Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 9 - 15, 2012

Vol. 12, No. 38
Ruel Pascual


When Is Segregation Legal?

State Sued By Advocacy Groups over Segregating Workers with Disabilities

Net Failure

Volunteers Sound Alarm over Flaws in Portland's Disaster Response Plan

Fight Between Friends

Q&A with Portland Planned Parenthood Prez David Greenberg

In Other News


The Creepiest Love Songs of All Time

A Special Valentine's Day Playlist

Take Your Medicine

The Pharmacy's Rock and Roll Lifestyle

The Final Frontier

Vektor Is Light Years Ahead of the Fleet

Up & Coming

Highlights in Music the Week of February 9-15

Movies & TV

The Young Ones

A PIFF That Looks Younger Than Ever

The Blueprint

So Some Stuff Happens in Safe House I Guess

Blood, Honey, and a Trojan Horse

Angelina Jolie Brings a Dog into the Bosnian War

Buster Keaton and Time-Traveling Hipsters

Making a Little Time for Oscar-Nominated Shorts

Bombad Three Dees!

Ooo! Da Phantom Menace! Deesa Besto Star Warsie!

Geek Out

3D Done Right

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

All Shook Up

Oven and Shaker's Italian Comfort Food



Pam Houston's Contents May Have Shifted Travels the World with Grace

24/7 Jihad

The Mirage Reverses the Roles in the War on Terror

A Month of Letters

Mary Robinette Kowal's Hand-Written Challenge

Theater & Performance

Madame Butterfly

Portland Opera Takes on Puccini's Tale of Love and Betrayal

Tour Guide to Shakespeare

Portland Center Stage's Shakespeare's Amazing Cymbeline.



Tantalizing, Romantical Love Notes—Written by You! The Mercury Reader!

I, Anonymous


The Return of Purity Bear!

Tonight at Helium: Amy Schumer

The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club!

Kirk Cameron Makes Doc About America's "Growing Pains" (GET IT?!?!?)

(UPDATED) Are You Ready for Comic Book Men? Hell, is Anyone?

Google Briefly Acknowledges the Existence of Gay Couples—and Princess/Frog Couples—on Valentine's Day

Nicolas Cage: Vampire, Clone, Hero

From the Mercury Mailbag!

Win Tickets to Cate Le Bon!

Good Morning News!

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Required Reading: The Self-Delusions of "Self-Sufficient" Americans

Good Morning, News!

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

And Now, Your Daily Picture of Bruce Campbell Wearing a Kilt and Carrying a Sword

Surfboard Building Class? Okay!

Valentine's Day Bondage Date All Kinds of Wrong

Introducing CASH Music

Madonna Throws M.I.A. Under the Bus

Tonight! KATU Wants Everyone to Be Afraid of Marauding Crazy People!

Why the City Hall Camping Vigil Is Allowed to Keep Its Tent

Tonight in Music

Good Morning, News!

My (Drunken) Chocolate-Free Valentine's

Santorum-Soaked Headline of the Day

Hodor Valentine's Day (feat. Señor Chang)

SL Letter of the Day: Daddy Loves Who?

SL Letter of the Day: Life Sentence

Give and Take

Sneaky Peek: Louis CK on Parks and Rec!

By the Numbers: Charting Change on North Williams

Lackthereof's New, Free Album Was Recorded in a Single Day

In Which Bobby Roberts Attempts to Ruin the One Thing That Made Me Happy Today

After Gay Controversy, Romance Writers Contest Canceled

It's Happening Tonight!

About That Rift Between Occupy and the Longshore Workers...

Situation Tense at SE New Seasons Over Firing, Says Worker

Here's That Care Bear Reboot You've Been Waiting For

Announcing: Communion


Radish Underground 101

Lexicon Valley on "Faggot"

Police Officers Also Want You to Know "It Gets Better"

This Week's Mercury Music Section

New Tu Fawning! Or Should That Be Nu Tu Fawning?

New Ramona Falls Song!

Whitney Houston Dead at 48

Mandatory French Fries on Sandwiches: CONDEMN OR ALLOW?

