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Oct. 18 - 24, 2012

Vol. 13, No. 22
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Trouble in the Road

Depressing Data Shows Crashes Have Spiked at "Bike Box" Intersections

Occupy: Case Dismissed?

Will Right to Jury Trials Spell End to Protesters' Charges?

Hall Monitor

Smith Chased out of Town?


"I'm Not One of the World's Great Thinkers"

A Chat with Noel Gallagher

From Havana to the 15th Ward

Calexico Crosses the Border

Remembering the Rainbow

Dio Disciples Keep the Legend Alive

Group Therapy

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez on Sharing

Our Extended Interview with Noel Gallagher

Now Even Longer!

Up & Coming

This Week's Music Previews

Movies & TV

Red vs. Blue

Split: A Deeper Divide: Yep! America's Screwed!

So Chaaaahming

The Fabulous Hagiography of Diana Vreeland

Like Father, Like Son

Step Up to the Plate: A Family Restaurant Changes Hands

Drunk-odile Dundee

Wake in Fright: A Lost Aussie Nightmare

A Galaxy Not So Far Away

Turkish Star Wars: The O.G. Phantom Menace

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Geek Out

E.T. Is Pissed!

Where's Madea?

Alex Cross Is... Blrrrrrgggh.

Food and Drink

Signature Hospitality

Cibo: Marco Frattaroli's Shining Second Act

This One's on the House

Portland Cocktail Week Buys Us Another Round


Peep Show

Gabrielle Bell's New Collection Makes Voyeurs of Us All

Comics, Not Commercial Breaks

The Projects Is a Different Kind of Comics Festival

Kid World

Down the Rabbit Hole: Even Drug Barons Have Kids

Dancing About Architecture

David Byrne, as Well as Anybody, Addresses How Music Works

Theater & Performance

Portland Playhouse's Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

The President's Skinny Jeans Could Be Tighter

All Jane, No Dick

Showcasing Female Comedians in a Male-Dominated Field


Desperation Row: 2012 Election Endorsements

The 2012 Election: Unpopular Ideas and Candidates Hungry for Your Love

Voting Cheat Sheet

Clip and save!

Worst Mayors Ever

Top Five Reasons to Still Be Excited About Voting for Barack Obama

I, Anonymous

Canvas My Ass


Throw Your Hands In The Air Like You've Got Two Questions To Ask

Your Fave Internet "WTF" Moments...

Matt Bors Kickstarts Life Begins at Incorporation

Mitt Romney Supporter Donald Trump Will Bravely Unearth the Obamas' Divorce Papers Tomorrow

Prudie and I Both Agree On This

Alternate Alex Cross Taglines

Seen in Westmoreland

Either Romney Was Lying to GOP Base During the Primaries...

Good Morning, News!

Premiere: Cars & Trains - "We Are All Fire"

Try a Little Harder, Erik.

Deeper Into Other Worlds: An Interview With Sammy Harkham

Whatever the Fuck Holy Motors Is, I Want to See It

Tonight in Music

Win Tickets to HUMP 2012!

Good Morning News!

Jefferson Smith Bares His Soul—Maybe a Little Too Much

A Peek into the Mercury Editorial Process

Two Days After Discovering It, I Am Still Delighted by the Kanye Wes Tumblr


Premiere: Nucular Aminals - "Family Barber"

Younger People Likelier to Identify as LGBT, People of Color Likelier to Identify as LGBT, LGBT People Are On Average Poorer, Women Likelier to Identify As LGBT...

Mitt Romney, the Man of a Thousand Faces, Tried to Put on an Obama Mask. It Didn't Go Well.

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Obama's Pension

Kings of Cascadia

SL Letter of the Day: Buttpons

North Vancouver's LV's Twelve-22 Will Close its Doors

Listen to All of Peter Broderick's New Album


Win Tickets to Crystal Castles

The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club!

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

Good Morning News!

