TV

Worthy Candidates

On the Campaign Trail in The Ides of March

You Knocked My Block Off!

Real Steel Neither Rocks Nor Socks

Restless Spirits

Grampa Van Sant's Sad Teenage Dream

Music Docs Galore

Reel Music Reels 'Em In

Geek Out

Required Reading

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

But Most Have Some Redeeming Quality


Irish Infidelity

The Broken Homes of Anne Enright's The Forgotten Waltz

Summer Split

Nicole Georges and Clutch McBastard's Annual Split Zine


A Detective's 20-Year Pursuit of the Green River Killer

Theater & Performance

Filling Your Dance Card

The Fall Dance Season Is off to a Vibrant Start

Black Magic

Anthony Jeselnik's Twisted Chemistry



Everything You Need to Know About This Year's Wordstock Authors (Including Where They Live)

I, Anonymous


The Mercury is Hiring, Y'all!

Tonight In Readings

Tonight: First Thursday

The Actual Wealth of the 99 Percent (As Compared to the 1 Percent)

Taking The Next Step (Backwards)

Occupy Portland: What to Say to Reporters

Tonight in Music

It's Happening Tonight!

Alan Grayson on Occupy Wall Street

A Special "Occupy Portland" Voodoo Doughnut Traffic Report!

Occupy Portland: Notes on (a Messy) Democracy

At Old Town Homeless Camp, a Tense Meeting With City Inspectors

Confidential to White House Speech Writers

National Book Award Finalist Announcement Streaming NOW

Jesus + Halloween = JESUSWEEN!!!

Elizabeth Dye 2012 Collection

The Most Absurd and Terrible Killing Spree

What He Said Times a Million

Occupy Portland: a Comparison

Mini-Documentary on Portland's Graffiti Crackdown

What You Should Do Tonight: Go See Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

I Think This Is An Ad For Yogurt

Brunch With Bryce Black

Good Morning, News!

Jem and the Holograms: The Truly Outrageous Interview

It's Happening Tonight!

Breaking Bad Season Finale This Sunday!

Win Tickets to St. Vincent!

Read This Before You Protest: An Open Letter to Occupy Portland from a Public Defender

Good Morning, News!

Tonight in Music

Wordstock: "The Death of Print and Digital Humanity"

Defining Green Jobs

Occupy Portland: What the Mayoral Candidates Are Saying

Elect a New Office Pug: Not a Pug

Win Tickets to The Lord of the Rings in Concert!

Your Xbox Is Your New Cable Box

Death Cab for Cutie Postpones Portland Show

The Daily Show on Palin's Decision Not to Run

Wordstock Day #1: "My Censor, My Self"

SL Letter of the Day: Pathological

Tonight in Music

It's Happening Tonight!

Best Photos from Occupy Portland

Key Parts of Waterfront Park Already Occupied

It's Happening Tonight!

Craig Thompson Weekend Report

Occupy Portland: Is There Such a Thing as "Too Much" Cooperation?

In Which the Avengers Celebrate Their Freedom of Assembly

Portland Fashion Week, Day 1: Catapult

Occupy Portland Day Seven Update: Cars are for Oppressors

Visiting Literati Look Forward To Tonight's Booty Call

SL Letter of the Day: RAM Update

Hulk Hogan Has A Kinect Game BROTHER!

Occupy Portland: What They're Wearing

Zizzo's Next Goal: A Tasty Food Cart

Think About This

SL Letter of the Day: Gold Starless

Elect a New Office Pug: "Piano Pug"

First Friday at Thee 811

New York Times Supports the Protesters

Kyeron Fair's Case Comes to a Close

The Man Who Predicted Last Night's Breaking Bad Finale

This Week's Mercury Music Section

SL Letter the Day: Living a Lie

Win Tickets to Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks!

Your Children Are a Disappointment

Occupy Portland Day Six Update

Thankgodgate: I'm Torn!

Barnes & Noble Tells DC Comics to Suck It

Wordstock: Banned

Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

More Details on Laura Gibson's New Record

Mike Daisey on the Death of Steve Jobs

Adam Arnold F/W '11

Here's Your Halloween Costume: Men's Gay Wig

Mercury's Arthole Weekly Winner!


Another Camp Sprouts Downtown, But It's For the Homeless

Let's Take A Look At The New HD Resident Evil Remakes

Mapping the Occupation

Bachmann Promises to Haaaaaaaaaaaaate Gays SO MUCH and Looooooooooooooove Fetuses SO MUCH If You'll Just Vote For Her!

Good Morning, News!

Good Morning News!

Occupy Portland 24-Hour Live Blog

Occupy Portland Suggestion Box: Put Those Street Sitters to Work

O They Will Know We Are Christians...

Dill Pickle Walking Tours Get City All Over Your Brain

Tonight's Republican Debate: Who Will the Tea Baggers "Boo" Next?

No "Sonic Bike Path" for Light Rail Bridge

Portland Fashion Week, Day 3: Ms. Wood, Seth Aaron, and Amai Unmei's Big Red Dress

The 68 Percent

Did You Watch American Horror Story? HOLY CRAP!

Mark Driscoll on Masturbation

I, Anonymous Plea: "Please Don’t Fuck Up the Marathon!"

Breaking Bad Season Finale Chat-a-thon!

B Movie Bingo Tonight!

Occupy Portland: Yeah... But What are the OregonLive Commenters Saying??

Good Morning News!

The NBA Cancels the First Two Weeks of the Season

Wordstock Cheat Sheet

Battle for Main Street: Occupiers Split on Blocking Road

Here's a Thing to Do Tonight

At This Point Netflix Might Just Be Messing with Us

Watch This Thing: Adventure Time, Pokémon, Farts

Occupy Portland: Behind the Scenes in Mayor Sam Adams' Office

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Good Morning News!

Newt Gingrich Is an Asshole. And a Fascist.

Trailer for The Annoying Lady-Child Comes Back to Town, AKA Young Adult

Wordstock Day #2: "Mean Girls"

Now THAT's How You Get Me Interested in Your New Album, Black Keys

Advice on How to Dump Your Bank

It's Happening Tonight!

The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection: The Mercury Review Now Exists

Frank Kameny, R.I.P.

New Beyoncé Video: "Countdown"

Wordstock Asks: What's With America's Sexual/Literary Hang-Up?

Art for All Offers $5 Performances for Oregon Trail Card Holders

Captain Picard Day to Be the Best Day of All

How Clever: Someone Wrote "PIG" on a Cop Car This Morning

Where To Pick Up Girls (in 1974)

Steve Jobs is Dead

Reflections on Watching Amateur Pornography for Eight Straight Hours

SL Letter of the Day: DTF? No, DTMFA.

Sexual Assault Reported at Occupy Portland Camp

This Is How You Kill a Movement

Dr. Darm Dismisses Case

Comedy this Weekend: Anthony Jeselnik, Instant Comedy

Occupy Portland Day 5 Update

Comedy Is OK Two-Year Anniversary

Today in Unsurprising Tim Allen Reviews

Good Morning News!

Bad Blood Reading At ADX In, Like, Two Hours

Video from Boston's Occupy Arrests

EMA on Vienna's FM4: "Butterfly Knife"

The Majority of America Supports Obama's Jobs Bill

Occupy Portland: Will the Camp Stay at Chapman Square?

HUMP 2011 Tickets Go On Sale... NOW!!!

Sold Out

Portland Fashion Week

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

Shared Differences

I Love Television

I Love Television™

People You Hate