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Sep. 27 - Oct. 3, 2012

Vol. 13, No. 19
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Ben Soeby


"It Is Totally Worth It"

Adams Challenges Council to Back Court Fight in Frashour Case

Bike Business

Portland Study Shows Cyclists Make Good Customers

The Real Portlandia

Research Shows We're Not "Retired," We're Underpaid

Oasis in a Food Desert

Old Town Truck Serves Low-Income People

Hall Monitor

You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry

In Other News


Living and Breathing

Foghorn Stringband Strum Authenticity

What's Going On?

Down the Rabbits Hole

Unnatural Selection

Unnatural Helpers Go the Distance

Build Yourself a Myth

Beach House Goes Deeper

Up & Coming

This Week's Music Previews

Movies & TV

The Perks of Being a Fan

How Stephen Chbosky Didn't Ruin Your Favorite Book

Seeing Double

Looper: Time Traveling for Fun and Profit!

Letting Go, Piece by Piece

Our Full Interview with Stephen Chbosky, Writer/Director of The Perks of Being a Wallflower

All Aboard

Inclusivity Reigns at the Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Fest

Better Than Boiled Asparagus

Kids Will Like Hotel Transylvania! Kids Don't Know Anything.

Adulthood Is Hard

Graduating Grownups in Liberal Arts

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Geek Out

Cathode Rays of Nostalgia

Food and Drink

Ghosts in the Kitchen

Stuck in the Past at the Slide Inn


Going for Broke

Michael Chabon Heads to Telegraph Avenue

Every Woman Is an Island

Domesticity in the Wilds of TC Boyle's San Miguel

Got Something to Say?

The Moth's StorySLAM launches in Portland

Food Carts, Strip Clubs, and Wu-Tang

Portland Is Now a Place in American Poetry

Theater & Performance

Needs More Demon

Portland Center Stage's Defanged Sweeney Todd


Death Warmed Over

A Cheat Sheet to Our Coming Climate Catastrophe

I, Anonymous

Tragedy Unleashed


Imagine the Real World, But Filmed by Actual Portland Hippies

Occupy-Related F6 Protest Trials End, No Anarchists in Sight

Win Tickets to Hot Water Music

We Don't Need to Fix Our Sidewalks

TV News Reporter Force-Feeds Trolls a Heaping Helping of SHUTCHERFUCKINGFACE

A Peek into the Mercury Editorial Process

The Best Moment of Lindsay Lohan's Life

Mayor Tells PPA to Stop "Character Attacks" After Auditor Clears Cops in Review of Frashour Arbitration Testimony

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

The Newest Romney Model Is Coming Pre-Loaded with Zingers

Get Your Tickets to see The Lost Boys!

Good Morning News!

Look What You Can Bid On In the Street Roots Auction: ME!

A New One from Log Across the Washer

So Many Getups! Menomena's New, Costume-Filled Video

Good Morning, News!

Well, It's Here

Could Occupy Portland Still Get Jury Trials?

It's Happening Tonight!

Stephen Colbert or Stephen Colbert?

Trailer for Johnny Depp Wearing a Bird

Oni Press Presents The Big Sleep at the Hollywood

Good Morning, News!

Portland Goes Three for Ten in Most-Produced Plays

Another Portland Book Release

No Sleep Til...

Who Will Win the Debate?

Paul Ryan: "30 percent [of Americans] want their welfare state"

Tonight in Music

Good Morning News!

Goodbye, Slovenly Newsracks of Downtown!

Tonight, Mitt Romney Will Write "Dad" on a Piece of Paper to Remind Himself of His Father

Good Morning, News!

Two Unsafe-Streets Deaths on Sunday

Jefferson Smith's Campaign Shares Deal Behind Dropped 1993 Assault Charge

Win Tickets to Jeff Garlin

"Legally Possible" Frashour Returns to Police Force Soon, Despite Court Appeal

A Peek into the Mercury Editorial Process

Timbers Owner Dinged $25K For Berating Officials

Adams Ready to Roll: Vote on Frashour Challenge Set for Next Thursday

Ninja Turtles Too Cool to Say "Cowabunga" Anymore, I Guess

Bieber Vomit Gets the Taiwanese CGI Treatment!