The New Dolorean Song That's Been All on the TV

Hales Wants to Start Collecting Big Checks from Unions

All Jane No Dick Opens Tonight!

And I Was Just About to Drop to One Knee and Thank God...

It's Halloween! (Keep Your Tits In)

SL Letter of the Day: Suddenly Soft

Even David Fincher Sucks at Adapting Videogames

"The candidate I'm voting for is not even Christian. He's Mormon."

Red Fang's European Tour Video

Sesame Street Sez "Cease & Desist" to Sexy Big Bird

Good Morning, News!

Today in "You Are So F*cking Old": Smells Like Teen Spirit, The Sitcom

Want to Win $300? I Bet I Know Someone Who Doesn't

More New Music from the Memories

It's Happening Tonight!

Ballots Have Mailed! Everybody Freak Out!

Sweet Debate Tweets! (Ann Coulter Edition)

Go Underwater with a Chilly Hey Lover

Tonight in Music

Watch the FINAL Prez Debate with the Mercury! TONIGHT!

It's Happening Tonight!

This Is a Serious Question: Who Are You Writing in for Mayor?

Community: It's October 19th... in Our Hearts

SL Letter of the Day: Crossing Over

Politics: If You Don't Laugh You'll Cry ... So Why Not Laugh?

Good Morning News!

Tonight in Music

Good Morning, News!

Tonight in Music

On Sunday, I watched Nine Hours of Amateur Porn

Cry, Clare Danes! Go On! CRYYYYYYY!

Fritz Wants to Pry More Budget Power from Mayor's Claws

Laura Gibson Goes Down by the Riverside

Drunk Jeff Goldblum Better Than Sober Jeff Goldblum


This Week's Mercury Film Section

Psyched for Romney's Free Birth Control Plan!

Roller Derby Weekend: GNR vs. Seattle, Rookies vs. Salem, Rosebuds Playoffs

Mr. Man

The Final Debate: Songified for Your Pleasure!

Comics Underground! Tonight!

All Jane No Dick Continues This Weekend

BREAKING: A Roach is On My Neck!!

The Project: A New Kind of Comics Fest

On the Town with Dale DeGroff

NE Portland Benefits for the Nest

Tagg Romney Wishes He Could've Tagg'd President Obama

American Distillers Fest Warms Up Downtown

Occupy Trials Put on Hold: DA Takes Fight to Supreme Court

It's Not Just the Business Model That's Killing Print

Whaaaaat Portland Has an Eastside?!


Binders, Women, and Lies

Bowery Bagels: Kimchi Cream Cheese?

Occupy Portland Ad Blitz: Turning Buses, Trains into Movement's Sistine Chapel

Fritz Pulls Back on Plan for City Budget Office

It's Happening Tonight!

A Return To Positivity: 5 Things I Actually Liked In the Last Week

Four Portland Mayors Who Are Worse than Charlie Hales or Jefferson Smith

Will Ferrell's Swedish Old Milwaukee Beer Commercials

Win Tickets to Dan Deacon

Clowning Donald Trump's Last Act of Clownery Before the Election Is a Sad Clown Moment

It's Happening Tonight!

Trailer for the New Shane Black Movie Iron Man 3

Blogtown's Poster of the Week

New Poll! Mayor Sam Adams vs. the Actual Mayoral Candidates

Tonight in Music

The Best Political Analysis You'll Read All Day

Next Month: Hitchcock Fest at Cinema 21!

Have You Seen These Cryptic Construction Site Poems?

BodyVox does BloodyVox: Fresh Blood

Rush Limbaugh Calls Candy Crowley a Terrorist

Natural Born Elegance

I'm Glad Richard Nixon Will Never Call Me with Condolences

It's Happening Tonight!

The American Horror Story Chitty-Chat Club!

Cocktail of the Week: The Gardenia Club

Sold Out

The New Old FASHIONxt

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

Truth and Consequences

I Love Television

I Love Television™

The Great Manipulator