Print Edition for the week of
May. 3 - 9, 2012

Vol. 12, No. 50


Marijuana "On Board"

The County Drug-Testing Program You've Never Heard About

All in the Family

WW Publisher Defends Free Ads for His Wife’s Attorney General Campaign

Hall Monitor

Who's the Greenest of Them All?

"Domicile Unknown"

Report: Nearly Every Week, a Death on the Streets

Odd Couple

Mars Hill Church and Portland's Q Center Join Forces to Fight Hate


Standing Alone

Willis Earl Beal Yearns to Ditch the Narrative

Hollywood Forever

Father John Misty's New LA Outlook

Black-Light Poster Children

Fellwoods Emerge from the Underground

Prisoners of Rock 'n' Roll

The Black Keys Come Up and Up

Up & Coming

Highlights in Music the Week of May 3-9

Movies & TV

When Totoros Attack

An Illustrated Guide to the Best of Studio Ghibli

Some Assembly Required

Vengeance Is a Dish Best Served by the Avengers

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Mentor for Hire

An Interview with KitchenCru Founder Michael Madigan


Hippies, Inc.

Idealism, Co-Opted in Jon Raymond's Rain Dragon

Dangerous Writing

Alumni of Tom Spanbauer's Workshops Share Their Work

Theater & Performance

Song! Dance! Bipolar Disorder!

Mental Illness Gets Jazz Handsy in Next to Normal

Chewing on the American Dream

The Fresh, Funny Something Epic/Everyday


Spin the Ballot!

Can't Decide Who Should Be Our Next Mayor? City Commissioners? Attorney General? Don't Worry: It's the Mercury's Endorsement Guide!

I, Anonymous


Win Taste of the Nation Tickets!

Mitt Romney Looks His Crazy Base in the Eye, Stays Silent

Tonight in Music

TriMet LIFT Employees Strike, Briefly

Good Morning News!

Yes, the Mayoral Race Is Still Way Too Close Too Call

Free Comic Book Day!

The Tim Gunn Interview

Tonight in Music

U.S. Government Says CIA Foiled New al Qaeda Underwear Bombing Plot

Good Morning, News!

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Local Cats Can't Get a Break

SL Letter of the Day: STFU, BTFO

The New Amazing Spider-Man... Wait, Screw That. The New Expendables 2 Trailer!

What's He Building in There?

Here's Your Robotic Hug, People-Haters

Between Two Ferns with Zach and Liz Lemon

Roller Derby Weekend: Semi-Finals

It's Happening Tonight!

Welcome Back to Otter Friday!

Obama Comes Out for Same-Sex Marriage

Romney's Gay Spokesman Resigned Because Romney Has No Spine

Uncaged Season Wraps Up: Get Your Cheap(er) Tickets, Here

More on Powells' New Espresso Book Machine

Win Tickets to See AgesandAges on Monday!

Lillard Alert!! Have YOU Seen Lillard?

Good Morning, News!

Don't Miss Open Season: The Mercury Fashion Show!

What He Said

Video: Here We Go Magic - "How Do I Know"

Open Season Sneak Preview: Shadow Sisters

Powell's Unveils the Espresso Book Machine

AG Candidate's Stance on Medicinal Pot Pays Off Handsomely

Police Bureau Refuses Citizen Panel's Request to Continue Investigating Excessive Force Claim

Tonight in Music

Sherlock 2.0—this Sunday!

Don't Miss Open Season: Tons of Sexy Fashion Fun!

More Photos of See See Motorcycles

Portland's Biggest Pop-Up Food Court? TONIGHT!

Good Morning, News!

Have You Voted Yet? Here's Our Endorsement Cheat Sheet

Roller Derby Recap: Semi-Finals

Bridge & Burn Joins Open Season Lineup

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Gay Rights by State

Tonight: The History of Pinball, Gaming, and Vice in Portland

Tonight at Powell's: Greenhorns

Safe Sexting? There's An App For That. Kinda.

