Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 23 - 29, 2008

Vol. 9, No. 22 Julia Gfröer


Made it Work

Portland's Own Leanne Marshall on Winning Project Runway

In the Shadows

Pass the Snake

Hall Monitor

Two More Weeks

What's Red and Black and Hype All Over?

The 2008-09 Blazers Season Preview

Property Before People

Inequity Concerns Loom over Upcoming Sit-Lie Report

In Other News

Fight the Power

SE Portland Neighbors Stand up to PGE Expansion Plans


Cemetery Songs

Local Musicians Sing for the Dearly Departed

No Tone Unturned

Church's Elegance in Simplicity

Your New Favorite Song

Falling into the Passion Pit

It's a Jungle out There

Randy Newman Fights Fire with Satire

Once More With Feeling

Towne Lounge

Our Town Could Be Your Life



Movies & TV

Oversized Baggage

Rachel Getting Married Forces You to Meet the Family

Film Shorts

Geek Out

Designer Fable

This Week On Television

NYPD Blues

Pride and Glory: NYC Is Full of Depressed Cops

Unflappable Optimism

Gettin' Chipper with Mike Leigh's Latest

I Want My Mommy

Momma's Man: [Insert "Yo Mama" Joke Here]

Ghost Story

Here Is the Obligatory Halloween Horror Movie You Requested!

Food and Drink

Der Döner Kebab

It's Pronounced "Dew-ner" in Case You Were Wondering

Happy Hours

Visual Art

Systems and Styles

The visual vocabulary of Jonathan Lasker


Microcosm Comes Home

Microcosm Publishing opens a new Portland storefront

Historical Indulgences

The latest guilty pleasure from Katherine Neville

Theater & Performance

Bucky's Big Ideas

Portland Center Stage's inspiring take on the life of R. Buckminster Fuller

I, Anonymous

You Scream, I Scream

I, Anonymous

Sold Out

Rio Wrenn Gets R.A.W.

One Day at a Time

The Week In Review

Savage Love

Blowing Smoke

I Love Television

I Love Television™

The Cure for Post-Traumatic Stress