Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 23 - 29, 2012

Vol. 12, No. 40
Tyler Parker


Culture Change

New Seasons Workers Protest the "Friendliest Store in Town"

Great Leap Forward

Portland's Call for Protest Helps Shape National Occupy Agenda

Gimme Shelter

Program for Disabled Workers Braces for Lawsuit

Hall Monitor

Avoiding the "Third Rail"

In Other News


Welsh Rare Beat

Cate Le Bon Draws Rings Around the World

The Power of Failing

The Jealous Sound Stay Together for the Adults

With Endless Fire

In the Moment with Ilyas Ahmed

Cancer Beware!

Gashdig and Threscher Reunite

Up & Coming

Highlights in Music the Week of February 23-29

Movies & TV

Bleak as Fuck

And Nothing in Particular Happens. It's Bullhead!

I'm on Team Aniston. Sue Me.

Also, Wanderlust Is Surprisingly Funny!

Greed Energy

Windfall: The Downside of Wind Power

Freeze Framed

Crimes On the Ice

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Do One Thing and Do It Well

Jehnee Rains and the Rebirth of Suzette


Crash Course

Five New Comics You Should Know About

Conspiracy Theories

Alan Glynn's Perfectly Plotted Bloodland

Theater & Performance

Day of the Docent

Taking a page from Misery in CoHo's production.


Going Up?

Edward Morris: The Last of the Great Elevator Operators

I, Anonymous


Announcing HECKLEVISION! (And Red Dawn!)

Let the Prometheus Viral Marketing Begin

An Open Letter to Car Crashes and Comedian News Anchors

New Avengers Trailer

ACLU: Skimpy Reports Mean City Should Suspend Its Work with the JTTF

Roller Derby Recap: Heartless Heathers vs. Break Neck Betties

More Bad News for Republicans


Mark Your Calendar for Give a Shit Happy Hour!

SL Letter of the Day: Who Said Life Was Fair?

Spend Sunday Night Getting Hit In The Face!

The Mounted Patrol Have Nifty Helmet Cameras

Happy Twin Peaks Day! AKA The Best Day of Your Goddamn Life

The Separation of Church and State Makes Rick Santorum Want to Throw Up

Beer! Bands! Introducing the First Ever Malt Ball!

SL Letter of the Day: Breaking Bad

Anything in the World Can Be Compared to Portlandia

Grayling Giveaway!

Frocky Jack Morgan No More

Blogtown's Poster of the Week

New Video: TxE - "The First One"

A Mind-Blowing Revelation About 90's Cartoon Show Doug

Retired Special Forces Operative Colonel John Matrix's Guide to Conflict Resolution

It's Happening Tonight!

Meanwhile in New Hampshire

Good Morning, News!

Good Morning News!

Activist-Arsonist Tre Arrow Jumps into Mayor's Race

Hello, Reproductive Rights Rollback!

Sons of Huns' Live Album and Upcoming Video

Win Tickets to Hecklevision: Commando!

Graph Time! Commuting in Seattle vs. Portland

Re: Your Plans, This Evening

On Capcom And Fluid Gender Identity In Metro City

Jan Berenstain

Marco Rubio Was a Mormon

Tonight in Music

SE Portland's Crazy Candy Kitchen in Danger of Closing

Announcing HECKLEVISION 2.0

Tonight: A New Game Plan for the GOP?

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Good Morning, News!

Portland vs. San Jose—High-Pitched Live (Preseason) Blog Action

Gold Star: Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment of the Week!

Mayor Tries to Ease Tensions Before Today's F29 Protests

Recaps for Poor People: 30 Rock Does It for the Nerds.

Hecklevision! This Friday!

New Mayor's Race Poll Shows "Undecided" in Lead

PSA: Roaming Asshole(s) with Roman Candles

Today in Unethical Office iChats

Male Superheroes, Dressed Like Female Superheroes

This New Game of Thrones Trailer Is 100 Percent Badass

Tonight in Music

Good Morning, News!

Tonight in Music

Please Don't Go See Act of Valor

Tonight in Music

This Is What Happens When Mitt Romney Tries to Act Human

Press Release of the Day

Bill Schonely Recognized by NBA Hall of Fame

Booker Jen Oleson Leaves Valentine's; AgesandAges Play Tonight

Good Morning News!

