Print Edition for the week of
Dec. 15 - 21, 2011

Vol. 12, No. 30
James Ward



Mayor Sam Adams' Dream Transportation Projects Lead to Harsh Cuts

Casting Away the Shadows

Bad Financial Forecast Threatens City's Favorite Budget Cheat

Hard to Port!

Lessons from Occupy's Port of Portland Shutdown

Sexual Politics

Transgender Tweens

Hall Monitor

A Step Toward Legal Camping

In Other News


Interstellar Overdrive

Sons of Huns Keep It Lean and Mean

Acid Reflux

Scratch Acid Reunites... and It Feels So Good

Believe to My Soul

Allen Stone Breaks the Soul Mold

Old School New Age

Eliot Lipp Is Okay with Smooth Jazz

Up & Coming

Highlights in Music the Week of December 15-21

Movies & TV

Welcoming the Unwelcome

Sherlock Holmes Gets a Second Chance

I'm Going Out

David vs. Goliath

Young Adult Friction

The Pains of Being Mavis Gary

Soft-Core Porn, with Crying

A Sex Addict Hits Rock Bottom in Shame

With You, Not at You

Laughing at James Westby's Rid of Me

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink


(Excitable Punctuation Not My Own)

Visual Art

Life in the Margins

Joakim Eskildsen Photographs the People Formerly Known as Gypsies


One More for the People

Collecting Eight Years of Martha Grover's Zine Somnambulist

Q&A: Ernest Cline

Talking Nostalgia, Fanboy Culture, and Coming of Age

Theater & Performance

Angels in America, Again

Portland Playhouse Dusts off Tony Kushner's Classic


Strip Maul

Nine Strip Clubs in 48 Hours: a Tourist's Guide to America's Porniest City

I, Anonymous


Quick 101 on the NDAA Everyone's Yelling About

Today In Humiliating Ways To Die...

The Good, the Bad, and the Sexy

Tonight in Music

Gay Dads Find Out They're Gonna Be Grandpas

It's Happening Tonight!

Occupy Joins With Immigrant Groups to Protest Deportation

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Seattle Atheists Launch Confusing Bus Ad Campaign

"Best Xmas Song EVARRR!" Day Two! (God and Junk)

Good Morning, News!

Win Tickets to Talkdemonic's New Year's Eve Show!

Tonight in Music

Watch Newt Gingrich Discuss His Plan to Send U.S. Marshals to Bring Secular Judges Before Congress

Good Morning, News!

"This is not poker. This is not a game."

Long-Lost Doctor Who Episodes Found

Late-Night at The 811

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Little Cuts on Dirtnap

Christopher Hitchens On His Death

Tonight in Music

Romney Calls Gingrich "Zany"

Portlandia Is So Two Hours Ago. Welcome to Vancouvria!

Holy Crap! Will We Be Able to Buy Liquor in Grocery Stores?

"What possible reason could I have for going around killing Santa Claus?"

This Is a Picture of Howe Gelb, Who Is Playing Tonight

Win Tickets to Langhorne Slim's New Year's Eve Show!

Good Morning, News!

How to Deal With a Hideous Barbed Wire Fence

Foti's Greek Deli to Close

New Trailer for The Mushle Fuffle Waffle House Rishes

Our Review of the Dinosaur Jr./Scratch Acid Show


Frohe Weihnachten von das Kinks!

Good Morning News!

PSU's Electric Avenue Goes Groovy

Marcus Bachmann Vows to Battle Gay Marriage as First Husband

Bob Vander Plaats Asked the Woman to Step Out of the Way for the Real Christian Man

Another Occupy Portland Sitdown with Mayor Sam Adams

Good Morning News!

Good Morning News!

More Retail Shakeups for the West End

Fox Hosts "Not Another Republican Debate" Tonight!

Republicans Just Voted to Raise Your Taxes

Watch Adventures! With Might's New Frankenstein-Themed Video

Vulture's 10 Best and Worst Movie Posters of 2011

Tonight: Blue Christmas Comedy

SL Letter of the Day: The Gay Panic Offense

Give Star Peace a Chance

There's Something Happening Here

Blake for Mayor

From Now On, the Days Get Brighter

NWDP: As Good As They Say?

