Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 12 - 18, 2012

Vol. 12, No. 34
Dr. Lukas Brezak


Hands Off, Portland!

Our City's Tighter Oversight Rules Don't Apply to Out-of-Town Cops

LGBT and HUD, Under One Roof

Feds Roll Out Queer-Friendly Rules for Public Housing

End of the Food Desert

Plan for New Seasons Shows N. Williams Change

Hall Monitor

The Cops' Curious Silence

In Other News


Urban Wilderness

The Landscapes of Forest Park

A Festival with Potential

The Inaugural Big Ass Boombox

The Influence of Axel Foley

Nasalrod Are Beyond Pigeonholing

Another Way In

Pickwick Starts Anew

Up & Coming

Highlights in Music the Week of January 12-18

Movies & TV

Meryl Streep Doing an Accent

The Iron Lady: Even Worse Than the Falklands War

Smuggler's Blues

Contraband: In Which Marky Mark Steals... Your Heart

Everyday Pariah

An Urban Black Lesbian Film for Everybody!

Parents Behaving Badly

Polanski's Carnage Pits Parent Against Parent

Hand of God

The Gambling Christians of Holy Rollers

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Plaid Pantry

Fine Dining in Stumptown

Visual Art

The Faces of Tony Millionaire

The Maakies Creator Displays 500 Portraits


The Orphan Master's Son

Fictionalizing North Korea

From Fiction to Fact

William Gibson's First Collection of Non-Fiction

Theater & Performance

Animal Sacrifice

Theatre Vertigo Gets Primal in Hunter Gatherers


It's Your Occupation, Too!

Want to Get Involved in Occupy Portland: Here's a Guide to Getting Started


Wanted: Freelance Mercury Food Critic!

Say Hello to the New Feminist Group in Town

SL Letter of the Day: This One Made My Week

Legislature Gets Low Grade on Racial Equity

Good Morning, News!

Seen Today in PDX: Good Morning, Nudes!

Some Important Thoughts Re: DC Comics' Logo

Life Needs More Inappropriate "Wooooooo!"s

Halo's End of Season Sale

Video: Symmetry - "Over the Edge"

Can Portland Expect a "Snowlamity"* Tomorrow?

Silent Hill Takes Place in Astoria. RUN, ASTORIANS, RUN FOR YOUR DOOMED LIVES

PDX Collective Sale: Winter Edition

Karen Santorum: She's a Superfreak

Print on Demand Coming to Powell's

SL Letter of the Day: Those Kinky Katholics!

Live(-ish) Updates from Occupy Congress

If Stephen Colbert Asks Stephen Colbert, Will Stephen Colbert Run?

City Fines Homeless "Rest Area" in Old Town $640 a Month


Princess Dies Balloons/Seeks to Balloon

Food Cart Owners Join Forces to Form New Advocacy Group

Tonight in Music

The Internet Is a Beautiful and Horrifying Place

SL Letter of the Day: Over To You, Gang

OUCH!! Which New TV Show is the Worst?

You Know You've Arrived When...

It's Happening Tonight!

What the Hell Are SOPA and PIPA Anyway?

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

The Atlantic on How Radiolab Is "Changing the Sound of the Radio"

Good Morning News

Get Ambushed by Roller Girls and Cheap Season Opener Tix Tonight!

Portlandia to Guest Star on The Simpsons

Listen to Y La Bamba's "Squawk"

The Oppo File on Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Feeds the Trolls

Weekend Readings: The Frozen Moment At Crow Arts Manor

In Anticipation of Jo Walton's Reading Tonight at Powell's, My Contextless Kindle Highlights from Among Others

Dear Esther: All I Know Is That It's Real Purty

Onstage This Weekend!

Sex, Skinny Ties, and "Real Marriage": A Morning at Portland's New Mars Hill Church

Tonight in Music

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Why Does Sweden Get All the Good Sex Robot Shows?!?

Who Stole Roger Rabbit?

"Let's Laugh at Seattle!": With Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass!

Good Morning, News!

A Somewhat Kinder, Somewhat Gentler, Still Hilarious Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

It's Happening Tonight!

Evil Dead: The Musical. I'm Sorry.

It's Way Too Early to Care About National Polls...

