Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 3 - 9, 2011

Vol. 12, No. 24
Matt Kish


Occupy Pressure Cooker

Denying Occupy Portland Expansion Keeps Heat on Camps, Strains Cop Resources

Breaking the Bank

Series of Protests Spotlight Problems with Bank of America

Hall Monitor

Yes, "Homelessness Sucks"


Waving the Banner High

Wild Flag Is an Electric Band

Fusion Re-Ignition

Black Star's Re:Definition

Here's to Taking It Easy

Real Estate's Leisurely Stroll

Fast. Furious. Fun?

Mastodon Lightens Up with The Hunter

Up & Coming

Highlights in Music the Week of November 3-9

Movies & TV

Deconstructing the Body

Almodóvar Modernizes the Mad Scientist

Are You Not Mildly Entertained?

Harold & Kumar: Drugs, Tits, and Danny Trejo in a Christmas Sweater

Breaking Out

Martha Marcy May Marlene Launches an Excellent Olsen

Art History

Rutger Hauer Sees Things You Wouldn't Believe.

A Towering Pile of Tin

Tower Heist Falls Short of the Gold Standard

Behind Enemy Lines

The Real Fuel Behind the Electric Car? Pride.

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Geek Out

Out Indy-ing Indiana

Food and Drink

Upstairs Neighbors

2nd Story's Cozy Neighborhood Charm

Food News


Of Mice, Men, and Angels

Four Quick Reviews of New Comics

The Way of the Nerd

Chris Hardwick Tells Nerds How to Live

DIY Plumbing, Facials, and Terrariums

A Crafter's Almanac: The Bust DIY Guide to Life Has You Covered

Rebooting Hawthorne

When She Woke's Derivative Dystopia

Theater & Performance


Caryl Churchill's Cloud 9


The Pet Whisperer

Pet Problem? Bridget Pilloud Is a Psychic Who Talks to the Animals

I, Anonymous


Rose City Rollers 2012 Season

A Bit More Info About Ridley Scott's Prometheus

Why Gay Marriage Won't Be on Oregon's 2012 Ballot

Norm Macdonald at Helium

Video: Talkdemonic - "City Sleep"

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Second Accuser: Herman Cain "Reached for my Genitals"

It's Happening Tonight!

Rapids Make A Run At Spencer, Timbers Stand By Their Man

Comics News: Boilerplate Movie! Marvel Goes All the Way with Digital! Sexy Sex Comics!

Pixar Pub Quiz

Read Chief Reese's Full Occupy Portland Memo

Who Do Religious Republicans Want?

One Cain Accuser Settled for About $45,000

Good Morning News!

Required Viewing: The Occupy Movement Occupies a Fancy Breakfast Where Union-Busting Shitbag Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin Is Trying to Speak

Bil Keane Is Dead.

Sam Adams Livestreams Interview at Occupy Portland

Get Uncomfortably Intimate with Portland Literature at the Local Press Love Fest

Mercury's Arthole Weekly Winner!

Occupy Portland vs. "The Real Occupy Portland"?

It's Happening Tonight!

Good Morning News!

Food News: Barista & Kale Re-Open

Check Out Our Wizard's Guide to Northside

Hobbits in 3D

Astronomy News Is Not Important Today; RIP Heavy D

Tonight in Music

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on Occupy Wall Street (Which is There for Him to Poop on)

Tonight: Hari Kondabolu

It's Happening Tonight!

Review: The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Blogtown Heads Up: Occupy Portland Coverage This Weekend!

R. Kelly's Book Has the Greatest Title and Cover Ever

GWAR Guitarist Found Dead

SL Letter of the Day: Fear Ol' Dad

Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays

Another Way to Look at the Wealth Gap: Young People vs. Old People


Downtown Retail's Holiday Cheer

An Occupier Responds to Mayor Adams' Accusation of Non-Sustainability

Inside Boy's Fort

#OccupyCorvallis Can't Spell Worth Shit

BIEBER BEAT: More Taiwanese CG Hilarity!

What's Behind This Occupy Portland Crime Spike?

Occupy Portland's Anti-Chase Bank March

New HUMP! Screening Just Added!

Two Dick Moves from Amazon

Wendi McLendon-Covey Joins Next Back Fence Lineup

New Poll Shows Mayor's Race is Wide Open

Mayor Tells Occupy Portland: "The Way Things are Operating Now is not Sustainable."

Occupy Portland Tensions Flare: Schrunk Reoccupied; Occupiers Huddle Over Drugs, Safety

It's Happening Tonight!

Coming Up at Occupy Portland!

Cinque Portate Festa

Today in Bizarre TV: Check Out The Heart, She Holler

Encouraging Poll for Amanda Fritz; And Reports Vary on Chief Mike Reese for Mayor

The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club!