I Like Sony's Vita, But Save Your Money

Lille Boutique's Stella McCartney Lingerie Spring 2012 Lookbook

Santorum Rises

Good Morning, News!

URGENT BLOGTOWN POLL: How Do YOU Feel About Jean-Claude Van Damme's Mustache?

EMA's New Single Raises Money for Antibullying Nonprofit

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

"I Have Chickens Too!"

TriMet Budget Cuts Rundown: Fare Increase, MAX Cuts, Killing Free Rail, Oh My!

Mitt Romney Tries to Woo Detroit By Saying "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" a Second Time, in More Detail

Coming to North Williams: A New 84-unit Apartment Complex

Tonight in Music

Krugman: Severely Conservative Lunatics Running the GOP Asylums

New Paris Laws Give Bikes Okay to Run Red Lights; Ooh-La-La!

The Republican Race Is Getting Democrats Excited About Voting

Today in You Are Tiny and Insignificant: Special Valentine's Edition!

Would You Buy a Mini-iPad?

American Income Inequality Looks a Lot Like 1928

The Other Breakfast Club Archetype: The Class Clown

PIFF Liftoff

Tonight in Music

TriMet Bus Driver Assault!

Good Morning, News!

It's Happening Tonight!

PSA: Project Runway Is on The Hunt

Last Minute Erotic Valentines!

The Decemberists' Jenny Conlee's Grammy Dress in Progress

Gretchen Jones F/W '12

Die Antwoord's Fashion Week Outfits: Kind of Obvious

Tonight: Sailor & Lula & Clarence & Alabama

Tonight at Powell's: Katherine Boo

Required Listening: Howard Stern on Ellen, JC Penney, Bullied Gay Kids, Rosie, Santorum, Bachmann, et al

Disgruntled New Seasons Employees Protest Firing of Worker over Alleged "Rice and Tofu Theft"

Typhoon to Release Live DVD

So Now George Lucas Is Just Trolling Nerds

It's Happening Tonight

"Don't Call Her Vagina A Beautiful Flower. Please Don't."

Driving Around With a Tied-Up Naked Woman is Apparently a Crime Even If She Agrees to Do It

It's Happening Tonight!

Transformers 4: Please Make a Note of It

Net Failure Update: Mediation Group Says City Emergency Plans Fall Short

Romance, Comics

Gary Busey Files for "Butt-horn!"—I Mean, "Bankruptcy"

"Dear Sugar" Revealed as Portland Author Cheryl Strayed

Bare-Bones Report Released on Police Bureau's Work with JTTF

Required Viewing: Alternate Version of Clint Eastwood's Halftime-in-America Commercial

Should Portland Ban Cops From Using Horses and Pepper Spray to Bust Up Protests?

Two Queer Media Outlets Launch in Portland

Santorum Gets Glitter Bukkake'd

Good Morning, News!

Let's Play the Game of Love Thrones

Chris Brown: The Quiz

Shoot This Truck

Planned Parenthood Exposed!

Google Wants to Get in Your House

Community Service for Naked Valentine's Day Bondage Game

Police Make String of Arrests for Squatting in Vacant Houses

Chromatics Cover Neil Young

Weekend Shopper

Cabbie Crackdown Update

"Happy Black History Month, Charlie Brown!"

Experimental Half Hour - "XXX Valentine's Day"

Recaps for Poor People: Long 30 Rock Episode is Long.


Did You Get a Call from Sam Adams Yesterday?

Tonight in Music

A Fire Sale. Literally.

SL Letter of the Day: Anger Mismanagement

Tonight at The Portland International Film Fest

Win Valentine's Dinner for Two at Central

President Obama Listens to AgesandAges

How PBS Covers Presidential Blowjobs

SL Letter of the Day: Pill The Homos!

Recaps For the Mildly Interested: Watching Grimm on Location

$880K Says Adventure Games Aren't Dead

Grand Jury Clears Cops in Shooting of Bradley Morgan

Good Morning News!

Tonight in Music

Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment of the Week!

Sold Out

The Specialty Store

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

I, Anonymous Blog

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

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