Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 15 - 21, 2012

Vol. 12, No. 43
Meg Hunt


Juicing the Debate

Another Report Demands Cops Tighten up Taser Policy

Equal Share

A Q&A with Portland's New Equity Director

Hall Monitor

PPA Pays to Keep Playing

Rolling Along

Concerns Grow as Bike Sharing Advances

In Other News


Man out of Time

Frank Fairfield's Act Is No Act

From the Mountains to the City

Woodsman Plant New Roots

Up & Coming

Highlights in Music the Week of March 15-21

Movies & TV

Smiles Humped All up My Face

The FP: Deadly Dance Battles, Also Featuring Moon Boots

Family Matters

Jeff, Who Lives at Home: Mumblecore-tastic!

Daddy Drama

Another Bullshit Night with Robert De Niro

Everything Old Is New Again

Wait. 21 Jump Street Is... Good?

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Geek Out

It's (Still) Tricky

Food and Drink

Killer Burger Kills It

Perfection Is Personal


Wild Girl

Cheryl Strayed's Memoir of Her Solo Hike Up the PCT

All That (Nazi) Jazz

Half-Blood Blues Is a Smart, Fresh Historical Novel

Theater & Performance


Mr. Show Co-Creator Bob Odenkirk Teams up with the Brody's Tom Johnson

Tough Love

Action/Adventure's Danny and the Deep Blue Sea


The First Four Minutes

A Timeline of Portland's Upcoming Cataclysmic Quake

I, Anonymous


NW Dance Project: at the Olympics, at Newmark Theatre, and on Your Interwebs

D.I.Y. Magic Release/Betel Nut Party

Good Morning, News!

The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club: Season Finale!

Another Poll Shows Fritz With Wide Lead Over Nolan—For Now

No Santorum, No GOP Presidential Debate in Portland

Dark Shadows Trailer: Condemn or Allow?

Smallwares, Micro-Review

Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment of the Week!

The Deadline to Get Crafty is Midnight

Today in Stupid Crap I Cannot Believe People Are Upset About

PSU Students' GOOD Ideas for Portland

Is the New Safeway Really Safe?

SXSW Coverage: Days One and Two

Don't Be a Knuckle Fluffin' Watchamacallit, Go See The FP Already

BioWare Is Changing The End Of Mass Effect 3

Here, Have a Couple of Prometheus Trailers

Tour the Nation with Talkdemonic in 24 Minutes

Diablo III Finally Has A Release Date

It's Happening Tonight!

Get Your Laugh On this Weekend

Get to Know the Malt Ball Bands! Part I

The Walking Dead: The Game: The Debut Trailer

A Few Thoughts Re: Saga

SXSW Coverage: Day Three!

Listen Up City Hall: "I Support the Portland Safety Net"

Pat Robertson: Oral Sex Is Okay! Threeways Are Not!

Guys! Jeff Foxworthy is Hosting a Bible Quiz Show!! Guys?

Mad Men: Now with 100% More "Gay"

Your "Pure Mood" and You

SL Letter of the Day: Mommy & Daddy Dearest

Mayoral Sniping Starts at Forum, Spreads to Twitter

"The Revolution Will Be Fabulous"

Whine About Mass Effect 3's Ending While Helping Sick Kids

The Morrison Bridge's Final Construction Roadblock: Rain

President Obama Calls Republican Candidates Members of the Flat Earth Society

Who Has Issues?

Idaho Senator Sees "Rape" as an Abortion Excuse

Requiem for Encyclopedia Britannica

Quake Update: What Is Being Done to Avert Disaster!

Roller Derby Weekend: Whole Lotta Derby

EXTREEEEEME: Win Tickets to see the Nuclear Cowboyz!

Thursday TV Recaps for Poor People! Thank TV Jesus, Community is Back!

Daisey Responds to his TAL Appearance

Newt Gingrich Demands President Obama Apologize for Robert De Niro's Bad Joke

Marijuana Legalization Petition Reaches 50,000 Signatures

Kony 2012 Maker Caught Wanking in Public

Good Morning News!

