Letters Dec 13, 2017 at 4:00 am

This Week: Racist Potheads, a Portland Housing Shake-Up, and an Obnoxious Fight About Billy Joel


"yet who’s terrified that someone sitting on a public sidewalk is going to destroy his business."

You pretty much prove the commenter's point with this disingenuous characterization of their concerns. If people were simply sitting, there wouldn't be a problem. But a certain percentage of our street population takes it upon themselves to harass people, panhandle aggressively, instigate violence, deface property, and break into cars.

Now imagine you are a smaller female, or a parent with a small child, instead of a grown white man. I'd like to think we as a city can take measures to make our streets safer without Portland's social justice warriors crying about bigotry towards the homeless. NO, we want targeted enforcement towards the smaller subset of the homeless population that is problematic from a safety perspective. If all people want to do is sit, there are a fuckton more places to sit in this city than sidewalks that are meant for pedestrian traffic.

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