Roller Derby: Champs Sign Slogans and Other Ephemera

The World Could Not Be More Beautiful

Portland "Honored" As Nicest Team In The League

Is Conan "Pushing" Gay Marriage "Envelope"? 100% of Media Say "Yes!"

Michael Jackson's Doctor Found Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter

Frank Cassano's "Blogtown in Review"

Two Different Ways to Try to Sell Me a Videogame

All Is Right In Cascadia As Sounders Are Bounced From Playoffs

Tonight in Music

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

SL Letter of the Day: Hot Asian Topping

Moss Graffiti

A Gay In the Life

Video: Glass Candy - "Warm in the Winter"

The New Versace for H&M Commercial

Chief's New Occupy Portland Strategy: Riot Gear Ready at All Times

Occupy Portland: City Cites Its Own Parks Bureau for Code Violations

Sprung from Limbo: Report From Mayor, Police Chief Rebuffs Controversial Cop Reforms

Brazen Thieves Hit Six Downtown Bike Stores in One Week

Confidential to Mars Hill Church Members

"Occupy Schmockupy Pizza Schmizza!"

The Muppets and the Oscars

SL Letter of the Day: There But For The Grace Of God

Run Away, Mitt, Run Away!

Amazon Launches "Lending Library"

And Now Let Us Introduce You to "AntiOccupyPortland"

GWAR to Continue; Roseland Show Still On

Occupy Southeast! A New 24-Hour Park Protest and Other Occupy Portland News

Occupy Protester Charged With Pushing Cop into Bus Has History of Sexual Battery

Occupy Portland: Feds Say Allowing Schrunk Protest, For Now, "the American Way"

Good Mornings News!

Post-Election Round Up! What's Next for Oregon?

What Do We Want? Gay Rights! When Do We Want Them? Uhh... Maybe Later

Roller Derby Recap: Axles vs. Rainy City

LuLu's Vintage and The Shop Vintage Portland Maps

SL Letter of the Day: The Other Side

Why Does Dan Saltzman Want to Boot Occupy Portland? Holiday Shoppers

Tonight in Music

Confidential to Grimm Production People

SL Letter of the Day: Buttsex Free At Last

Pair Your Music with Booze

Nongs, Part 2

Makers in The Modern Era

This Week's Mercury Cover: Matt Kish Illustrates 552 Pages of Moby Dick

Occupy Protest Recap! "Obama! God damn! We Will Stop the Tar Sands!"

Pixie Project's Expansion

Tonight in Music

Driver in Mercedes Mows Down Occupy Oakland Protesters

All Movie Posters Are the Same

Good Morning, News!

Blogtown Meetup - Tomorrow!

Tonight: First Thursday

Spot the Fake Homeless Person!

Hollywood Theatre Gets New Seats (With Your Help)

Tense Occupy Portland March: Pepper-Spray Threats and a Cop Pushed In Front of Bus

Tonight in Music

Police Make Arrest for Occupy-Related Molotov Cocktail Incident

The Ramones on Oregon Cable TV in 1983

Anti-Abortion Bug on the Horizon

Red-Band Trailer for Remember 21 Jump Street?

iPads in the Polls

Recaps for Poor People: NBC Thursdays. (Some of it, anyhow.)

Cops Almost Announced Occupy Portland Molotov Cocktail Worries Last Week

The First Thursday Shopper

Review: Sonic Generations

Credit Union Craze!

Good Afternoon, Uncanny Valley!

Science Says: Biking Saves Billions.

To the Asshole Who Broke In to My Car Last Night...

Good Morning, News!

Randy Leonard on Occupy Portland: "We Need to Come to a Date" and "Peacefully" Close the Camps, Maybe Within "Days"

Good Morning, News!

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Chase CEO Thinks You Agree with Him. DO YOU??

Reading Events Tonight! Smalldoggies! First Rule Of Book Club!

The Nastiest Ad of the 2012 Campaign So Far

The Story Behind Occupy Portland's New Dumpster: No More Parks Maintenance

Win HUMP Tickets; HUMP This Close to a Complete Sell-Out!

Zebra Club

Lost Lander - "Cold Feet"

About the "Missing" Toilets at Occupy Portland

Roller Derby Weekend

Good Morning, News!


Of Pop-Ups New and Olde

Portlanders Slap "Citizens Arrests" on Banks for National Bank Transfer Day

Must-See Video: Teabaggy Rep. Joe Walsh Screams at Voters for Picking on Poor Banks

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

EMA Performs in a Crypt on the Take Away Show

It's Happening Tonight!

Sold Out

Draught Dry Goods

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

Wedding Crasher

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Whoo-whoo! Technology Train A-Comin'!