Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 27 - Nov. 2, 2011

Vol. 12, No. 23
David L. Reamer


In Other News

Fighting Dirty

Several Lawsuits Take Aim at Old Town Dance Club Bouncers

Assassination by Media?

Occupy Portland: News Alerts Undermine Our Message

Changing Its Stripes

In the First Congressional District, Choose Avakian to Replace Wu

Current Events

How Will Oregon's New River Rules Affect Portland?

Hall Monitor

The Battle for Labor's Love


Surrealistic Pillow

Mr. Gnome Sings Electric

The Boys Who Cried Wolf

Peter Wolf Crier Test the Waters

Up & Coming

Highlights in Music the Week of October 27-November 2

Movies & TV

Fire Water

The Rum Diary of a Young Hunter S. Thompson

Timecops and Robbers

In Time: Justin Timberlake's Occupying Wall Street!

What's in a Name?

The Director of Independence Day Takes on Shakespeare

I'm Going Out

Siren Nation's Lady-Made Films

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Order Up!

The Best of Portland's Breakfast Wraps

Visual Art

Seeing the Middle

Two Art Exhibits Focus on the Middle East


Quantum Leap

Murakami Goes Back to 1984. No, Wait. 1Q84.

Dog Days

The Curious Legacy of Rin Tin Tin

True Confessions

The Letters of Ernest Hemingway

Theater & Performance

Revolutionary Song and Dance

The Miracle's Day of the Dead Show

Of Fresh Balls and Fortunetelling Boobs

CoHo's Cryptically Confrontational Animals and Plants


SSSSo Much Fun! Pet Store Now Has Exotic Pets!

Here's Your Troutdale Trout!

It's the Mercury's Annual Halloween Dress-Up Issue

Chick-fil-A Celebrates Eighth Anniversary

Local Whore Run out of Town

The Canny Coin Collector

Sports Beat

Sloppy Hookers Just Can't Score

Trout on the Town

Events for the Week of October 27-November 2

Craig's List

Some Things I Have and Some Things You Might Have

Drama Review

Into the Woods Gives Troutdale a Happy Ending


Doobie Brothers' Concert a Big Disappointment

New Fireman in Town

Community Opinions

Slow Down, Drivers!

Beware the "Grandchild Scam"!

Police Blotter

Reports from Troutdale's Men in Blue

Local Obese Girls Compete for Title of Li'l Miss Pumpkin Queen

Question of the Week

Help Wanted

I Love Television

I Love Television™


Destination Fun

Destination Halloween

I, Anonymous


I Went to the Premiere of Grimm and It Was Not Terrible!

Sunday Best

Coming Up at Occupy Portland!

Occupy Portland Upbeat About Arrests

Sierra Club Hops on the Occupy Train

Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment of the Week!

It's Happening Tonight!

Twin Peaks News: Halloween Edition

Digging Into the Alien Vault

The Cost for Three Weeks of Policing Occupy Portland: About $100,000

Occupy Portland Marches Against Bank of America

NaNoWriMo Starts Today...

Recommended: Zombie in a Penguin Suit

NW Filmmakers Are Coming to A Lonesome's Pizza Near You

An Evening With Michelle Tea

Re: Halloween Costumes Open Thread

Portland in Costume

Chuck Jones Art Exhibit

Occupy Wall Street's Mailrooms

Good Morning News!

Portland Police Craigslist Squad on "Nightline"

Mercury's Arthole Weekly Winner!

Calling All Primitive Screwheads: Army of Darkness at the Kiggins

Milburn's Haunted Manor

It's Happening Tonight!

County Bans Sale of Kids' Products Containing BPA

Debut Dinner: The Bad Habit Room

Tom Potter Endorses Eileen Brady for Mayor

Bissell On Batman (And The Joys Of Arkham City)

Charlie Day's SNL Promos (and a dead mouse)

Banned Nickelodeon Movie Returns for Halloween!

Today in Technology: Apple TVs and Cheap, Cheap Tablets

Roger Waters Brings The Wall to Portland

Pabst Blue Ribbon Presents: Disco Patrick Swayze!

Review: Cave Story 3D

Upcoming: R.A.W.

Good Morning News!

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

Here's Your Halloween Costume: "Harlem Globetrotter"

The Scariest Thing in the World (in 1978)

Tonight in Music

This Week's Mercury Music Section

BREAKING: Matt Davis Endorses Chief Reese for Mayor

Justin Bieber: Freedom Fighter?

Friday: Ground Kontrol's "Halloween Extravaganza"

Though "Technically" Possible, Mayor's Office "Didn't Consider" Saying No to Helping Feds Make Occupy Portland Arrests

Good Morning, News!

Occupy Portland: We "Did Not Decide to Go to Jamison to Force a Confrontation"; Also, Michael Moore Confirms Camp Visit Today

The Good Mod

Junk Mail to the Rescue!

