Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 26 - Aug. 1, 2012

Vol. 13, No. 10
Ryan Bubnis


Sellwood Slip-Up

Mayor Adams Slams Last-Minute Changes to Sellwood Bridge Design

The End of a Hunger Strike

Cameron Whitten Decides to Stop Protest

Hall Monitor

Taser Case's Silver Lining

The Naked American vs. TSA

"Symbolic Nudity" Is Okay in Oregon—Now Can Portland's TSA Protester Win Against the Feds?

In Other News


"I Just Want to Feel Everything"

Feeling Fiona Apple's The Idler Wheel

Getting Physical

Katy Goodman Does It All in La Sera

A Whole New World

Hustle and Drone's Electro-Pop Panacea

Up & Coming

This Week’s Music Previews

Movies & TV

Alien Armageddon at Costco

The Watch's Big-Box Comedy

¡Viva la Revolución!

So You Think You Want a 3D Boner?


OC87: One Man's Mental Journey

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Grandmotherly Minimalism

Hearty Balkan Basics at Two Brothers


Mercury Poisoning

A Boring Bio of Freddie Mercury

Celebrating The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Waiting for October: Nostalgia in Zine Form

A Wolf in Lit Fic's Clothing

John Brandon's A Million Heavens Juggles Humanity, Wilderness, and the Supernatural

Theater & Performance

Bleeding Edge

Busting Theater Stereotypes at JAW: A Festival of Playwrights

Mikey Going Down

Mikey Kampmann Reports from Frigid Climes


The Lost Island

Is the City Handing over West Hayden Island for a Port We Don't Need?

I, Anonymous

Sized Up


Now Open: The Faux Museum

Pete & Pete Zine Release Party—Tonight!

The Democratic Party Platform Will Include a Marriage Equality Plank

Sonny and the Sunsets Get Back to the Country in Time for Pickathon

This Week's Mercury Music Section

The Trading Tortoise

Another New Song from the Great New Corin Tucker Band Album

Romney Offers Barista Half-Consumed Hot Cocoa in Lieu of Tip

Photos from This Year's PDX Pop Now! Festival

Tales of Tri-Met Terror Contest Closes in MERE HOURS!

JAW Starts Tonight!

Selections from My Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote O' The Day!

Tonight at the Hollywood: Miami Vice, the Greatest TV Show in the History of TV Shows

This Week's Style Events, Part 1

It's the Feel-Good Story of a Feel-Bad Week...

The Most Beautiful Electric Bike in the World

Comedy Tour: The Alex Falcone Diaries:

Do You Think This New Bat for Lashes Song Is About Laura Palmer?

Good Morning News!

And Now to Answer the Greatest Question of Our Age

Tonight in Music

Should Here Comes the Boom Be Retitled Mr. Brawlin's Opus?

Roller Derby Weekend: Boys vs. Girls, Betties vs. Tilted Thunder

Nerd Dads Are the Best Dads

SL Letter of the Day: Post-Blowjob Runs

FBI Raids Homes In Northwest—Looks Like They Might Be Targeting Anarchists

Tonight in Music

URGENT POLL: Crockett or Tubbs?

The Big Float and "Myths of the Willamette"

Good Morning, News!

Tom Hanks Defeats Timbers

Good Morning News!

It's Happening Tonight!

2001 in 2012

BREAKING: Interview and Documents from FBI Raid Show Feds are Targeting Anarchists

Romney Aide Tells Press to "Kiss my ass" at Holy Site

Jeff Bezos Dumps $2.5 Million into WA State's Marriage Equality Campaign

Mitt Romney's Failtastic World Tour Continues

Reading Tonight: John Brandon!

Hunger Strike Ends With Giant Donut

Ladies! Big, Awesome Birth Control Funding News!

Snoop Dogg Is Now Snoop Lion, R.I.P.Snoop Dogg

Elizabeth Cline Is Coming to Portland

Photos of Phantogram at the Wonder

The Nail Files: Free Manicures! ... From the Creators of The Jersey Shore :(

A Little Light Friday Reading (About Rape)

Tonight in Music

Bob Stacey Endorses Jefferson Smith

Tonight in Music

Twitter Apologizes for Being Dicks

Romney Admits His Adviser Made the Anti-Obama "Anglo Saxon" Remark

It's Happening Tonight!

Cart Pod Growing Fast on NE Cully

This Week's Cover

How Long Will the I-5 Bridge Last?

Comedy at The Fixin' To: A Perfect Date for You and Your Sister-Cousin-Aunt

Alley 33 Is Tomorrow!

Langhorne Slim: Pickathon's MVP

TriMet Issues Nine Times as Many Citations as Last Year

One Way to Join the Angry Eagle Scouts of America

Esquire's List of 2012's Best New Comedians: Relevant to Portland's Interests

Pick Up Your Wristbands TONIGHT for the Big Float!

What if Portland Had a Beach Downtown?

The New Cloud Atlas Trailer

Portland vs. Chivas USA—High-Pitched Live Blog Action!

It's Happening Tonight!

Scrappy New E-Bookseller Tries to Take on Amazon with Brick-and-Mortar Bookstores

Take A Shower, Hippie: Pickathon and The Oasis

Gore Vidal Dead at 86

Happy Little Trees: The Wonderful Bob Ross Mashup

Superfest 4 Announces Lineup, Includes Chromatics, Looks Amazing

Twelfth Night at Pickathon—with Laura Gibson, Bruce Molsky, Casey MacGill

The Shins Cover the Magnetic Fields

Jonah Lehrer Resigns from the New Yorker

Tonight in Music

It's Happening Tonight!

The 20th Annual Division/Clinton Street Fair

Good Morning News!

Baby Doll Pizza Now Open on 28th & Stark

We Have an Awesome Library, But No Stable Funding.

Why Do Republican Governors Want to Kill So Many of Their People?

Our Live Review of the Fiona Apple Show Last Night

Why Mitt Romney Is Unlikable: The Republican Edition

Welcome Back to Otter Friday!

Highlights from the Alley 33 Fashion Show

Good Morning News!

The Week's Feature Photographer

SL Letter of the Day: By Special Guest Debby Herbenick

Get Ready for Food Prices to Go Up

The Amazing Acro-Cats Come to Portland!

When Space Nerds Attack

Blogtown's Poster of the Week

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Win $300 with your True Tale of TriMet Terror!

Win Tickets to Top Down: Rooftop Cinema!

Officer-Involved Shooting on SE Division

Sold Out

Alley 33

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

I, Anonymous Blog

Savage Love

Furtive Furter

I Love Television

I Love Television™

The Snore-lympics