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Dec. 26 - Jan. 1, 2013

Vol. 13, No. 32
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David Wien


Set It and Forget It!

The 2012 Stories We're Probably Jerks for Reminding You About


The Best Moments of the Year in Music

Shows, Songs, and More: What Made 2012 Great

Up & Coming

This Week's Music Highlights

Movies & TV

Chatum Alert!

Hereafter, Let Us Refer to 2012 as "The Year of Channing Tatum"

Hollywood Thinks You're Dumb

The Smug, Almost-Great Promised Land

Food and Drink

Reality Check

Where I Spent My Own Money in 2012

Visual Art

The Year in Arts

2012 Happened. Here's What We Remember.


The Best Ball Drops in Town

The Mercury's Mega-Guide to New Year's Eve

Destination Fun

New Year's Eve 2012

I, Anonymous

A Suggested Resolution

Sold Out

The Best Fashion Moments of 2012

One Day at a Time

New Column!

Savage Love


Portland as Fuck

The Best

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Quote Me on That