Will Leather Goods

Why Pizza Bagel Bites are the Most "Extreme"

BAFTA Guru: Will Wright Says Smart Things About Game Addiction

Oh, Valencia! Timbers Sign Young Colombian Star

It's Happening Tonight!

Review: King of Fighters XIII

Another High-Minded Debate Between a Reader and the Editor of the Portland Mercury

Old Town Tent Refuge Appeals Code Violations

Blogtown Vote-Off! What's the Best Xmas Song EVARRR??

SL Letter of the Day: Build That Firewall


"Overnight Sleeping" Plan Advances—Amid Spirited Defense of Old Town Tent Refuge

Now Is An Excellent Time to Tell Jamal Crawford How Much You'd Like Him to Be a Portland Trail Blazer

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Tonight in Music

Sexual Assault Reported at PSU

American Horror Story Chitty-Chat Club!

Norway Is Suffering a Butter Shortage

LKN Interviewed by Tom Tom Magazine

Party at St. Jack (Yes, There Will Be Free Food)

It's Happening Tonight!

Trailer for Wrath of the Titans

Theater You Can Afford.

Comic Book Store + Comedians = Funnies

Ed Forman's Last Hurrah

TriMet Needs You to Solve Its Problems

The Final Countdown: The Last Week of Holiday Shopping Thingies

Chelsea Morrisey Talks About Artifice and the End of Dirty Mittens

Frock Off

Skate-a-Roke! Get Your Tix NOW!

Tonight in Music

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Kristen Bell in Her Underpants, Because... Kristen Bell in Her Underpants.

Tonight in Music

AT&T Leaves T-Mobile at the Altar

Rapunzel the Killer Wolf-Girl: It's Grimm Recap Time!

I Have a DeLorean. Whose Desk Should I Light On Fire?

Courtney Stodden Hates You, Xmas... EVERYTHING!!

Just Theoretically Speaking, Does North Korea Have a Missile That Can Hit Portland?

Martine Satchels

Deliver Us From Our Dicks

"Best Xmas Song EVARRRR!!!": Day Three (Creepy Wooden Puppet Songs)

Trailer for The Expendables 2

Time to Mandate Children-Free Driving?

The Mercury Review of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Tonight in Music

SL Letter of the Day: Anger Management Tissues

And Now, Presented Without Context, an Excerpt From an Email Written by Ned Lannamann Regarding Cameron Crowe's Upcoming Holiday Film We Bought a Zoo

An Extremely Important Poll About Christmas Lights

Tintin 101

Four City Unions Endorse Nolan and Novick for Council, but Hold Off on Mayor's Race

"People's Portlandia": Because Portlandia Isn't Embarrassing ENOUGH.

Cogen Won't Push for Library District Next Year

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Cloaks, Jason Urick, and Bryan Free Make Music for the Alien Nativity

A Moment to Reflect on North Korea's Website

What Do Newt Gingrich and Philip K. Dick Have in Common?

Punch! Kick! Funny! Reviewed!

Light Bulb Limbo

Portland Police Respond to Call of Raging Jedi Swinging Lightsaber

Silent Night, Deadly Night

"Jesus Heals a Gay Man"

What He Said

Resort Season at Popina

SL Letter of the Day: A Change of View

It's Happening Tonight!

Have A New Game Of Thrones Trailer (Not That Game Of Thrones, The Other One)

Higher Education is a Liberal Conspiracy, Everyone Should Carry Uzis, and Barney Frank's New Job: What I Learned at that Rick Santorum House Party in Iowa Where That Picture Was Taken

Ryan Gosling in Pajamas, Mouthing Along to a Drunk Recitation of "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

This Is Not A Necklace

Workers Picket Progressive Groups OSPIRG, Environment Oregon

Good Morning, News!

Galactic Empire Shills for Salvation Army: Super "Right" or Super "Wrong"?

Sold Out


One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

Thanks, But No Spanks

I Love Television

I Love Television™

A Very Gimpy Xmas