Nerd Chum: Scott Pilgrim Meets Ludacris

Space Pugs for Everyone!

The Rev. Jeremiad White

TriMet Diaries & Kickass Oregon History Present: Humanity on Wheels

A Thoughtful Musical Treatise on Candy, Chewing, and Life

OLCC Approves First Food Cart Liquor License; Portland Plots Legal Action

Spenny Makes The Call, And Portland Gets The Point

Good Morning, News!

The Dutch Catholic Church

I Have No Idea What to Title This Blog Post Other Than "What the Fuck?"

One More Blasted Thing About Mike Daisey

Car2Go: The Tiniest Car Sharing Contender

Announcing the Designers of Open Season

The Cylon with the Dragon Tattoo

St. Patrick's Day Distractions

Good Morning, News!

The Walking Dead: The Showrunner Speaks!

Candidates Say the Dumbest Things

Portland's James Beard Award Nominees, 2012

TSA Targets Transgender Travelers

Hidden Costs in Police Union Contract Still Piling Up

Shoe(s) of The Day

Cookie Review: Blue Collar Baking Company

Who Knew a Mitt Romney Rap Video Would Be So Very Watchable?

Is Baldur's Gate 3 About To Be Announced? [UPDATE: Nope]

Two Thoughts About Jeb Bush Endorsing Mitt Romney

SL Letter of the Day: The Squeaky Wheel

Mitt Romney Says the Economy Is Coming Back

B-Boy G. Taylor and the Icarus Squad vs. MC Zaius (Feat. Zira Dance Crew)

It's Happening Tonight!

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Selections from My Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang

Mike Scheidt of YOB Has a Solo Album

Taking Care of Business (Everyday!)

New Band Alert! Check Out My Body

Preparing for the Killer Quake (Because You Keep Asking About It)

Crash These Birthday Parties

Tomorrow: Beggar's Banquet

Roller Derby Recap: High Roller vs. Heartless Heathers

Win Tickets to A Place Called Home: Lectures on Filmmaking in Portland

More Bob Caldwell Fallout: "Family Friend" Who Gave O Misleading Info Was an Editor Who Has Since Been Fired

Amy Heidt Wins the Internet (and Forever Closes the Category of Law & Order Jokes)

Give a Shit Happy Hour: Come on Down!

Only 24 Hours Left to Apply for the Mercury Fashion Show

Bad Blood Returns

New Bunk Bar Sunday Supper Club

St. Patrick's Day Distractions

Who Loves You, Portland?

It's Happening Tonight!


The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

This American Life to Retract Mike Daisey's Apple/Foxcon Episode

Best Killer Quake Comment Ever!

Good Morning, News!

Mike Daisey and the This American Life Retraction

Gay Hate Crime Leads to Arrest

Microsoft Has a Device That Can Translate Your Voice into Another Language, in Almost Real Time

Get to Know the Malt Ball Bands! Part II

Slate on "The Little Coder's Predicament"

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

And Now an Iron Man Made Out of Bloody Urine

A Dr. Horrible Sequel? A DR. HORRIBLE SEQUEL!!

SL Letter of the Day: Next Leveling

Good Morning News!

"Thank You," He Signed

The Art of Shoemaking with Jeff Mandel

The Best Harmonica Player/Whip Snapper You'll See All Day

The Factual and Fictional Mitt Romneys Are Blurring Together

Not Exactly Constructive... But What Is?

Good Morning, News!

Plaid Pantry Recipe Contest Winner!

More Details on Last Night's Police Shooting

BREAKING: Timbers To Host Friendly With Spanish Powerhouse Valencia

Seventeen Minutes in Re-electable Heaven?

State of the News: What You'd Expect

Today in EXTREEEEEME!!!: Nuclear Cowboyz (with a "Z")

Kermit the Frog on Colbert

Yes! You Can Win Tickets to the Malt Ball!

Sold Out

A Shoe Education with Jeff Mandel

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

I, Anonymous Blog

Savage Love

Answer Sheet

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Mom... You're Embarrassing Me!