Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 19 - 25, 2012

Vol. 13, No. 9
Jasper Goodall


Get Off Our Lawn!

City Hall Tightens the Screws on a Months-Old Sidewalk Camping Protest

If You Don't Win, Sue

Pot Petitioners Use a Conservative Tactic: Suting the State

The Last Black Bar

African-American Bar Adapts to Whitening Neighborhood

Hall Monitor

Police Union Goes "Nuclear"

In Other News


PDX Pop: Now and Forever

Bands You Shouldn't Miss at This Year's PDX Pop Now!

Stranger's Candy

The Tumorous Pop of King Tuff

Owl's Moving Castle

The Doomgaze of Antikythera

Sacred Geometry

Kalya Scintilla's Electronic World

Up & Coming

This Week’s Music Previews

Movies & TV

The Cape and the Cowl

The Dark Knight Rises: Doom, Gloom, Redemption

Neil Young: Spit and All

Jonathan Demme Makes Another Neil Young Documentary

Get Out of the Subway, Isabelle!

This Possession Movie Is Nuts, Man!

The Shackles of Hardy

Trishna's Ruined by Its Source Material

Marriage vs. Desire

Sarah Polley Guts the Romcom in Take This Waltz

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Geek Out

Grand Theft Audio

Food and Drink

Workforce Workhorse

Tilt Brings 2012 to Swan Island


The Gentlest Apocalypse

Take a pinch of Bradbury, a dash of Bender, and you've got The Age of Miracles.

Swords and Snarfles

Battlepug Conquers Web, Attacks Print

From the Vault

Lost Dogs Foreshadows Jeff Lemire's Later Work

Theater & Performance


Community, Collaboration, and Portland's Dance Renaissance

Summer Stock(s)

Lear's Follies Is No Off-Season Consolation


Pump Up the Volume

The Many Sounds of Portland's Podcasters

I, Anonymous



Boylesque? Don't Mind if I Do...

Let's Buy Erik a Wookiee Man Purse Messenger Bag

Tonight in Music

Good Afternoon, Television!

Good Morning, News!

It's Happening Tonight!

Good Morning, News!

Premiere: The Woolen Men - "Two Brothers"

Google Acquires Sparrow

Skip the Lines! Pre-Register and Get Your Big Float Wristbands Tonight!


Hooray for Symbolic Nudity!

The Intelligence Are Playing at Plan B Tonight

EEEEE!! New Carly Rae Jepsen (and that other guy) Video!!

Celebrity Mean Tweets!

The Breaking Bad Chitty-Chat Club!

Recently Dead: Sherman Hemsley of The Jeffersons

Kristine Levine is Going to Edinburgh. See Her Show Now, Before She Comes Back with Some Weird Scottish Accent

Another Reason to Love Aaron Paul

Good Morning News!

A New Hausu Song, Just for You

Good Morning, News!

Comedy Tour: The Alex Falcone Diaries: Pizza!

New Big Float Wristband Pickup Event Announced!

SL Letter of the Day: Now Hold It

It's Happening Tonight!

Portland Riot Cops Somehow Cast as "Heavies" in Presidential Candidate's Pro-Pot Ad

Tonight in Music

Seen Today in PDX: Giant Bike Mural!

How Sally Ride Came Out in Her Obituary

Everything You Need to Know About This Morning's Emmy Nominations—QUICK!!

This Week in Portland Shootings

Cameron Whitten Will End His Hunger Strike

Pints for Prostates

The 5th Horseman of the Apocalypse: Honey Boo Boo

Here Are Three Excellent Things from the Onion

Five Things Destroying Traditional Marriage (Besides the Gays)

Selections from My Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang

It's Happening Tonight!

Comedy Tour: The Alex Falcone Diaries: Tourist

Fashion Design Camp: The Cutest Fashion Show of the Year

Good Morning, News!

It's Happening Tonight!

What Sort of Drivers Kill Animals for Fun?

Well, I Got My MTV Back. Whoopee.

Scenes from Cameron Whitten's Epic Rally for Housing Justice

SL Letter of the Day: Going on Seventeen

Roller Derby Weekend: Men's Home Team Game

Holy Last Minute: Dave Chapelle in Portland Tomorrow


Maria Bamford on Acting with Louis CK

Now NASA's Thinking with Portals

Tonight in Music

Where Did Little Tripp Learn to Say "Faggot"?

Marty Scorsese Uses an Imaginary Siri that Actually Works

Back Fence Moves to OPB, and Other Changes

Comedy Tour: The Alex Falcone Diaries: Boobs

Summer Camp for Grownups

Miami Performance International Festival Cites TBA as Inspiration

Mean Mitt Has His Limits

Crowd Source Time! Suggestions for "Portland as Fuck"

Anti-Gay Bigots Already Swore Off Oreos and Starbucks...

Lazy Fascist Author Scores Marketing Coup

Win Tickets to Dirty Projectors

Today in Traditional Marriage

Good Morning News!

Sam Adams Saves Free TriMet Passes for Students

URGENT POLL: Does Superman Suck or Is Superman Alright?


Listen to a Track from Brainstorm's Forthcoming Album

Tonight in Music

Total Recall? More Like TOTAL OUTRAGE

Just Don't Try to Drive Around Portland This Weekend

Police Shootings in Anaheim Spark Major Protests

Some Reasons to Worry a Little Less About the Latest TV Ads in the Presidential Race

Nick Fish Issues Statement on Cameron Whitten's Hunger Strike

Nobody Loves Poor George

Activists Sticker Seattle Crisis Pregnancy Center Bus Ads

It's Happening Tonight!

The Greaseball Picnic

"Mitt Romney, A Hero in My Mind"

Thief Steals Hollywood Guns from Movie Madness!

If You're Gonna Get Bludgeoned, Then C'mon, Get BLUDGEONED

Good Morning, News!

URGENT POLL: Is Aquaman Cooler Than You?

Let's Watch the New The Master Trailer!

Corin Tucker Band Becomes X-Ray Spex; Open Casting Call for New Video

Dig A Pony's One-Year Anniversary (Awesome) Souvenir

Sometimes a Great Notion Aims to Surprise and Confuse

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Tonight in Music

An Adorable Cat Has Taken Up Residence in City Hall's Kale Garden

Don't Hit on People in this Bar.

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

The Best Portland-Based Rap Video About Good Dental Hygiene You Will Ever See

This Weekend: Alien Trivia

SL Letter of the Day: Who Comes First

Enter the "True Tales of TriMet Terror" Essay Contest!

12 Dead at Colorado The Dark Knight Rises Screening

NBC New Comedies: Now with 25% Less Smart

I Didn't Omit Your Podcast on Purpose.

This Week's Mercury Music Section

The Only Good Part of the TSA is Their Blog.

London's Olympic Opener Promises to be More Fucked Up than China's

Dots to Reopen as Pretty Much Same Old Dots

SL Letter of the Day: A Pair of DTMFAs

The Best Portland Obama Protesters

Another Mini-Retail Explosion

Whoops! Marijuana Petition Falsely Used Reporter's Signature

Realizing the Potential of Louie's

Booker Longlist Announced

Fred Willard Pulls a Pee-Wee

The Public's First Look at James Holmes

Sold Out

Only Hearts

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

I, Anonymous Blog

Savage Love

BJ and the Bore

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Hire a Ninja