Required Reading: "Rick Santorum, Meet My Son"

The Critics Are Raving About Hecklevision: Commando!

Movie: The Movie

The Most Frightening Report about an Inert Computer Virus from 1988 You Will Ever See!

ALERT: Joneser Will Be Live-Blogging the Oscars.

Don Draper Totally Wants to Bone that Mannequin

Good Girls' Guide: Dominatrix for Dummies at Theater! Theatre!

Kid Drawings Are The Best!

It Gets Better Special

Tonight in Music

PCS Announces 2012/2013 Season

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Cops ID Two Homeless Men Shot While Sleeping, Offer $1,000 Reward

It's Happening Tonight!

It’s Hard Being Mr. Happiness - Vodka Solicitation

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day! Because Buying Lame Xbox 360 Themes Sucks Hard

Gaiety and Tragedy in the Rhineland

Plus, OBT in 2012

SL Letters of the Day: Feedback, We Get Feedback...

Ebichu the Sexually Protective Hamster

Occupy's Anti-Corporation F29 Protest Hits the Streets

Sneak Peak of Portland Bike Builders' New Creations

Behold the Poster for HECKLEVISION: COMMANDO!

Good Afternoon, Television News!

Did You Hear? We're Getting Yet Another Loo

Q&A With The Captain: Jewsbury Talks Timbers Before Today's Preseason Home Opener

Ultimate Cheese Challenge, Tabla

Seen Today in PDX: Don't Steal My Hula Hoop.

Davy Jones Has Died

City Fires Another Shot at Food Cart's Liquor License Application

Win Tickets to Hecklevision: Red Dawn!

Charter Commission Calls It Quits

Anti-Fur Activist Tries to Hire a Hit Man

Just Letting You Know I Haven't Been Fired.

Recaps For the Mildly Interested: Grimm Goes to Fight Club

Police: Expect Arrests During Occupy's F29 March

Hawthorne Books Q&A at the Nervous Breakdown

Spreading Santorum, #1 Result When You Google "Santorum," 2003-2012

Save the Date: Powell's Friends and Family Night


What Hearts' New Video and Upcoming Album

Roller Derby Weekend: Heartless Heathers vs. Break Neck Betties

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Here's Your New Catchphrase!

SL Letter of the Day: Infantile-ism

SNL: That One Sketch That Was Cut

Blouse, "Time Travel," and Cobwebs

Headline of the Day

"Incinerated Corpses Shrunk to the Size of Children!"

The Soul'd Out Music Festival Announces 2012 Lineup

Today in Hillbilly Pornography: Goat Massage

Tomorrow Should Be Interesting

Homeless Men Shot Under Morrison Bridge Had Been Turned Away from Packed Old Town Tent Refuge

Broadway Across America Brings The Book of Mormon

SL Letter of the Day: How Many Is Too Many?

Reading Tonight: Jeffrey Eugenides

Someone Should Go to Jail for This

Chris Brown Wanted for Robbery

Yes, PBOT's Budget is Abysmal. No, It's not Because PBOT's Crazy for Bikes.

BEHOLD: The Greatest Opening Credits in Cinematic History

Ticket Giveaway: The Fade to Light Fashion Show

Good Morning, News!

Call For Unpopular Places To Be Happy

"I'm here to snake your drain."

Okay, So I Just Dropped a Nuke on Brooklyn and I Feel Kind of Bad About It

Portland Playhouse Fights to Keep Its Home

Hecklevision! Thanks! Ideas!

Commando Countdown: FIVE DAYS REMAINING

Middle-Age Male Women's Health Experts Speak Out

Free Spaying!

It's the Academy Awards Live-Blog!

Watch Two Best Friends Play Portal 2

Hey Girl, Tonight's Your Last Chance to See Drive

"A Fresh One, Jeffrey!" (Or, "A Definitive List of the 10 Best Fresh Prince Songs, Including But Not Limited to Collaborations with DJ Jazzy Jeff")

It's Happening Tonight!

The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club!

Hecklevision Warm-Up!

Mitt Romney Knows He's a Fuckup

Mercury Mailbag!

Good Morning, News!

I Sweat With Richard Simmons

Wanted: New Blogtown Troll

What's Next At 811 E Burnside

Selections from My Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang

Sold Out

Fade to Light

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

Poop Shy

I Love Television

I Love Television™

That's My Joan