Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 11 - 17, 2008

Vol. 9, No. 16 Sarah Beetson


In Other News

In the Shadows

Evidence Room

There Goes the Neighborhood

City Permit for Last Thursday Opens Gentrification Wounds

Making Slumlords Pay

City Rewrites Rental Rules

The Lost List

Attorneys Dig Deeper into City's Secretive Program


Bits of Truth

Drugs, Beauty, Death, and Jason Pierce

The Worried and the Well

31Knots Live the Cult Life

Fly Me to the Moon

Soundtracks for Imaginary Films

Echoes and Urgency

Damien Jurado Gets Dense

Once More with Feeling

Rotture's Second Anniversary

Our Town Could Be Your Life

Live Band vs. Ohmega Watts


Movies & TV

Spy Hard

The Coen Brothers Return with Burn After Reading

Mandatory Retirement

Pacino and De Niro Slum it in Righteous Kill

Film Shorts

Geek Out!

Evolution Revolution!

This Week On Television

Murder, Sex, and Movies

The Twisted Trial of Roman Polanski

Woman on Women

The Women: As if Sarah Palin Wasn't Bad Enough

Fun with Nazis

Flashin' Back with I Served the King of England

A Shovel to the Face

No Regret: Not just one more subtitled, seen-it-all-before gay melodrama

Gay Man Seeks Single Monster

Cthulhu will make you think twice about visiting the Oregon Coast

Beautiful, Yes. Articulate, No.

Beautiful Losers' artists are at a loss for words.

Food and Drink

Brother's Smother

My Brother's Crawfish Is Probably Better than Your Brother's

Food News

Visual Art

Peeping through Pinholes

Ethan Jackson and the camera obscura

Theater & Performance

One Week Down

The highs and lows of the first week of TBA

Artists Rep's Sharp, Nuanced Blackbird


The Mercury's Back to School Issue: Teen Sex Edition!

Camping Out

A Few Things to Keep in Mind During Intergenerational Facials

Doin' It

An Erudite Survey of Teen Sex in Music, Film, and Literature

Pop Quiz!

Getting Answers from Portland's High School Sex-Ed Teachers

Boning 101

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Bang

Anybody Seen My Virginity?

True Sex Stories from Mercury Readers

Back to School 2008: The Directory!

Destination Fun

This Week at TBA:08

I, Anonymous

Free Rage

I, Anonymous

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Sexual Abstinence

Is it for you?

Savage Love

More Teen Sex

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Making Me Mentalist