Print Edition for the week of
May. 31 - Jun. 6, 2012

Vol. 13, No. 2
Dan Gluibizzi


Taming the Beast

Can Mayor Sam Adams Put a Leash on Last Thursday?

Eye in the Sky

Cops Spell out Privacy Rules for Old Town Video Cameras

Now, for His Next Act...

Winners, Losers as Mayor Tweaks Budget

Hall Monitor

Police Union's Money Follows Mouth

In Other News


Accidentally Living

Deer or the Doe's High-Volume Poise

Mama, I'm Comin' Home

Emily Wells Comes out as Bicoastal

Clear Vision

The Enigmatic Michael the Blind

Cult of Personality

Crystal Fighters' Strange Dance

Up & Coming

This Week’s Music Previews

Movies & TV

The Fairest of Them All

Of Goth Girl Daydreams and Snow White and the Huntsman

Desk Pounding

Everyone Loses Their Shit in Polisse

You Otter Read This!

I Apologize for that Headline

Film Shorts

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

I'm Staying Home

Bob Hoskins, Leading Man

High Times

Spoiler: High School Is a Stoner Comedy

Food and Drink

Local Gyro

Finely Tuned Middle Eastern Classics at Cedo's


Waiting for the Thrill

Daniel H. Wilson's Amped Lacks a Certain Finesse

Dowry Not Included

The Newlyweds Is a Novel of Arranged Marriages in the Digital Age

Kitchen Keeper

Ferran Adrià's The Family Meal Cookbook Belongs on Your Shelf

Theater & Performance

Festival Frenzy

TBA, the 1 Fest, and the Projects

Sex and Death Get Sketchy

Post5 Raises Funds with Sketch Show Death/Sex


Checkpoint Clackamas!

Keeping Portland Out—to Let More Republicans In?

I, Anonymous

Shady Ladies


Frosty New Offerings in the Pearl

A Few Words About Before Watchmen

SL Letter of the Day: There Are Straight Male Escorts Out There!

Tonight in Music

Fabio: Now at Your Local Whole Foods

Tonight in Music

Planned Parenthood Union Reaches First Bargaining Agreement

Newsflash: Mutant Ducks in Laurelhurst Park

Get Your Fruity (Beer) On

Hey, That Guy From Kids in the Hall is in Town. No, Not That One — the Other One. No, the Other Other One

"Do You Wear a Helmet?": The Final Poll or Mention of this Subject Ever Again (Probably).

Out of Context Oregonian Snippet of the Day

Mayor Gets Testy Over Last Thursday

The Catholic Church Makes Mistakes

Exposing the Gay Agenda

Obama Campaign Manager Releases Video Telling Obama Supporters Not to Panic

"Terribly Wrong": Police Union Boss Posts Explosive Takedown of Frashour Firing

Your AM Teen-Angst Wallow: The Perks of Being a Wallflower Trailer

North Coast Seed Studios

Dance Your Cares Away, the Fraggle Rock Movie is ON.

Hunger Striker Cameron Whitten Accuses Media of Ignoring Him

Cracked Explains Why Internet Journalism Is Terrible.

Comedy Tour: The Alex Falcone Diaries: Colorado!


The Top Ten Sno-Cone Makers Ever Made

Good Morning, News!

More News on SE Foster's Bob White Theatre

SL Letter of the Day: John Shore's Advice to a Young Christian

Video: Blouse in Room 205 - "Ghost Dream"

Let's End This: Hidden-Platform Sneakers, Yes or No?

Mad Men Recap - Don Draper's Worst Day, For Real This Time

Portland Parks Get Branded

Can't Remember the Last Time I Shopped at JCPenney

Good Morning News!

This Week's Style Events

New Favorites from the Art Institute's Graduate Show

Death Songs on Into the Woods' Feels Like Home

Herman Cain Gets Exactly What He Wanted

The Mystery of the Dum Dum "Mystery" Pops

It's Happening Tonight!

Some Reasonable Thoughts on Bike Helmets

Design Week Portland

Good Morning, News!

Randy Leonard Bidding Early Adieu to Portland Loos

Game of Thrones Recap: Miniature Flamethrowers of Adorable Death Edition

Tonight in Music

Former Mayoral Candidate Announces Hunger Strike

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Cheryl Strayed's Wild the First Pick in Oprah's New Book Club

Help: Patio and Outdoor Dining Roundup!

