Letters Oct 26, 2016 at 4:00 am

β€œIf All Pub and Restaurant Patios Were Smoke-Free, They’d Get a Lot More Patrons.”


"second-hand smoke kills 650 people a year". And how many people get killed every year by alcohol? Tens of thousands. There is zero evidence that outdoor patios that allow smoking cause two people to drop dead every day. I think the city should be more concerned about arsenic in the air and lead in the drinking water. Should parents be allowed to HotBox their cars with children in them? No. Should smokers be allowed to enjoy their vice outdoors without being accused of attempted murder? Yes.
I'd upvote that, Aurelius141.
Thanks Pollo. In absence of the simple "like" feature we all miss and love, I want to say I appreciate you taking the time 2 acknowledge someone who is just trying to perpetuate/create a natural discourse here. Freedom is a delicate subject. Some people protest an inappropriate crosswalk While others are burned to the Bone with Barrel bombs. It's all about choosing your battles, and I for one (choose to battle with words) the privileged and the entitled for raising a stink about something that the vast majority of people of this world only wish were the real problems. I can't wait to see the looks on the faces of the people who are upset about smoking zones and traffic lines when they finally get a taste of martial law coming soon to a country near you. Commence the United States of s*** your pants.
How does one find out which places are affected by the new law? Is there a list somewhere? i already choose my venue based on whether or not they have a smoking patio, or some sort of accommodation. And there aren't many left in the city.
The owners are absolutely right. i will leave a place, and never return, if it doesn't have some sort of humane option for smokers. Standing on the side of the road in the pouring rain to have a cigarette is not enjoyable. i would rather stay home. Or, gee, maybe go someplace that one can smoke, somewhere safe & under cover. Is it not enough that we are already sequestered outside, away from non-smoking patrons?
i actually sort of supported the smoking ban. My son has a heart condition & second hand smoke is seriously dangerous for him. Hence, i don't smoke anywhere around him. What do i do? i go outside!
Why is that not enough for people?

Ya half these niconazis will bust a cheese nuke on the bus and think its all ok or even funny that we have to breath the stench of their rotten insides. I for one think cigarette smoke smells much better.

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