Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 24 - 30, 2008

Vol. 8, No. 35
Thanks to Michael Slama Inc. Michael Mitarnowski


Fare Minded

TriMet Decides to Leave Fareless Square Intact For Now

In Other News

In the Shadows

One-Man Safety Net

Back to School

Amy J. Ruiz

Not on My Block

Old Town Wants Homeless Center Elsewhere

Sho's Up

Dozono's Mayoral Campaign Takes Off

Race to the Finish

Public Financing Deadline Looms


County Boss Soul Searches on Mental Health Center


Know Your Role

The Wisdom and Music of Chris Walla

Once More With Feeling

Two Ton Sloth

Up & Coming

Local Music News

King Cool

The Conundrum of Cool Nutz

Just Say Yes

Yeasayer Devours Styles, Goes Pop

Hard-Luck Slim

The Authentic Langhorne Slim

Movies & TV

Rebel Yell

Revolution Comes of Age in Persepolis

Film Shorts

I'm Staying Home

Welcome to Planet Hollywood

The Bloodening

Rambo: Welcome to Idgit Valhalla!

This Week on Television

She's a Maneater

Teeth Successfully Snatches at Glory

You've Got MURDER!

The Internet and Portland Are Scary!

Step Off!

How She Move: Naughty Competitive Dancing!

Food and Drink

Happy Hours

More Than Meatballs

Broder Sets a Scandinavian Table

Visual Art

Jesse Hayward

One None Done


Ninjas! Robots! Feminism!

This Week, the Acclaimed Comic Book Y: The Last Man Comes to an End. Erik Henriksen Chats with Writer Brian K. Vaughan

Triple Dare Reading Series

Theater & Performance




The Winter Drunk-a-Lympics!

Our Guide to Drinking Games (Or How to Make Alcohol Abuse Fun)

Will & Grace
Made Me Do It

Playing Drinking Games with Your TV

It's All Fun and Games

Thinking Outside the Bar

Sports Medicine

Hangover Remedies That Sort of Work

Bar Games

Your Guide to Gamin' and Drinkin' off the Beaten Path

Savage Love & Sex


Better Screwed Than Stewed

One Day at a Time

Sold Out


I Love Television


The State of the Robotic Union