Letters Feb 7, 2018 at 4:00 am

This Week: Taxing the Rich, Pot Confidentiality, and a Sweet Farewell from a Loyal Reader


Dear Pot Lawyer and Mercury, I am posting in the public comments area this time so the helpline info Mercury cut from my letter last week will now be immediately available to your readers. Anyone(not just healthcare professionals) can find a mental health/addictions provider at https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/ OR through the helplines for Oregon: SUICIDE LIFELINE Call 800-273-8255 , Text 273TALK to 839863, ALCOHOL & DRUG HELPLINE Call 800-923-4357 Text Recovery Now to 839863.
Mercury also needs to correct (PL's) inaccurate comments about our services in "Pot Lawyer Responds!","Teras is a direct competitor of the Oregon Health Professional Services Program" (OHPSP) with the following factual information.
Fact: It's impossible for Teras to "compete" with OHPSP - They are a licensing board's disciplinary administrative service-We provide addiction counseling services to anyone in Portland and can't "compete" with their exclusive provider network.
Fact: Teras is a not for profit outpatient addictions provider approved by The Oregon Health Authority(OHA) to serve anyone with or without legal or workplace related issues- except for the people in the OHPSP. We provide some of the lowest cost addiction services in Portland and have no financial or other interest in the OHPSP.
Just to be clear PL and Mercury-It's IMPOSSIBLE for Teras to compete with any part of the Oregon Health Professional Services Program for any financial resources and we commented ONLY because we wanted your readers to have accurate info on where to get help.
If PL and Mercury would like to publicly expose real financially motivated conflicts of interest in addictions treatment- why not do a story about the corrupt practices of some of the DUII Court's privately owned for profit evaluation and referral services and OHA's refusal to hold them accountable?
Pissing on your readership is a sure way to survive going forward in the new media landscape. Great strats, 'Merc staff.

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