RE: "Donald Trump Supporters Confront Anti-Trump Activists at Portland State" [Blogtown, April 16]. "Nine days after anti-Donald Trump student protesters interrupted the first 'PSU Students for Trump' meeting," Doug Brown reported, "supporters of the leading Republican presidential candidate returned the favor and confronted an anti-Trump rally on the Portland State campus, with the help of right-wing conspiracy theorists from Infowars." Befitting an informed and intelligent electorate, "each side yelled at the other from opposite ends of the plaza for a few minutes before approaching each other and yelling face-to-face."

This is the closest Trump supporters will be to higher education in their lifetimes.

posted by dukeofhurl

Wow. Look at the tribal mentality on both sides. The funny part is, all these clowns think the politicians have their best interests in mind.

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Who let the wildlife refuge occupiers out of jail and gave them Trump signs?

posted by Totalitariland

Now I know what the comments section on OregonLive looks like in real life.

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RE: Idiot Box [April 13], Matt Bors' comic, which featured Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz attempting to appeal to New Yorkers on the subway.

I was extremely disgusted when you showed a cartoon where a woman boards a subway and passes by all the major presidential candidates, and you show Bernie Sanders dancing and singing, "It ain't a secret don't conceal the fact/the penitentiary's packed and it's filled with blacks." This smacks of overt racism, and you're giving the message that's what Bernie thinks. Mr. Sanders was arrested for marching alongside Martin Luther King Jr. back during the Civil Rights Movement, and he has recently said he wants to work to end systemic racism. The closest thing Bernie has ever said to those song lyrics is when he talks about how black people and white people commit crimes at the same rate, yet black people are disproportionately arrested. Senator Sanders is the only truly progressive candidate who's running for president. He's already behind with black voters and needs to win them over as it is, and you guys are trying to kneecap him.

Pete Krug


RE: "Portland's Finally Going to Talk to Disadvantaged Folks About Their Filthy River" [News, April 13], part of the Mercury's ongoing coverage of Portland's industrial pollution.

This is not an email written in sarcasm font.

It is, however, a letter of gratitude for the excellent and non-sensationalized reporting that the Mercury has been doing on the air toxics issue.

Please keep it up. You are reporting factual content surrounding the agency actions, interactions, and the interactions with the regulated community. It's refreshing.

Mike Kennedy


RE: "Equity and Aesthetics Should Mix" [Feature, April 13], Kjerstin Johnson's interview with historian Reiko Hillyer, who spoke at Design Week Portland about Portland's issues with homelessness, density, and affordable housing. "I think we can do more," Hillyer told Johnson, "to see fellow Portlanders as having equal claim to public space and equal right to comfort and right to lifestyle." Attending Hillyer's talk required a $395 Design Week Portland general admission pass.

Ms. Hillyer is way better at articulating these issues than her counterparts. But I am getting tired of these equity goals being recited without any hint as to whether they are possible.

posted by Reverend Bite Me

Does anyone else find it vaguely upsetting that it costs $395 to attend a talk about equity, affordable housing, and equal access to public spaces? I mean, I was planning on spending that money on a giant pink marble statue of an upturned middle finger to place on my perfectly manicured front lawn, but now I have to decide if that filthy lucre would be better spent on symbolically feigning support for "important issues." What a crisis.

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Irony Police, your letter is the Mercury's letter of the week—which means you win two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, where it only costs $4 to see a movie! So if you're still struggling to find a way to spend your $395, maybe bring along 98.75 friends.