Call to Artists: Modified Style

Apple to Release "GarageBand for E-Books" on Thursday?

Whoever Runs the Portlandia Twitter Account Is an Asshole

Poor People Envy the Rich, and/or Rich Is the New Gay

A Defense of Mason Jars, by Glaciers Author Alexis Smith

So Cormac McCarthy Just Wrote a Screenplay

Legislative Partners: Occupy Portland and Mayor Sam Adams

Good Morning, News!

Video: Unknown Mortal Orchestra - "Thought Ballune"

New Restaurant Progress Report: Bhap Sang PDX

Prince Dance Night Tomorrow

Recaps for Poor People: Yay! 30 Rock is Back! Parks and Rec is Good! Everything Rocks!!!

When Snow Cones Attack!

Movies That Never Were But Should Have Been

Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment(s) of the Week!

DoublePlusGood Remixes Typhoon

The Decemberists Ready a Double Live Album

Mercury's Arthole Weekly Winner!


Video: Blitzen Trapper - "Taking It Easy Too Long"

The Truth About the Impact of Piracy

Female Trouble at 5th Ave This Weekend

Good Morning, News!

Saltzman on Cops' Fitness Pay Perk: "We Should Not Reward People for Having a Pulse"

But If You're Doing It Right...

Pix Patisserie on Yo, Is This Racist?

I Have a Joke

Come See the REAL Red Dawn Before the Remake RUINS IT FOREVER

Are You a Single-Issue, Drug-Policy Voter?

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

It's Happening Tonight!

Comedians on Internet Blackout Day

Santorum Says Romney Is "a Paler Shade of What We Have"

PIPA is the new SOPA

#altwiki: How to Do Your Research Tomorrow Without Wikipedia

Conservatives and Enviros Join Forces to Criticize CRC Spending

It's Happening Tonight!

How Long Can You Watch Drunk Ron Swanson Dance?

Minecraft Fans Have Way Too Much Free Time

Shopping Local—Online?

Watch Mitt Romney Flounder in Last Night's Debate

Stupid, Stupid Kix-Eating Iguana!

"It Appears You Have Coughed Up Your Cancer. Congratulations."

Good Morning News!

Saltzman Still "Mad as Hell" About Cops' Fitness Pay Perk

Evangelical Supergroup Pools Santorum Support

A Terrifying Glimpse of America's Future...

Tonight in Music

Ghost Rider Classes Things Up

Diablo III: Book Of Cain: More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Blizzard's Series

Make Your Own Planetarium at Home with Lost Lander

Police Union Boss Rips Saltzman's Bid to Cancel Fitness Pay Perk

Tonight in Music

Florida, Ohio, and Pretty Much All the Rest

The Good News Is, You Survived The Polar Exploration...

Tonight in Music

I Don't Know What Quentin Tarantino Is Smoking...

SL Letter of the Day: DTMFAsshole

Trailer for Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom

Abobo's Big Adventure: Play This Thing Before The Snow Kills You

Ferreting out Pendleton's 2012 The Portland Collection

Climate Change Conquered!

"The year was 1969, and even the people who made commercials for the International House of Pancakes were on acid."

Stephen Colbert "Is Doing it!!" (Running for President of South Carolina, That Is)

NPR on "The Art of the Modern Movie Trailer"

Yes Or No: Nike Sneaker/Ballet Flats

Heads: Sometimes They Blow Up

Recaps For the Mildly Interested: Grimm is Back!

Sold Out


One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

I, Anonymous Blog

Pro-Life and a Bone

I Really Don’t Give a Fuck What You Do

Dear Baby Sister

Invite to a Knife Fight

We All Know Now

Not in on the Joke

If SOPA Passes

I Hope Florence Dies in her Machine

All Ye Sick and Insane


Baby Mama Drama


Dear Tri-Met Fare Inspector

Hey, Employers!

Washington Drivers

Did the Work, Lost the Job.

Obligatory Snow Post

Perogie Princess

Dive Bar Drug Dealer

Dropped Caller

Dear Eco-Trust and others

I Don’t Want to Go Back to Where I'm From

Savage Love

In a Froth over Santorum

I Love Television

I Love Television™

In with the Old