NOM's Brian Brown Challenges Dan Savage to a Bible Debate!

Tonight in Music

Shep Smith's Brain Broke Yesterday

Session-Strength Malted Milkshakes

Confidential to NOM's Brian Brown: You're On, Motherfucker

Guess Where Mitt Romney Stands on Gay Marriage?

Portland May Day, 1910

Last Chance to Win Open Season Tickets on Blogtown

Alberta Cart Round-Up; Stumplings Debut

Video Released in Shootings of Two Homeless Men

Jon Hamm Raps! (And It's Sooo Much Better than You Think.)

The Avengers Chitty-Chat Club

SL Letter of the Day: Busting My Balls

The Weekend Shopper

Good Morning, News!

New Eye Candy from Martine Satchels

Now THAT'S What I Call Punk!

It's Happening Tonight!


Timbers Army To Team: Read Our Scarves

Maurice Sendak Dead at 83

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Merc Perk Deal of the Day: Two-For-One Tickets to Open Season

Tonight in Music

Metal Up Your Show: That Metal Show at Hawthorne Theatre, Sat May 5

Masonry on the MAX


Holton's AG Campaign Changes Course, Reports Gift from His Employer

Comedy Tour: The Ian Karmel Diaries—Minneapolis

RIP, Adam Yauch/MCA of the Beastie Boys

Local Author's Thrillers Get an FX Pickup

New Poll Shows Much Tighter Mayor's Race (Oh, and Sam Adams Coulda Been a Contender!)

I Enjoy Watching Bobby Roberts Suffer

Thursday TV Recaps for Poor People!

Another New Gossip Song: "Move in the Right Direction"

Portland's in the News Again—But No, It's Not About Donuts.

The Next Front in the War on Women: Repealing the 19th Amendment

Portland vs. Columbus—High-Pitched Live Blog Action!

The Bachelor Finally Gets a Parody! (What.)

Video: Deer or the Doe - "Descriptions"

"What About My Right to Choose To Not Have Choice?"

Good Morning, News!

What Does Mitt Romney Think About Immigration?

SL Letter of the Day: Bi the Way

Seriously, Check Out This Show

Anti-Coal Rally Draws Lunchtime Crowd

Selections from My Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang

Greens to Eileen Brady and Jefferson Smith: A Pox on Both Your Houses!

SL Letter of the Day: Monogamously Non-Monogamous

Barwares Opening Today

This Tenacious D Video Needs to Be Funnier

Blogtown's Poster of the Week

Gender in Girls Vs. Game of Thrones

Street Books Wins National Book Foundation Grant

Mad Men Recap: Alexis Bledel Edition

Today in American Ingenuity/Here Is a Thing That Exists

Mitt Romney Is Proud of That Time He Saved Detroit

Game of Thrones Recap: Blitheringly Excited Fanboy Edition

Dan Savage SAVAGES the Pope!

Obama's Julia Meme

Photos from The Lille Anniversary Party

Charles Bradley's May 25 Show in Portland Has Been Postponed

Bic Shaver Will Masturbate You to Completion

May Day Groups Decry Cops' Tackling, Bashing of Marchers Over "Minor Traffic Violations"

It's Happening Tonight!

Popchips Panics; Yanks Down Terrible, Racist Ashton Kutcher Video

Good Morning News!

Nolan Suggested Fritz Influenced Report on City's 911 System; Nolan Was Wrong

James Franco Responds to Fucking James Franco

Junk Culture's New Song "Oregon" Is About Oregon

James Beard Foundation Announces 2012 Cookbook & Journalism Awards

It's Happening Tonight!

It's On TV Tonight: Season Finale of Your Fave Show New Girl

From Here On Out, James Cameron Is Only Making Cat-People Movies for the Chinese

Sold Out

See See Motorcycles

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love & Sex


Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good

I Love Television

I Love Television™

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