RE: “Why We March” [Feature, Nov 16], in which Editor-in-Chief Wm. Steven Humphrey wrote about how Trump voters prioritized “their own perceived well-being over the rights of women (their own mothers, sisters, daughters), over historically marginalized groups like Mexicans, sexual assault victims, blacks, and LGBTQs. What they did is the epitome of selfishness, the ultimate immorality. They chose wealth they will never get, sacrificing the safety of fellow human beings.”

Obviously you have no understanding of the working middle-class families of the rust belt. You live in Portland—how could you possibly know the desperation and despair that is the everyday life of millions of Americans in the rust belt states? How dare you judge them for wanting a better life? For wanting jobs? They don’t want to work at McDonalds for $15 an hour. They want jobs they can support a family on. Trump paid attention to them. He brought talk of bringing back jobs. With the true unemployment rates around 15-20 percent, they didn’t feel they had much to lose voting for Trump. To them he brings possibility of change and hope. These are some pretty harsh words, Mr. Humphrey—until you’ve walked in their shoes or at least seen for your own eyes, I’d be a little more careful to cast stones. These people are too busy trying to keep food on the table and the lights on to worry about what bathrooms one can use. They need the economy to come back. They need hope for a future.

Karen Steffens


RE: “Parking Isn’t Going to Be Required at Portland Condos/Apartments Anymore” [Blogtown, Nov 23]. “[Mayor Charlie] Hales has argued that getting rid of the requirements would make [housing] projects cheaper,” wrote News Editor Dirk VanderHart, “and perhaps therefore provide for lower rents.”

I can’t wait for all the new cheap housing we’ll get now that the parking requirement is lifted! Developers will definitely pass their savings on to tenants! The housing crisis is over!


It’s obvious that no one involved in this process either lives in a house surrounded by apartments, or lives in an apartment on a street filled with houses and businesses. I live in a rental, and am across from nine businesses, and have two apartment complexes with zero parking on my block. A third is going to be built on a lot that used to be a single residence. I can’t park at home between 8 am and 9 pm, even though I am a contractor who needs to bring large tools in and out every day, because people need to eat at Tasty n Sons or have ramen noodles for nine bucks.


Maybe people will decide not to own a car if it’s too difficult to park, while Uber/Lyft, transit, walking, and biking become easier due to density and transit infrastructure improvements.

Maybe people who need parking next to their unit will pay the premium for a unit that has such an option, rather than requiring all units to have them.

This shit is only a problem for people who can’t imagine changing their lifestyle, regardless of the benefits to the city.


Tonthink that getting rid of parking requirements is somehow going to result in cheaper housing is a fantasy. All businessmen cry about passing on costs when they are forced to actually contribute to the welfare of society like the rest of us.


Wait. Wait... I’m having a vision.... I foresee many cars sitting four or five blocks away from these condos for days at a time getting broken into.

Emilio Estevez


RE: “The Mercury Staff’s Wish List of Holiday Gifts!” [Feature, Nov 23], in which Music Editor Ciara Dolan asked readers to buy her a chef hat signed by her favorite celebrity chef, Guy Fieri!

Ugh! Guy Fieri is an irritating douchebag. He and Donald Trump are everything that’s wrong with America. Stop watching television; read a book.

This is not about music,

Isaac Hudson

CIARA DOLAN RESPONDS! Because you dared to (1) tell me, an ADULT WOMAN, what to do, and (2) imply that my interests should be limited to music, I will not address your WRONG OPINION.

Never Talk to Me or My Son Ever Again,

Buy Me the Damn Hat,

I Agree That Trump Sucks,

Ciara Dolan

P.S. No one tells me to stop watching TV.

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