Randy Leonard Says He'd Endorse Chief Reese for Mayor (if Reese Runs, That Is)

Autumn Sale at IDOM

Yum! An Occupy Portland Update Smorgasbord

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Blackbird Boo

Is the Pearl Worth Fighting For? A Dozen Occupiers, So Far, Say Yes

Lesbian Couple Crowned Homecoming King & Queen at High School in California

You Do Not Speak to Herman Cain Unless Herman Cain Speaks to You First

THE BIEBER BEAT: Bieber in Baby-Daddy Toilet Tryst?

Why Does Portland Have a Parks Curfew? Why, to Keep Out "Hippies," Silly!

That's Your Halloween Costume: The Final Countdown!

Flying Orb Robot Will Kill Us All

Good Morning News!

Michele Bachmann Has "Run Out of...Ideas"

Party Time

Chief Reese Still Just Considering Mayoral Run

BREAKING: Randy Leonard Warns City Support "Unreasonably Tested" by Plan to Occupy Jamison Square

Halloween Costumes Open Thread

House Will Finally Vote to Create Jobs Tonight

Shippams Fish Paste

Video: Pink Martini and Occupy Portland "This Land is Our Land" Rally

Recap and Video: Michael Moore at Occupy Portland

Comedy this Weekend: Funny Over Everything, Hannibal Burress

Blogtown Meetup!

It's Happening Tonight!

It's Happening Tonight!

Hey Heathens, God Released a Book Today!

Where's Oregon's Goddamn Chik-fil-A?

Activists Not the Only Ones Readying for Bank Transfer Day

BREAKING at Occupy Portland: One Federal Arrest at Schrunk Plaza Tents

Fox News Accuses Rick Perry of Sounding Like Occupy Wall Street Protesters, Rick Perry Responds with Six Seconds of Silence

Behold a Corgi Dressed Up As a Spaceship That Is Shaped Like a Horse

Tonight in Music

SL Letter of the Day: Cock the Vote

Down Twinklin' Zombie

Class Warfare vs. Class Surrender


Here's Your Halloween Costume: The Big Kahuna

UPDATED: Taking a Breath Over Occupy Portland's Finance Brouhaha

Good Morning, News!

Did George Lucas Betray His Responsibility to the Fans?

Good Morning, News!

FOX and DirecTV Reach Deal: There WILL be an "American Horror Story Chitty-Chat Club" this Week!

ATTN Footies: Halloween Footnight Tonight!

Sex at Dawn Reading and Q&A

Death Rock + J.Pop = Baby Metal (FUCK YEEEEEEAAAHHH!)

Herman Cain Details Sexual Harassment Gesture

Transportation Bureau Faces $16 Million Budget Hole

"I Dumped My Bank!" Q&As with Five Portlanders Who Recently Moved their Money

The Morning After: 27 Officially Arrested; Occupy Portland Calls for Solidarity

Crimesville: "Saw" (Not the Movie)

Here's Your Halloween Costume: Miss Charge It Credit Card

Prison vs. Princeton

"My Vampires Possess Gravitas."

Now Open: The Old Gold

Frank Cassano's "Blogtown in Review"

Chief Reese Calls Possible Mayoral Campaign "Daunting," Says He Was "Surprised" News of His Intentions Leaked Out

Occupier Explains Pearl Demonstration: It's the "Epicenter of Wealth and Disparity in Portland"

Rick Perry Addresses Can'tspeakwithoutsoundinglikeamorongate

Tonight in Music

Grand Theft Auto V: The Trailer

Win Tickets to HUMP!

Happy Halloween from Glass Candy

Walter White is the 99%

This Weekend on Blogtown: The Jamison Square Occupation

And... Feds Ask Police to Clear Occupy Portland Campers from Schrunk Plaza

It's Time for the American Horror Story Chitty-Chat Club!

Put Down The Black Licorice

Project Runway Wrap Up!

The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club!

Mayor Sam Adams, On Air with Victoria Taft, Defends Occupy Portland Camps

Art Detective

New Portland Business Alliance Poll Claims You Hate Sam Adams, Bicycles, Equal Rights

Timbuktunes Record Store to Close

Headline of the Day

Tonight in Music

Recaps for Poor People: Parks and Recreation

Win Tickets to Mastodon!

Troutdale Fights Back!

More About PBR's 1980s Night Tomorrow

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

Here's Your Halloween Costume: Keep Up the Faith Priest

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Devi Morris

It's Te Tougt Tat Counts

Universal HPV Vaccination, Please

"The 11th Dogtor" Is King of All Dogs and Time Lords

Bank of America Cancels $5 Debit Fee

Business Pressure and Rodent Rumors: The Latest Batch of Occupy Portland Emails from Mayor Sam Adams' Office

Video: Alela Diane & Wild Divine - "The Wind"

Here's Your Halloween Costume: Anita Waxin

One Day at a Time

Comin's 'n' Goin's!

What Troutdalians Have Been Doing This Month as Witnessed By and Told to Me, Edith Busée

New Column!

Savage Love

All's Fair in Flogging


Planting a Seed

Timbers Fall Short after a Seesaw Inaugural MLS Season