RE: “Following Hate Speech, Two Dead and One Wounded at Hollywood Transit Center” [Blogtown, May 26, in which Managing Editor Erik Henriksen reported that “Two were killed and another was wounded after a man on an eastbound MAX train shouted ‘various remarks that would best be characterized as hate speech toward a variety of ethnicities and religions,’ according to the Portland Police Bureau”]; “Scenes from the Hollywood Transit Memorial” [Blogtown, May 27, in which Suzette Smith wrote, “At 6:15 pm on a 90-degree Saturday afternoon, the Hollywood Transit Center already felt full to the brim. The square lawn of grass, facing NE Halsey, overflowed with mourners, filling the bus channels behind it and the tiers of stairs connecting to the MAX train platform”]; and “Mayor Ted Wheeler Says Feds Should Pull Permit For an Upcoming Alt-Right Rally” [Blogtown, May 29, in which News Editor Dirk VanderHart reported that “As a pair of alt-right rallies in coming weeks threaten to exacerbate the already tense atmosphere in the wake of Friday’s MAX killings, Mayor Ted Wheeler is calling on the federal government to pull permits for one of the events.... The ACLU of Oregon is taking issue with Wheeler’s effort to kill the right-wing rallies, saying such prior restraint will cause problems”].

This is domestic terrorism, plain and simple. Consciously or subconsciously, this attack will make people think twice before speaking up against hate and standing with those who are targeted. For the sake of those who sacrificed themselves, we cannot let this fear prevent us from stepping in and speaking up where we see hate. Don’t allow this terrorism to turn you into a silent observer. That’s how they win. Stand strong, speak up, and fight back.

Political Sanctioner

Portland is beautiful! Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, Ricky John Best, and Micah David-Cole Fletcher are heroes! They will always be remembered for the fact we don’t tolerate hate in Portland.


The ACLU’s right, of course. The law’s the law, and the law in this case is the First Amendment. There’s such a thing as basic fucking decency, on the other hand, and yet again the organized and marching stupid seem to have failed that little test.

rich bachelor

Let them march and spew their vile hate. And while they do, let the streets of Portland be a ghost town. Let them march, and let Portland turn its back on them. If they are completely ignored and no one pays them any attention—not press, not anyone—then they will wither and whine and go away. It is a matter of free speech. If no one is there to listen to them spew their hate, a louder, more important point is made. Trying to ban them just adds fuel to their hateful fire.

Christina Rae

I read in the news of the awful murders in Portland. I was born in and live in Canada. What the three heroes sacrificed to protect the two young women moved me. It showed me the true heart of America and why the United States is looked up to by so many countries around the world—what every American needs to protect within themselves and their communities.

The actions of the three people showed me true strength. A civic-minded strength that protects every citizen regardless of how well one may understand them or their beliefs.

My thoughts, prayers, and thanks to the families of the lost. I’m not sure if there is anything I can do to help. Has there been any crowd-funding campaign to help the victims’ families? If so, I would like to contribute what I can, and would appreciate help in being guided to the right place.

Omair Quraishi

OMAIR, several crowdfunding campaigns are currently running, including “TriMet Heroes” and “TriMet Hero Recovery” on GoFundMe, “Muslims Unite for Portland Heroes” on LaunchGood, and “Girls Who Survived Portland’s MAX Attack” on YouCaring. To learn more about how we can all help, see Jagger Blaec’s post “Here’s Where to Donate to Help the Survivors and Victims’ Families of Friday’s Hate Attack” [Blogtown, May 28].

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