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Sep. 6 - 13, 2012

Vol. 13, No. 16
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Photo by Merkley??? Illustrations by Hiller Goodspeed


The Growing Legacy List

Sam Adams Also Wants to Be Remembered for Helping Fix the County

From Cars to Cafés

City Program Converts Parking Spots to Outdoor Dining

Hall Monitor

Willing to Keep Cops' Secrets?


The Mercury's Officially Unofficial Guide to MusicfestNW

An Invitation to Privilege

Parenthetical Girls Want to Be Your Friend

Up & Coming

This Week's Music Previews

Movies & TV

Something Inbetween

The Inbetweeners Movie: TV Times Three

In the Red

Spike Lee Goes Back to Doing the Right Thing

Hangin' on the Telephone

For a Good Time Call... Actually, Don't.

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Geek Out

Grand Theft Woo

Food and Drink

Purveyor Profile: Nicky USA

How His Meat Gets to Your Table


Sunset Boulevard of Broken Dreams

The Golden Age of Emma Straub's Great Debut Novel

Awkward and Unfathomable

Amanda Coplin's The Orchardist Is a Vital, Beautiful Debut

Theater & Performance

The Week in TBA

The Mercury's Quick Picks for TBA's First Week


The Mercury's Officially Unofficial Guide to MusicfestNW

The Fall of Romneyville

Snapshots from the Republican National Convention

Can't See 'em All!

Our Super-Duper List of MusicfestNW Show Previews

A Bad Dream

On the Mend, Mr. Jonathan Toubin Returns to Portland

Talkin' Transgender Dysphoria Blues

Against Me! Are Still Punk as Fuck

...And Then There Were Two...

Menomena Gets Familial with Moms

The Great Flood

How the Heavy Rains of Portland Shapeshifted the Helio Sequence's New Record

Play My Song

Under the Influence of Redd Kross

Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart

Kishi Bashi's Violin Emits Pure Ecstasy

Break Free of the Bracelet!

See Stuff for Free with Our Handy Guide

I, Anonymous

New Rule


Baconfest Coming to a Saturday Near You

As the Crisis in Libya Continues, Romney's Floundering Looks Small in Comparison

Meanwhile, an Update From the Great Big Fluoride Debate

Apple iPhone 5 Announcement Preview!

Rapping Weatherman? I Cannot Resist You.

SL Letter of the Day: Ambulatory Masturbatory Aide

It's Happening Tonight!

Views From the Street: Our Favorites From the Paul Ryan Fundraiser Protest

Republican Staffer Pretends to Be Disillusioned Obama Supporter in New Ad

The Science of Orgasm

Obligatory Cranky TBA Post: I HATE WAITING

Every Trailer Should Begin with Liam Neeson Threatening to Find and Kill You, the Viewer of the Trailer You're About to Watch

Portland Thieves! Return My "Hot Tub Time Machine" Backpack! NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Probably the Best Birthday Party Ever

E.T. Returns to Terrify Another Generation

Good Morning, News!

Local Comedians Compete in Portland for the Chance to Compete in Seattle

Cops Say They're Using Force Less Often—But Report Offers Few Details

Can We Just Talk About the Onion's Convention Coverage For a Second

Listen to the Corin Tucker Band's New Album. All of It.

Freaky Google Ad of the Day

Mitt Romney's Tiny Face Approved This Message

Tonight's MusicfestNW Shows

Last Week to Apply for Crafty Wonderland

Hits of Sunshine: Portland Artists in the Desert

Opening Night at the Works!

Romney Is Kind of Imploding Right Now

Hot Or Not: Google Glass at New York Fashion Week

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Ten Tiny Dances: Photos

Meet the Mercury's Newest Lawyer

Unanimous Vote for Fluoride; Referendum Expected This Afternoon

President Obama's Speech to the DNC

TriMet Route Changes Cause Trouble For Woodlawn Businesses


The Duchess Fall Look

Yipes! The HUMP! Deadline is Less than a Month Away!

