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“The end is in sight for the Ash Street Saloon,” wrote Senior Editor Ned Lannamann [“Ash Street Saloon Will Close Sometime Before 2018,” Blogtown, Feb 23]. “With tourist destination Voodoo Doughnuts right around the corner, 225 SW Ash has de facto become part of a renewal district dubbed the ‘Ankeny Blocks,’” which will include a series of commercial and residential high rises. “I’ve seen legendary Portland bands like Dead Moon and Richmond Fontaine perform there,” Lannamann continued, “and for many years it functioned—along with similarly departed venues like Berbati’s Pan, Satyricon, and Someday Lounge—as a crucial hub of the thriving downtown live circuit.”

Sad news indeed. They offered slots to new bands and supported the hard-working-but-not-big-enough-for-the-Crystal bands. The PDX music scene has really suffered as developers continue to suck the life out of Portland.

Reverend Bite Me

Portlanders have always been free to band together to purchase these buildings if they want them for a specific purpose. Just because you were a long-time patron of a place doesn’t give you any say in how it’s run.

You want a space to give smaller bands a chance? Put together a business plan, find a location, get a bank loan, buy it, renovate, maintain, and operate it. Portland is only “selling out” because you never personally bought in.



“According to the Lake Oswego Review, local businessmen Kevin ‘The Geek’ Kerwin is desperately trying to drum up interest in a ‘March 4 Trump’ rally in Lake O on March 4,” wrote Editor-in-Chief Wm. Steven Humphrey [“‘March 4 Trump’ Rally in Lake Oswego Sounds Like They Might Need Some Help,” Blogtown, Feb 23]. “They’ve already got 51 people promising to attend the march—which, according to my quick math, is somewhat less than the estimated 100,000 that showed up to Portland Women’s March.” Later, Humphrey wrote of Kerwin’s “grotesque social media presence” [“Man Behind Lake Oswego Pro-Trump Rally Says Awful Things on Social Media (Surprised?),” Blogtown, Feb 24] and a counter-protest [“UPDATE: Lake O Pro-Trump March Gets Its Own Counter Protest,” Blogtown, Feb 24].

Steven, I’ve known and worked with you, and you are a stand-up guy and beautiful human, but I strongly disagree that protesting the pro-Trump march is a good idea. For one thing, as far as optics go, a bunch of counter-protestors will only inflate protestors’ numbers in photos. Then there is the basic fact that even Nazis have the right to free assembly and the freedom to spout their shitty ideology. All us folks proudly posting photos of our ACLU cards would do well to remember that the ACLU defends the rights of Nazis to stage marches and make speeches.

Many of us were at the Women’s March, and I don’t remember any heckling from the Trumpites—and their whole damn raison d’etre is trolling. If they had come to heckle or intimidate, they would have looked bad and only strengthened our resolve.

Leaving them alone will be instructive. If their numbers are small, it will confirm that they are truly in the minority and they will look pathetic. If they pack Lake Oswego (for godssake—Lake Oswego), that will be very instructive also. Knowing the size of your enemy is important.

Jack Pollock


“‘A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him’ will happen tonight, as covens and individual practitioners take part in a mass ritual against Trump,” wrote Senior Editor Megan Burbank in a recap of a shitty Portlandia episode a post titled “Witches Across the Country Will Cast a Spell on You-Know-Who Tonight” [Blogtown, Feb 24].

So “SJW” now stands for “social justice witches.” Got it.


I get goosebumps just thinking about this. It’s high time the magik community strikes against the insanity that is Donald Trump. Thank you, Trump, for giving us the face of pure evil. Now prepare to burn in hell along with the rest of your corporate mafiosos. I’ll be doing my own little ceremony in solidarity.


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