RE: One Day at a Time columnist Ann Romano’s weekly acknowledgment that the political situation in America is an untenable mess and our “president” is a “a racist, women-hating dotard” [One Day at a Time, Sept 27]. You know, regular gossip column stuff.

Dear Ann Romano: Please go back to your witty take on celebrity gossip. I looked forward to it every week. I really care about politics too, but I get my news from other sources. By the time your column comes out, it’s just a boring synopsis of what I already know. I want to have a temporary reprieve from the shitty state of political things by focusing on completely trivial and inconsequential celebrity shit when I read your column. Reading your column used to be a joyous waste of time; please return to the good stuff!


Dear Ann: You are one of the few writers I can actually consume the news through since Trump—who lost the popular vote by 2,864,974 votes—was elected president. I love your searing of the Thief in Chief. You are the reason I pick up the Mercury. Thanks for the humor in the face of dotard doom!



RE: “Patriot Prayer Group Planning Surprise Rally Sunday During Portland Marathon” [Blogtown, Oct 7], in which Editor in Chief Wm. Steven Humphrey shared this terrible news: “The right-wing organizer of this year’s various Patriot Prayer rallies, Joey Gibson, has called for a surprise rally tomorrow at 2 pm at Portland’s Terry Schrunk Plaza—probably not coincidentally at the same time as the Portland Marathon, which runs right past Terry Schrunk Plaza.”

Well, personally I think they should hold the protests and the marathon at the same time so that they can cut down on traffic disruptions.

Steve Urkel

I find it pretty fucking common in debating anyone on more or less Trump’s side that if you even try to get them to be specific, they just crumble. They aren’t just people that lack the courage of their convictions, they can’t even talk about things they ostensibly believe.

rich bachelor


RE: “The Trump Administration Is Reversing the Affordable Care Act’s Birth Control Protections” [Blogtown, Oct 6] and “Congressional Republicans Are Pushing a Disingenuous 20-Week Abortion Ban, Still Doing Nothing About Guns,” [Blogtown, Oct 5] in which Senior Editor Megan Burbank juxtaposed the Trump administration and the GOP’s creepy fixation on cutting reproductive rights with their inability to take any meaningful action on gun control besides #thoughtsandprayers.

Separation of church and state. This is unconstitutional. It’s also unconstitutional to treat women differently from men. Viagra is covered and erectile dysfunction is only important to old fat men who want to fuck, and it’s time women shut down access to all pussy until men get it through their dicks that women want and need and will not stand for having to fight for access to medication anymore. Fuck the religious nut-bags in this country who think they can make the rules and fuck forced birthers working tirelessly to roll back women’s control over their own bodies.

Christina Rae

556 children under the age of 11 have been killed by guns this year. Almost 2,500 kids between the ages of 12-17 have been killed by guns.

Almost 3,000 kids were killed by guns in 2014, almost 3,400 killed in 2015 and almost 3,700 in 2016. So, since 2014, the approximate total of children under the age of 18 being killed by guns is 13,100.

I thought the right wing considers all life, especially children, to be precious? Are these gun-nuts okay with over 13,100 children (TO DATE) being killed by guns?


Dear Douglas, thank you for coming through with facts and figures. Now that we’re living in a Republican-led world of “alternative facts,” constant lying, and boundless spin, ACTUAL DATA matters more than anything. For this, you’ve won the Mercury’s Letter of the Week. Please enjoy two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, where you can take a brief respite from looking up sobering facts.