Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 29 - Apr. 4, 2012

Vol. 12, No. 45


Therapy in Blue

Portland Police Look to Create a Specialized Mental Health Unit

Debt on the Tracks

Could TriMet Have Avoided Some of Its Budget Cuts?

Faked Out

Another Replica Gun in Cop Shooting

Sticks and Stones

Rush Limbaugh-Target Sandra Fluke Speaks

Hall Monitor

I Support the Safety Net! Do You?


Feel-Good Music

The Lumineers Are About to Be Huge

Still Rock Stars

Maggie Vail Tests out the Big Bangs Theory

Spoonfuls of Sugar

Support Force's Jagged Little Pills

Continental Drift

John K. Samson Explores His Home Province

Up & Coming

Highlights in Music the Week of March 29-April 4

Movies & TV

The Killing Floors

The Raid: Redemption: Sweet, Sweet Violence

By Jupiter, It's Wrath of the Titans!

Also Known as Kraken 2: Electric Buboloo

Happily Never After

Your Kids Aren't Dumb Enough to Like Mirror Mirror, But You Might Be

Angry Young Boy

There's a Bike-Ridin' Kid in The Kid with a Bike!

Latin Lovers

Chico & Rita, Animation, and All That Jazz

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Polished Peruvian

Fresh, Focused Peruvian at Las Primas

Visual Art

Covering/Uncovering the Portland2012 Biennial

Plenty of Artists, But Not Much of a Theme


Fat Phobic

The Obese Promises Satire, but Delivers Uninspired Horror

Grandma Troubles

Anne Lamott's Neuroticism in Some Assembly Required

Theater & Performance

Riffin' on Romance

Fire Island: Not a Gay Romcom!

More Than a Scene

Action Comics Fosters Comedy Community


Bitch, Please!

An Irony-Free Guide to the Rose City Classic Dog Show

I, Anonymous


Blazers vs. Bucks - Hot Live Blog Action!

Portland Selected to be a "Green Lane City"

Police Officer Arrested for Sexual Corruption of Minor

Hot Or Not: Katy Perry at The Kids Choice Awards

Duchess Goes Mad Men

Local Comic/Chick Magnet Wins World Palindrome Championship

Spotted Earlier Today in NE Portland

Portland Dubbed "Greenest City" by Travel Mag

Hall and Oates and Tour Van

Good Morning, News!

Here's the Trailer for the New Woody Allen Movie

Record Store Day Plans at Everyday Music and Jackpot Records

Safety Not Guaranteed Trailer

Frashour's Fate May Take Months to Figure Out



Banana Stand to Release Live Album from the Angry Orts

The Opening Scene in the Mad Men Premiere? Actually Happened.

Blogtown's Poster of the Week

Union Stylists

Nightmoves Is Now Street Nights; Street Nights Is Now Awesome

Lincoln's Louis Lauded

Vanna White At Voodoo

Portland vs. Real Salt Lake—High-Pitched Live Blog Action

Savage U Premieres on MTV Tonight at 11 PM (After 16 and Pregnant!)

SL Letters of the Day: Campsite Rulers

Video: Death Songs - "Let This Body Go"

Selections from My Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang

Occupy Wants Its Day in Court

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

The Killing of Trayvon Martin: The Commercial Fallout

Romney: "I'm the April Fool!"

Anchorman 2: For the Love of God, Please Be Real

Leonard Endorses Jefferson Smith for Mayor, Takes Shots at Hales, Potter

Tori Spelling Ruins Everything

Tonight in Music

PBS: "Super Mario Bros. Is The World's Greatest Piece Of Surrealist Art"

Fresh Work from Hazel Cox

Recaps For the Mildly Interested: Sex, Drugs, and Massive Attack.

Roller Derby Weekend: GNR vs. Betties, Heathers Fundraiser

UMO's New Video Is Pretty Weird, Of Course

The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality

Trailer for Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom

Oregon Counties Ranked by Health

Charlie Hales: Scavenger Hunt and Dance Party Host

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Tonight in Music

Farewell, Sweet Razr

This Week's Mercury Music Section

"Guinan" at ECCC: Is This OK?

The Best Thing Ever

Yay! More Kevin Pollak Tickets to Give Away!

