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Oct. 4 - 10, 2012

Vol. 13, No. 20
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The Fix Isn't In

Report Debunks Police Union Conspiracy Theory in Frashour Firing

Swan Drive

Truck Company Employees Want to Bike Safely to Swan Island—Will the City Leave Them in the Lurch?

Hall Monitor

Tell Me Why This Matters

Car-Free = Care-Free?

Out with Traffic on NW 3rd, In with Drunks!

In Other News


Love and Let Love

Gossip Move in the Right Direction

Rock Race

Sic Alps Hit the Studio and Play Nice

Cool Out

In Space with THEESatisfaction

Deep Space

The xx's Club-Pop Follow-Up

Up & Coming

This Week's Music Previews

Movies & TV

Father of the Year

Taken 2: It's (Still) a Bad Idea to Piss Off Liam Neeson

Treehouse of Torture Porn

Like Its Namesake, V/H/S Is Problematic

Spark of Life

Resurrecting Tim Burton's Frankenweenie

Dream Weaving

Chicken with Plums' Sleepy Style

Stepped On

Bill W.: The Alcoholic Behind Alcoholics Anonymous

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Taqueria at the End of the Universe

God Is in the Details at Taqueria Portland


The 12-Year-Old Boy Scene

Brent Weinbach's Dazzlingly Original Poo Joke Repertoire


The Hipster Issue

Tin House's Portland-Brooklyn Issue

Days That Used to Be

Waging Heavy Peace: Neil Young's Memoir

My Heart Is an Idiot

Found's Davy Rothbart Is Sad About Girls

Hey Bucko!

The Dirty, Funny Side of Portland in the Murder Mystery Comic



New Events Spotlight Portland Design—Like, All of Portland Design

Cue Overload

Your Guide to a Multitude of Design Events

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Top Five Super Dicks

I, Anonymous

Bloody Buddy


Fall Reading List

Our House Benefit Dinner Series Begins Again Next Week

Tonight in Music

Tin House's Rob Spillman: Lena Dunham's Advance Represents Everything Wrong with Corporate Publishing

Good Morning News!

Romney and Obama Agree: "Shut the Fuck Up, Jim Lehrer."

New Obama Ad Accuses Romney of Putting Profits Over National Security

Mitt Romney on His 47% Video: "I said something just completely wrong"

More (and Better) American Horror Story Scenes!

A Whole Bunch of Walking Dead Events

SL Letter of the Day: Bad Attitude

The Seventh Annual Text Ball Is Saturday

Wordstock After-Partying with the Mercury and The Stranger

The Pickathon Pumphouse Sessions

Good Morning, News!

Tonight in Music

Occupy Protester in Infamous Pepper Spray Photo Will Sue Police Bureau

Occupy Protester in Pepper Spray Photo Sues for Policy Changes, $155,000

Look Ma, I'm on the TeeVee: Thursday's Oregon Art Beat

Mister Romney's Neighborhood

Harsh Words for Police Union in Unanimous Vote to Fight Frashour Reinstatement

Bucko Release Party Tonight

Portland's Crisis Pregnancy Centers are Targeting Hipsters

Table of Contents

Trust Me, I Feel As Bad About Posting This As You Will Feel About Watching It

Mitt Romney's Moronic Foreign Policy Speech Was Built to Be Chopped Into Pieces

Tonight at Bridge City Comics: Raina Telgemeir

Another Reason Lilo & Stitch Is Totally Fucking Badass

Tonight in Music

Come Watch the Presidential Debate in Three Hours!

Tonight in Music

Mayhem Almost Erupted As Cops Cleared Terry Schrunk Plaza on Saturday

Stone & Honey F/W '12: Arcos

Tonight in Music

Radiation City Takes a Ride on Spotify's Big Green Bus

Blogtown's Poster of the Week

Save Laughing Horse Books!

Danny DeVito & Rhea Perlman—SPLITSVILLE

Incumbent President Totally Botches First Debate Against Challenger

Tearjerker of the Day: Krispy Kreme Makes Up with Money Maker Mike

Fresh Hop Fest Saturday

Design Week Portland: It's On!

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' "Same Love"

Your Terrible PR Quote of the Day for Monday, October 8, 2012

It's Happening Tonight!

What Was NOT Said During Last Night's Debate?

John McCain Basically Says Obama Rigged the Jobs Numbers

A Bad Week For Local Business

The Fall and Rise of Barack Obama

Comedy Tour Diary: A Review of Boise, ID

Email of the Day

Portland Activist Charged With 72 Felonies Gets Plea Deal

Hey, Cool, Now Prometheus Is Even Goofier

Should Portland's Bag Ban Include a Charge for Paper? Leonard, Saltzman Skeptical

Win Tickets to Rodriguez

Cop Union President: Vote to Appeal Frashour Reinstatement "Brazen and Misguided"

Hallelujah! We're Less Religious than Ever!

Portland Cabbies Fight Over New Permits

Final HUMP! Submission Deadline ONE WEEK AWAY! (For Realsies This Time!)

Barack Obama Is Going to Leave Michelle and Hook Up with a Dude!

Good Morning, News!

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Wow! NBC Has Soooooooooooooooooo Much Faith in Community!

Why Didn't Any of You Tell Me About Vin Diesel's Facebook

NOM Urges You to "Vote Catholic"

It's Happening Tonight!

Transit Tracker is Broken.

The Memories Get High, Play Music

Geoff Tate Wants to Tell You About Himself

Today in Terror: The Eyes of Disney on Ice

Mitt Can't Kill Big Bird

If You're Anti-Abortion, You Should be Pro-Birth Control

Required Viewing, Blogging, Tweeting...

Oh No. It's the New Die Hard Trailer

Snoop Dogg's Reasons for Supporting Obama

Bollywood Jaws Doesn't Fuck Around

Skyfall Officially Joins the Ranks of Bond Theme Songs. But Should it Have?

The Portland Fashion & Style Awards: A (Partial) Recap

Download Tin House's Portland/Brooklyn Mixtape

Lindy West at Back Fence: "I Can't Divorce the Internet"

Hey Nerds! David Huntsberger has some comedy for you!

SL Letter of the Day: Only the Lonely

Good Morning, News!

SL Letter of the Day: A Boyfriend, a Best Friend, and Some Underwear

Rap, I Love You, But Stop Saying "Getting Brain"

The First Debate: Let the "Romney Comeback" Narrative Begin

Portland Cello Project + Adam Shearer + Radiohead

Listen to the New Typhoon Song

Some Looper Stuff for Your Earholes

Good Morning, News!

Tonight at Holocene: Davy Rothbart

And Now a Terrifying Tale from TriMet

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

"Reasons Columbus Day is the Worst Holiday of the Year": A COUNTERPOINT

The Wednesday Design Agenda

The American Scream Tomorrow at the Hollywood

Win Tickets to Iron Fingers of Death! And a Kung Fu Theater T-Shirt!

Black Prairie's Ode to Nowhere

Visiting BC Burlesque Sensation at the Bossanova Tomorrow

Reasons Columbus Day is the Worst Holiday of the Year

A "Bad Lip Reading" of the Presidential Debate

It's Happening Tonight!

The Sustainability Center is Dead.

Good Morning News!

Schedule for Friday's Streetcar Mobile Music Fest

The First-Ever Portland Fashion & Style Awards Are Tonight

Listen to a Tune from Eternal Tapestry's Second Album of the Year

No More Louie Until... 2014?!?


Three Reasons You Should Care About Swan Island

Sold Out

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

The Kids Want to Know