Concordia Neighborhood to Celebrate Neighborhood Awesomeness

Portland Garment Factory at The Curiosity Club

Your Congressman Says to Go Eat at Food Carts

Parenthetical Girls' Urban-Viking Funeral

Where Hatred of the Rich Outweighs Racism

Good Morning News!

Tonight at the Bagdad: Tim Burton's Batman

Endorsements Show Split in Mayoral Candidates

Good Morning, News!

NW Hip Hop Fest Tonight; New Cool Nutz Video

SL Letter of the Day: He Doesn't Like Condoms, She Doesn't Like the Pill

Bill Callahan Documentary vs. Real Bill Callahan

The DNC Night That Was: Night Two

Troops Not Important to Romney

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

The New Louie's is Now Operational

SL Letter of the Day: Shock and Ew

Heads Up, Doctor Who Fans

Some Perspective on Those Jobs Numbers

Breaking Bad: Hot Motion Graphics Intro!

SL Letter of the Day: Wedded Miss

Back to School Clothing Round-Up!

TBA: A Butt-Lickin' Good Time

Good Morning News!

You Can No Longer Avoid this Mad Men/Rick Astley Mashup

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett: SPLITSVILLE

Come to Our Mayoral Inquisition Next Week!

Who's Hurt Most by the TriMet Fare Hike?

We Might as Well Get Our $148 Million Worth from the Streetcar

Goddammit, Did You Really Have to Quote a Woman Named Tree?

MusicfestNW Starts Tonight!

Tonight in Music

DNC Closes Out with Anti-Choice, Anti-Gay Prayer

Finally, a Health Study on Coal Dust: Multnomah County Steps Up

Questions for Concertgoers

TBA Starts Tonight!

PBA Asks Nolan, Fritz Whether "Transients" Should Be "Allowed" on Public Sidewalks

It's Creepy Burlesque Night!

It's Happening Tonight!

This Ad on Might Be In Poor Taste

The HBO Trailer for The Girl

Are You a True Chicago Fan?

You Don't Know Me, Pandora... YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!

Tonight at TBA: Christeene

Third Album Stream's a Charm: Black Prairie

GGG—Now With Added Science!

Tonight's MusicfestNW Shows

Doctor Who Recap: Dinosaurs! On a Spaceship!

Obama's Favorite Place in the White House

The Policy Gap

Oregonians Are Using Less and Less Gas

More Streaming Albums! Hear Menomena's Moms

The Quiet Volume: Crazy-Making Performance Art at the Central Library

Life Coaching, Heart of Darkness, and a Tiny Baby Goat

POLL: What Is the Correct Pronunciation of Star Trek Into Darkness? Plus: A CONTEST!

Win Baraka on Blu-ray! And Some Other Stuff!

DJ Jonathan Toubin TONIGHT at Holocene!

A Peek into the Mercury Editorial Process

Ryan's Hedging His Bets

Good Morning, News!

George W. Bush Was Warned Multiple Times About an Attack from Al Qaeda Before 9/11

Blogtown's Poster of the Week

Pendleton Portland Collection Madness Resumes

Kula Kart: Cute Cart Alert!

Quick Thoughts on Perforations

The Fluoride Fight In City Hall Is About to Get Real

Our "Apple Preview" is the Best "Apple Preview"

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Will Pussy Riot Be Freed?

New Obama Ad: It Could've Been Worse!

Meet the Stunters of the XDL Championships

Disturbing Trend in Pop Music Videos That Makes My Inner Nerd Rage

A New Challenger Has Entered! The Oregon Comic-Con Stomps Into Existence

Tonight's MFNW & TBA Events at Your Fingertips!

Federal Lawsuit Filed in New Columbia Police Shooting

Gays, Ruining One Marriage at a Time

Eric D. Johnson Makes a Deschutes River Recording

Good Morning, News!

It's Happening Tonight!

It's Happening Tonight!

J.J. Abrams Sells Robot Cop—and I'm Buying!

The Duchess Fall Lookbook

Sold Out

Good News and Bad News

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

Burn Notice

I Love Television