Letters Jul 6, 2016 at 4:00 am

"Here's an Idea: Find Your Own Up-and-Coming Shithole."


flavio. Porltand has already changed. Anyone thinking a few small cheaply constructed units completely devoid of the materials and style which set the tone for portland is a fool. Unfortunately there are enough fools in portland to believe this and the idea that doing more of the same (throwing unsustainable tax dollars at an idea which will rely on more tax dollars just to sustain it [rent subsidies]) is going to change anything at all. Funny how some I've come across want to knock down dike dames idea (transitional bunker housing for homeless) claiming it is a waste in tax dollars when in actuality it would provide a much more sustainable alternative for people in transition than subsidizing their $1,000/ month "affordable" housing rent.

Disposal of privacy is so cheap it can actually dispense of rent subsidies all together and still be within the reach of many if not most homeless- it could MAKE money for the city. Were it to be available on the free market and eventually attract non-homeless, it could even break the monopoly which the concept of physical privacy has on the rental market. THAT will reduce rental prices even more so than will more market rate housing. Supply/ demand only drops prices when you have a surplus, but for-profit, market rate housing developers (the two are one right?) don't build things they're not confident they can fill.
dammit merc I wish we could still edit comments. I meant anyone thinking a housing bond would in any way maintain the character or even affordability of portland is a short sighted fool - I was agreeing with flavio, as far as the housing bond goes anyway.

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