RE: “Canna Rants” [Cannabuzz, April 5], Josh Jardine’s noble attempt to write a cannabis column “between epic bouts of vomiting and a triple digit fever.”

So... no recommendation on the ideal strain while feverish and vomiting?


JOSH JARDINE RESPONDS! While it probably varies for many people, I found I vaped better than I smoked, as coughing could lead to retching, which I already had covered. It was probably the fever, but sativa strains made me too anxious. As they are my daily preferred type, that was a surprise. Hybrids helped the nausea, but indica helped with that and allowed me to zone out a bit more. I ended up using a blend of indicas in a vape for the most comprehensive relief from all my symptoms.


RE: “No Alarms and a Few Surprises at Radiohead’s Portland Show” [Blogtown, April 10], Senior Editor Ned Lannamann’s review of Radiohead’s “first Portland show in more than two decades. During those intervening years, the English band has evolved in terms of venue capacity—going from La Luna in 1996 to a sold-out Moda Center in 2017—and sound, dispensing with the guitar-based popcraft of ’90s warhorses like ‘Black Star’ in favor of artier explorations of aural terrain. If this made for an unconventional arena show, it also made the more upbeat portions of the set stand out in relief; (relative) rockers like ‘I Might Be Wrong’ and ‘There There’ were the clear highlights of the night,” wrote Lannamann, after noting that “the first half of the set favored the amniotic, we-are-suspended-in-fluid un-songs of Radiohead’s last three albums.”

Couple things wrong with this statement. The first half of the set before “Bloom” also pulled from OK Computer, Kid A, Hail To the Thief, and The Bends. So it was pretty mixed.

And you’re writing off the last decade of new Radiohead music because you find it too slow or... what? In Rainbows is very much a whole album of great songs, btw, not “un-songs.”

Maybe the next time Radiohead comes to town, the Mercury can splurge on a writer who has enjoyed a Radiohead album within the last 10 years to review the show.

Greg To The Greg

Great to see at least one member of the media not fall into the “Radiohead can do no wrong” trap. Just because music is depressing, whiny, and a little weird doesn’t make it next-level “art”... especially art that is good to see in an arena.



RE: “Felony Robbery Charge for Local Activist Who Briefly Snatched a Guy’s Glasses” [Blogtown, April 3]. “A Portland activist is facing a felony robbery charge for briefly snatching the glasses worn by a man who instigated a scuffle during a protest outside of the Portland Building last week,” wrote News Reporter Doug Brown.

If you removed someone’s prosthesis, shouldn’t that be a big deal? What if the protester removed a false arm and calmly gave it to the security guard? For someone who is totally blind without modern scientific intervention, it scares me to think that the abled would trivialize this kind of debilitating assault. I’m very glad its being taken seriously, and I question whether the writer of this article is viewing this charge through their lens of victimization for protestors, rather than fair treatment for the alternatively abled.



RE: “This Week’s Featured I, Anonymous!” [April 5], in which Anonymous took their housemate’s boyfriend to task for always having “plenty of money to buy weed while my housemate wonders how she will pay for her contraception.” Anonymous suggested an easy fix: “How about you take, oh, $20 or $30 out of your monthly kind bud budget and help a sister out.”

This is a rookie mistake, sister. Any man who doesn’t bring his own hat to the party is a baby dick, bitch-made punk with no concept of responsibility. Call him out even if your roomie won’t.


Snickerdoodle, your dumb name belies a furious righteousness. So you get the Mercury’s letter of the week, along with two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, and please don’t ever get mad at us.

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