Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 13 - 19, 2008

Vol. 9, No. 25


In Other News

Hall Monitor


House Poor

Foreclosure Auction Notices Bring Grim News for Renters

Freedom on Display

Alberta Bicyclist Claims Constitutional Right to Nudity

The Week in Review

Catching up with the Local Election Results

Dirty Dancing

Powell Strip Club Promises to Clean up its Act

Heating the Homeless

Fish to Ask Council for Warming Center Cash

Doing it for Themselves

Sisters of the Road Launches Old Town Cleanup


The Man Who Wrote the Bible

We're All in this Together... Except You, You're a Dick

Tall Tales

Mic Crenshaw Is Larger than Life

Up & Coming

Once More With Feeling

Nick Jaina

Our Town Could Be Your Life

Grey Anne

Movies & TV

Watching You Watching Me

All Games and No Fun in Charlie Kaufman'sSynecdoche, New York

Tween + Vampire = Wuv

Nope, It's Not Twilight. It's Sweden's Let the Right One In

Glitz for a Good Cause

Sex and Violence

Some Things Never Go out of Style!

This Week On Television

Yep, This'll End Well!

Film Shorts

Home Movies

That Which We Desire

Food and Drink

It's A Celebration

A New-Era Party Manifesto

She Likes Us

Amy Sedaris and Hospitality under the Influence

The Drunken Host

How to Booze Your Way Through Your Own Party

The Laziest Host

How to Throw a Party Without Lifting a Finger

Small-Talk Primer

A Short Guide to Sounding Witty, Intelligent, and a Bit Geeky

Now We're Cooking... with Pot!

And We Don't Mean Enameled Dutch Ovens

Party Wrecker

Cake Makes Everything Better and Sometimes Funnier

Party Like a Chef

Two Chefs, Two Recipes, Made to Share

Visual Art

The Things We Value


Theater & Performance

I, Anonymous

Sold Out

The New Paradigm

One Day at a Time

Savage Love

The Gay Contagion

I Love Television

I Love Television™

The Devil's Hologram