The Bride Wore Black at the Hollywood

Calobo to Play Reunion Shows This Fall

Blazers vs. Timberwolves - Hot Live Blog Action!

Rear Window in Two Minutes and 58 Seconds

Back Fence Redux

Fat Betty Francis Has a Twitter Account

Failed Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann Continues to Say Dumb Things

Wisconsin Planned Parenthood Bombed

Pop Review: DRY Soda

Win Tickets to Ceremony!

Dispatches from From the Emerald City Comicon: Day Two

The Spring Classic Duathlon

Marie Antoinette's Spirit Lives On

Setting Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis' Wildwood to Film

It's Happening Tonight!

Community Rallies Against Frashour Arbitrator Ruling

SL Letter of the Day: Monogamous Week, Day 2

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Mad Men Pisses Off the Romneys; Oh, Boo-hoo-hoo!

Good Morning News!

TriMet, Occupied

Tonight in Music

Ann Romney Assures Us That Mitt Romney Does Not Have a Boner

Eileen Brady Says She's Against Reinstatement of Frashour

The Weekend in Dance

Dispatches from From the Emerald City Comicon: Day One

City Hopes Volunteers Won’t Talk to the Media

Tonight in Music

Literary Baltimore: Anne Tyler and Adrienne Rich

Video: Artifice - "Ritual Dance"

The Interview Dan Savage Interview


Delilah Dirk & the Turkish Lieutenant

SL Letter of the Day: Tales of the Monogamous

Glimpses of Adam Arnold's The Lost Dance Costumes

Blazers vs. Hornets - Hot Live Blog Action!

SL Letter of the Day: Getting Your Girlfriend To Let You Go Down On Her—A Holistic Approach

Kinect Star Wars: The Funk Is Strong With This One

It's Happening Tonight!

BREAKING: Police Force May Take Frashour Back

Soul Train Tribute

Foxconn, Apple, and Daisey: A Beautiful Lie?

Carrie Brownstein to Publish Memoir

Roller Derby Recap: Break Neck Betties vs. Guns N Rollers

Alicia Silverstone Feeds Her Baby (Bird)

Google's Project Glass in Action: Would You Wear Google Glasses?

Win Tickets to Cirque du Soleil's Ovo

New Total Recall Trailer: CONDEMN OR ALLOW?!?

Good Morning, News!

Good Morning, News!

Cheer Up, Losers.

Tonight in Music

CONDEMN OR ALLOW: The New Trailer for Katy Perry: Part of Me

Thursday TV Recaps for Poor People!

It's Happening Tonight!

Stupid, Stupid Kitten: The Vacuum Cleaner

Beaverton Deer Statue Found Slaughtered

Kirk Cameron Watch: "I'm Not Saying Obama is Hitler, Buuuuuut..."

Guess What Mitt Romney's Funny Wisconsin Story Is About? (You Win If You Guessed "Firing People.")

Blogtown's Poster of the Week

I Heart Art

Everything Below Is A Spoiler: Mad Men Recap, Fat Betty Edition

This Morning, President Obama Set the Republican Agenda

Q&A with Jon Bernthal, aka Shane Walsh on The Walking Dead

Good Morning, News!

Good Morning News!

Freeze Your Nubbies off for Free Shit at Mt Hood Meadows while I and The Other Sane People Wear Wool Inside and Drink Hot Tea

It's Happening Tonight!

Good Morning, News!

Dispatches from From the Emerald City Comicon: Day Three, and Cosplay Gallery

It's Happening Tonight!

How Many IPAs Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb?

Mayor Adams on Ron Frashour: The Video

Sold Out


One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

I, Anonymous Blog

Tagger in SE

Uncaring Bus and MAX Riders

Tuna Surprise

Underage Army Boy

Only You...

Crack and Me

Internet Trolls


I’m a Fucking Yuppie


Why Do I?

It was Good in 1st Grade & It’s Still Good Today

A Toilet Brush is NOT a Plunger


Laundry Machine Bandits

Thank you Mercury and My Computer Illeteracy!

Meathead Assholes in their Red Matchbox Truck

At the Bus Stop

Bad Barista Music

Savage Love

A Flock of Chicken Hawks

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Dear Jeff Foxworthy