Letters to the Editor

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I say we let the homeless sleep wherever they want. The concept of "private property" is an antiquated one, and used only by evil homeowners and businesses to oppress those who do not work or pay taxes.

There should be no rules or law that enforce open drug use, public urination/defecation, littering or environmental damage. BUT! Having no rules or laws should only apply to the homeless. If I, a working class homeowner who barely scrapes by, were to do any of these things, I should be ticketed or arrested. Punished because I've played by the rules my entire life... which is the only fair thing to do in the City of Portland, for I am guilty.

No rules! No laws! Homeless everywhere! Discarded needles everywhere! Human waste everywhere! Paradise awaits us all !


Yes, let us pity the housed.

You with your warm bed at night... However do you bear up under the burden?


Two questions for you, Euphonious:

Can the homeless do anything wrong?
Do home or business owners ever have a right to complain about the homeless?


Taylor, doing god's work, making Portland great again.


It’s useless to apply laws to the homeless since they have no money to pay for violations, and incarceration (3 squares and a bed) only has the downside of not doing drugs.
Only the employed and property owners are revenue sources, thus the selective application of laws.
What could be more logical?