Romney Rebuts Romney

Your Mom Has a New Music Video

Romney Loses Pennsylvania

Conference Call Tonight to Give Feds Advice on Fixing the Portland Police Bureau

Where Did that "Young People Go to Retire" Joke Come From, Anyway?

SL Letter of the Day: Face Sitting

Meanwhile in High Fashion: Furkenstocks

Now at Target: American Horror Story Gimp Suit!

I Hate Elinor Jones.

Jefferson Smith on Dropped Assault Charge: "You Never Know What Happens When You Go to a Jury"

Izakaya: Another Food Fest Comes to Portland

It's Happening Tonight!

Mayor Has Votes for Court Challenge of Frashour Reinstatement

A Whole Bunch of New Portland Music Videos

Don't Forget! Watch the Prezzy Debate with the Mercury!

Nicki Minaj Sets Mariah on Fi-yah!

What Do Massachusetts Republicans Have to Say About Mitt Romney?

The Color Run: Burning Man For Soccer Moms

S.H.I.E.L.D. Character Spoilers!

It's Happening Tonight!

Coffee with Kramer

Jefferson Smith Plans "Major Announcement" After News Report on Dropped Assault Charge

New Blog Series: Stupid, Stupid Teenager!

City Attorney to Oregonian: Didn't Mean to Imply Chief Reese was "Inattentive" on Tasers

New The Walking Dead Webisode!

The First-Annual Do Gooders Creativity Awards

New American Horror Story Trailer: Here's That Eyelid Retractor You Ordered!

"I Do Not Have the Money to Pay For This!"

Doctor Who Recap: Your Poor, Huddled, Weeping Masses

Mitt Romney Goes to Chipotle

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Win Grizzly Bear Tickets and a Poster

Slide Inn - What The Critic Saw

Tonight in Music

Is Portland Better Off Now than it Was Three Years Ago?

Deschutes River Recordings: Eric Earley - "Up on Cripple Creek"

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Tonight in Music

City Zeroes in on Alta to Run Portland Bike Share

SL Letter of the Day: Frustrated GILF

It's Happening Tonight!

Police Want Old Town Bar District to Go Car-Free On Weekends

Playboy's Girls of the (1996) Internet

Straight Women: Your Birth Control Pills Are Turning Men Gay

94/7 Announces December to Remember Concerts

Things You Didn't Read About in the Paper This Week

There Was a Police Shooting This Weekend, but No One Died

Read This Oral History of Cheers

Portlandia Corn Maze: Not Actually Very Portlandia-y!

The Doug Fir Is Eight and You Are Old

SL Letter of the Day: Modern Love

Romney Campaign Puts Romney in the Cellar, Keeps Digging

Portland Fashion and Style Award Nominees Announced: Ever Heard of 'Em?

ShowPDX Opens Tonight

I Am Excited. Breasts, Midnight Snack, Starfleet, Buttocks. I Love You. Yes.

Tonight in Music

No Criminal Charge or Ticket for Driver In Fatal Crash With Kathryn Rickson

Amy Poehler Has Advice for You—and By "You," I Mean SPECIFICALLY YOU.

Tonight in Music

Good Morning, News!

Yo! Freelancers: Tigerprint Studios

The Modern Man Moves South

Nerdy Nudity Coming Our Way

SL Letter of the Day: Yes We Can!

It's Happening Tonight!

SL Letter of the Day: What. An. Asshole.

It's Happening Tonight!

Yes, Women Make Less Money Than Men—Even in Portland, Even Without Kids

Watch a Romney Surrogate Refuse to Talk Specifics About the Romney Tax Plan

Tonight in Music

I'm Dan Savage and I Approved—And Stand By—This Message

"The Wurst" Now Open on E. Burnside

Video: AU - "Solid Gold"

Cop Union President to Mayor: No You Need to Start Focusing on Facts in Campbell Case

The Bold Rush

You Have ONE WEEK LEFT! Update: No, You Don't!

Sold Out

The Shoe Store

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

I, Anonymous Blog

Savage Love

I Love Television

Mac & Cheese Pizza? VOTE NO!