Brave Republican Blogger Uncovers Secret Obama Plot to Give White Kids Asthma

Total Recall Is Screening Tonight, Here, Let Me Show You All of My Awesome Total Recall Crap

Rikki Rothenberg, SUC: The 811 Update

Same-Sex Marriage Going All the Way to the Supreme Court, Baby!

Federal Appeals Court Declares Huge—and Hugely Damaging—Chunk of DOMA to be Unconstitutional

It's Happening Tonight!

Comedy Tour: The Alex Falcone Diaries: Day One

TriMet: Everyone's Riding It

SL Letters of the Day: VCARD Response-O-Rama

Bike Issue Sneak Peek!

The New Garnish

Blogtown's Poster of the Week

Janeane Garofalo Interviews Elliott Smith

It's Happening Tonight!

The Canadian SportsCentre Dance

Welcome Back to Otter Friday!

Tonight: Reggie Watts at the Crystal

Today in Singing Vulvas and/or Predators

Good Morning News!

BREAKING: Timbers Acquire Former Jefferson High Star Danny Mwanga

A Peek Into Timbers Army's Psyche

Turning Dead Cats into Helicopters: CONDEMN OR ALLOW?!?

Chrome and Yo!: The Next Downtown Retail 'Splosion

What Do You Think of New York's Proposed Large-Soda Ban?

MacGruber 2 Will Never Happen, I Pray It Will Anyway

Portland vs. Cal FC—High-Pitched Live Blog Action!

RIP, Ray Bradbury

This Week's Cover

Help the Portland Poetry Slam!

Win Jack White Tickets! (Not Here—on End Hits)

If You Are the Type of Person...

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Go Gawk at Graphs!

Join Us for the Pedalpalooza Opening Ride and Party... TOMORROW!

Sexual Minorities and the City

Sunday at the Haunters Convention

Senate Republicans Take Down the Paycheck Fairness Act

Win Tickets to Destroyer!

Comedy Tour: The Alex Falcone Diaries: Make a Wish

Please Stop Eating Each Other. No Really, Stop It.

Cart Profile: Burger Guild

Cheers to Beer Week!

Good Morning, News!

First In-Depth Look at Dave Eggers' Latest

Businesses Protest Planned Downtown Bike Lane

Tonight in Music

Why You Can't Stream HBO on Your Computer

It's Happening Tonight!

Meet Your New Blazers GM!

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Best Buns at the Starlight Parade

Fun with Needles: Acuparty!

Internet Self-Help: Chris Guillebeau

Batshit Buddhists

Dear Portland Idiots: WHERE ARE YOUR HELMETS?!?

The Sale of the Summer

SL Letter of the Day: She Wasn't Fine—And You Knew It

Good Morning, News!

Steven Seagal vs. Tom Cruise: Who Ran it Better?

Get Your Hump On!

Will Washington Voters Sign Off on Same-Sex Marriage?

Tonight! The Meat Cheese Bread Pinewood Derby Race

Uh Huh, We're Giving Away Jack White and My Morning Jacket Tickets!

It's Happening Tonight!

Portland... IN THE FUTURE.

The Wire: The Musical

Tonight at Powell's: Ted Rall Hates You

How Often Are Women Quoted in Media?

The Cribs' New Video Could Have Been on Alternative Nation

93% of New Affordable Housing is East of 82nd

Be a Female Prisoner Pen Pal!

Portland Police Love Snakes

Good Morning, News!

Portland Food Adventures Announces Two Events

Roller Derby Weekend: Championships & Ticket Giveaway

Tonight in Music

Mayor Adams Asks You to "Put an Emmy on it." Excuse Me for a Moment... GAG!!

Quiet, Please: The Return of the Quiet Music Festival

Read This If You Posted a Privacy Notice on Facebook in the Last Day or Two

A 1907 Argument for the Rose Festival

I Could Have Written 10,000 Words About Bob Hoskins

Sold Out

Dressing Rooms

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

Savage Love

American Gigolo

I Love Television

I Love Television™

TV Trailer Park!