RE: “The (Possibly Only) Good Episode of the New X-Files Is on Tonight” [Blogtown, Jan 24], Managing Editor Erik Henriksen’s review of the pretty great episode “The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat”—an outlier in a season that is very, very bad.

I am with you! All of the other episodes in this season ARE SO AWFUL I swear they had Gillian Anderson sign her contract before allowing her to read the script. What the fuck was with her whiny, “What if you find a 22-year-old you want to have babies with?” dialogue? (Scully and Mulder are NOT TOGETHER ANYMORE, OR ARE WE SUPPOSED TO FORGET THAT AND SERIOUSLY, SCULLY WOULD NOT WHINE LIKE THAT. WORDS LIKE THAT WOULD NEVER COME OUT OF HER MOUTH). I wish they had never done the new episodes.

Christina Rae


RE: “One Day at a Time” [Jan 24], in which Ann Romano criticized the New York Times for their decision to publish letters from voters who are pleased with Donald Trump (who lost the popular vote by 2,864,974 votes). After calling them “vicious, willfully ignorant dullards,” Romano noted that Trump supporters already get plenty of attention, thanks to conservative outlets that “parrot and promote Trump’s nonstop verbal diarrhea.” Wow, Ann.

Ann, I read your column each and every week. It gives an old fogey like me a chance to check in on the popular culture from a younger (and sassier) person’s perspective.

Like you, and any reasonable decent-minded person, I loathe Trump. Even if he wasn’t our president, he would be considered a despicable person among any community, town, or social group that has a conscience. His complicit liars and toadies included.

However, I do take issue with your slamming the New York Times. We have to allow the media to print things that we may disagree with, to have a free rein on reporting whatever they deem newsworthy. By reporting on misogynist creeps and Nazis next door, they are not promoting or normalizing their bad behavior. They are telling us how these people think, and that they are among us.

In my opinion, we need to know the enemy so that we can prepare to undermine and defeat their kind—and maybe even convert a few. Hiding their viewpoints makes them mysterious and interesting to those who are political blank slates. I say let them speak. Let them show themselves for the jackasses they are.

The Times is about 100 times more credible than Breitbart or Sean Hannity, so count your blessings that many Americans still read it. Keep up the good work.



RE: “After a Heated Hearing, the County Is Moving Forward with a Homeless Shelter on SE Foster” [Blogtown, Jan 25], News Editor Dirk VanderHart’s story about the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners’ controversial 4-1 vote to approve a long-term homeless shelter at 6144 SE Foster. Scheduled to open this fall, the shelter will house between 100 and 120 people, with a focus on women, people with disabilities, seniors, and veterans.

This area has been hit with one of the worst waves of displacement in the city. Homes were foreclosed, often fraudulently, and resold to wealthy people. Now it’s as expensive as Hawthorne or Belmont.

This is exactly the correct place to house some of the victims of the brutal changes that have rocked Portland’s low-income residents. If homeowners don’t like it, they can sell and move back where they came from.


Not sure when it became a sin to do anything other than pursue one’s self-interest in America, but you better condemn me to hell because I want to see our weakest and poorest Americans get as much help with as much dignity as we can muster. Respect to four out of five Multnomah County commissioners.


Rather than condemn you to hell, ET82, we’re praising you to heaven... and giving you the Mercury’s letter of the week, plus two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater! Maybe take Euphonius to a movie? You two seem like you’d get along!